Invitation to tour (1986)

Documentary №39261, 1 part, duration: 0:09:24
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:L. Ostrovskij
Screenwriters:I. Sumarokova
Camera operators:Ya. Revzin
Sound mixer:N. Kuznecov
Other authors:L. Levina


Advertising film-a film tour of the cities of the USSR, their history, attractions.

Reel №1 Invitation to tour

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

View of the center of Moscow and part of the Moscow Kremlin.

View of the parking lot of tourist tour buses (top).

Tourists on the territory of the Moscow Kremlin.

The faces of tourists.

Panorama of the part of the Cathedral Square of the Kremlin, the buildings of the cathedrals.

View of Red Square and Lenin Mausoleum (from above).

Tour buses leave the parking lot.

tourists in the bus cabin.

Tourist group on the territory of the museum "Gorki Leninskie" during the tour.

View of the house in Gorki, where Lenin lived.

Flowers in a flower bed.

Tourists standing at the monument in Bobruisk farm "Dawn", listen to the story farm Chairman Starovoitova on the implementation of the Food program.

Starovoitov shows tourists the territory of the collective farm, a panorama of the cattle yard of the livestock farm.

Cows in the pen.

The face of Starovoitov.

Tourists during a walk through the streets of the residential village of the collective farm.

Views and panorama of the central farmstead of the collective farm.

Panorama of the fountain.

Excursion boat goes on the Don.

Tourists on board the ship.

The helmsman is in the wheelhouse.

Tourists go to the pier during the next stop.

Tourists during a tour of the village of Starocherkasskaya.

Tourists listen to the explanations of the guide, the faces of tourists.

Cossack houses in the village.

Tourists on the streets of the village.

Memorial inscription about the laying of Kostroma in 1152 by Yuri Dolgoruky.

View of the embankment and the pier.

Tourists descend to the embankment.

The boat passes the Momo Orthodox church on the shore.

The tour approaches one of the temples of the Ipatiev Monastery in the vicinity of Kostroma.

Tourists on the territory of the monastery.

Panorama of Gostiny Dvor in the historical center of Kostroma (top).

View of the old fire tower in Kostroma.

Tourists listen to the guide's story.

View of the tourist bus parking lot and part of the city (top).

An old tram car rides along one of the tourist routes in Riga.

Tourists in the tram.

The guide speaks into the microphone.

The face of a tourist.

The car driver leads the tram.

Retro tramway rides through the streets of Riga, views of streets and squares, the faces of tourists.

Strolling passes by St.

Isaac's Cathedral in Leningrad.

View of a part of one of the water tourist routes.

The face of the guide.

View of the bell tower of St.

Nicholas Cathedral and part of the Fontanka River.

Excursion boat goes along the rivers and canals of Leningrad, views of bridges, tourists on the deck of the ship.

The ship passes under the Anichkov Bridge.

The tour group goes to the entrance to the Brest Fortress.

Groups of tourists at the monuments to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War, types of monuments.

View of the monument to the Motherland on Mamayev Kurgan in Volgograd.

The Eternal Flame burns on the grave of the Unknown Soldier in Moscow.

Soldiers bend banners over the grave.

Tourists at the Tree of Friendship in Sochi, the faces of tourists.

Fruits on the Tree of Friendship.

A board with a list of countries whose representatives have been vaccinated on the Friendship Tree.

Panorama of Sochi (top).

A group of tourists on a tour of the Sochi arboretum.

Exotic plants collected in the arboretum.

Tourists view the trees and shrubs growing in the arboretum.

Tourists in the bus cabin.

Retro tramway on the streets of Riga.

Excursion boat goes along the Fontanka River in Leningrad.

Key words


Calendar: 1986

Locations: Moscow [820] Leningrad [848] Riga [969] Volgograd [946] Sochi [971] Brest [963] Kostroma region [782] Belarus [2]

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826]

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