Who rocks the cradle.... (2001)

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Producer Lennauchfilm (LNF)

Director: Matveeva V.

Script writers: Matveeva V.

Operators: Kovalenko D.

Anouncers: Matveeva V.

Recordist: N.Shknevskaya

Music designer: V.Panchenko


Pseudo-scientific theories about what caused the demographic collapse of the 90s and the General decline of morals in Russia, in isolation from the political and economic situation.

Social life | Childhood and youth

Movie №1 Who rocks the cradle

The influx of a stream, clouds.

Hospital corridors and chambers.

Tonometer and documents on the table.

The influx of a stream of people, clouds, books.

The alternation of thematic literature, says I. A. Gundarov.

Academician with the book in his hands.

Clouds in the sky.

Dissolve the clouds, the people at the market stalls.

The alternation tells I. A. Gundarov, Smoking and drinking young people on the streets.

People in vehicles and at stops.

I. Medvedev in the classroom with students.

Alternation: people on the streets, advertising.

Books, CDs and magazines on display.

Alternation: a model dances on the runway, the audience, advertising.

The village street.

Elderly woman sitting on the bench.

I. Medvedev in the classroom with students.

The wedding ceremony.

The bride and groom dancing in the Park.

The sculpture Park.

Vapor is removed through the alley.

The building is one of the RAS institutes.

Scientists Shine at the camera with a laser pointer.

Says P. P. Garyaev.

The influx of a stream, clouds.

Scientists sitting at the table, says P. P. Garyaev.

The pages of the book.

P. P. Garyaev with colleagues.

The influx of scientists, the light of a laser pointer.

The crowd (the image is discolored and distorted).

I. Medvedev in the classroom with students.

P. P. Garyaev with a colleague.

Light laser pointer, a houseplant.

Alternation: says p. P. gariaev, the pages of the book.

Woman walking on Park path.

I. Medvedev in the classroom with students.

People on the streets.

Young couple at the doctor.

Pregnant women in the school for parents.

Children in kindergarten.

Children with their parents.

Exercise and a hardening of children in a playful way.

NAPs in kindergarten.

A woman sings a song.

Sewing machine.

The cradle at the feet of the expectant mother.

The woman knits.

Flowers on the windowsill.

Woman stroking her belly and talking to the baby.

Interview with a future mother.

The woman knits.

The flower on the shelf and an icon in the corner.

Exercise for pregnant women.

The women dance.

Says the expectant mother.

A mother talks with pregnant.

Classes for couples to prepare for childbirth.

Preparation for childbirth.

The nurse dims the bed.

Childbirth in water.

The first contact of the baby with family man: the father undresses, gets into bed and puts the newborn on themselves.

Child pass to the mother.

The child seeks the breast for the first feeding.

Flower and a pointer to the shelf.

Father carrying the twins on his hands.

Father along with doctors bathe and swaddle babies.


The rite of baptism.

Parents with child at home.

Sleeping baby on hands at mum.

The mother puts the baby in the cradle.

Ball babies, the parents dance with their children.


Gundarov I. A.-doctor of medical Sciences, Professor, candidate of philosophical Sciences, member of the Academy of natural Sciences. Medvedeva I. Ya-literary and public figure, member of the Union of writers of Russia, a child psychologist, Director of the Institute of demographic security. Gariaev P. P.-academician of the Russian Academy of medical and technical Sciences (ramtn), the author of pseudoscientific theory of wave genome.


St. Petersburg [814]


Autumn [826]