Enisei River's Meridian № 6 "Service to the people." (1988)

Newsreel №3923, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:21


Special edition of the service life in Norilsk.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Skier slides down the hill, into the camera flies snow.

People swim in the pool.

Visitors to the pool at the table drinking tea and answer questions of TV journalists.

People swim in the pool.

Meeting room.

The operator is shooting.

Interview with 1st Secretary of the Party Committee I.S.Aristovym.

Operator of the camera.

Coach in the construction wasteland.

Washing coach of the hose.

A man adjusts his blanket on the horse.

Carriage rides under the arch.

Horse driven carriage through the streets of Norilsk.

Telephone, woman dials.

Ancient mask.

People in the corridors of the House of Life.

Beauty Salon: Hair dryers hair dryer, make-up, manicure.

A woman picks up the phone.

Exhibits on display in the House of Life.

Girl talking on the phone.

Entrance to the exhibition hall.

Finishing Details apartment after repair.

On the phone dials the number.

Line at the store room.

Exhibition of food products.

Guests enter the room.

Production of state farms and plants on the tables.

Says the head of the enterprise.

People visiting the exhibition.

Photographer takes pictures.


Employee watering plants.

Tasting vegetables.

People sit in the bus.

A comprehensive collection point carpool Office of Capital Construction.

Bus exhibit.

Tea set and a samovar on the table.

Cottages in a recreation center.

Skiers on the slope.

Children in kindergarten playrooms.

Swimming lesson.

The territory of the Mining and Metallurgical Combine (shooting from the car).

Guests visiting the pool.

On the road going buses.


Department of the Central Committee of Azerbaijan A.Kulibekov and deputy chairman of the Council of Ministers of Estonia M.K.Anslan.

Drifting on the road (shooting from the car). A.Kulibekov M.K.Anslan and answer questions from TV reporters.

Snowmobile trailer.

Coach in the yard.

Key words

Service life

Locations: Krasnoyarsk Territory [762]

Seasons: Winter [823]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A woman picks up the phone and dials a number.

People buy flowers.

Woman with child.

Children ride bicycles.

The boy blow bubbles.

Smoke from factory chimneys.

Work in the shops of the copper plant.

Working answer journalists' questions.

Ventilation shaft.

Metal structures in icicles.


Residential building on a background of mountains.

Open and close the doors of the elevator.

The elevator goes woman.

On-site flower pots.

A woman walks down the hall and rings the doorbell.

Interviews with residents of the apartment building.

People in the store purchased products and compare prices.

Products on the shelves and in the open refrigerator.

Exhibits on display in the House of Life.

Closing elevator doors.

High-rise building.

Interview with service workers.

People on the streets of the city.

A man carrying a deer head with antlers.

Skier down the slope.

Of all skiers to the lift.

Yu.M.Zhulin trade unionist.

Ski and ride adults and children.

Fragments of an interview with I.S.Aristovym.

Exhibition of food products.

Entrance to the exhibition hall.

Clean dishes from the table.

The woman said the accounts.

Exhibition staff clearing the table trays with sausage.

Children's bicycle bell.

People on the streets of Norilsk.

Parents of children seated in the carriage.

The coach leaves behind her children ride bikes.

Newsreel 1966 .: swollen snowmen.

View from the top of the main street.

Lit lanterns.

Norilsk residents on the streets.

Shops and establishments.

View of the building and the pipe factory.

A woman walks through the snowdrifts.

A man hides his face from the wind.

People with shovels go through a snowstorm.

People in the courtroom.

Excerpt from an interview with I.S.Aristovym.

Pandemonium in the market.

Man carries a bag on his back.

Alcohol spilling from under the counter.

Buyers from vegetable stalls.

Pioneer with a cat in her arms.

View of the road and high-rise buildings.

The carriage is directed to the road.

Skier slides down the hill, into the camera flies snow.

Calendar: 1966

Locations: Krasnoyarsk Territory [762]

Seasons: Winter [823] Spring [825]

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