Fighting of Soviet and German troops in Poland (1945)

Footage №39291, 1 footage, duration: 0:03:53

Scene №1 Fighting of Soviet and German troops in Poland

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Tanks, guns, soldiers running.

Barbed wire.


Artillery fire.


Military in shelter.

Destruction on the front line.

Technical devices, corridors.

Inscription in German, "We do not surrender."

Toy bear in a German cap on the tank.

Laughing soldiers.

Column prisoners.

Tank rides on the quay alongside the ship.

Operator filming a burning ship.

With falling home swastika flag.

Tank rides on the burning city.

Soviet soldiers run into the building.

German soldiers with arms raised.

German soldiers on the street.

Soviet soldiers by German dog pulls out of the basement.

Cameraman with a camera falls on snow and shoots.

Soldiers run on city streets.

Soldiers run for the hills.

Soldiers at the beach.

Soldiers wash with seawater.




Indices "Danzig, Gdynia" in Russian.

Woman on the streets.

The railroad bridge.

The soldiers are machine-gun fire and run through the streets of the city.

Tank rides.

The ruins of the city.

Soviet soldiers ride on a tank in the city.

Commanders on the tank stand in front of soldiers.

Over the building raised the Polish flag.

Field trees.

Hour at the sign "The Republic of Poland" and the coat of arms.

Soldiers in camp.

Soviet aircraft over the city.

Riding tanks.

Calendar: 1945

Locations: Poland [177]

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