The All-Union - scientific - technical progress (1986)

Documentary №39360, 3 parts, duration: 0:25:43
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Marinova V.
Screenwriters:Voljfson A.
Camera operators:Ventcelj M.


The film tells the story of ENEA USSR. The exhibition demonstrates the technical ideas and innovations, as well as the variety of sectors of the economy.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Shop factory.

Running line on the background of working mechanisms.

Powered welding.

Pours the molten metal.

The car body on the line.

Rolls of paper for recording devices.

Scientists in laboratories.

The main entrance to the Exhibition Center.

Sculpture "Tractor and Collective Farm Girl" on the arch.

People walk on the show.

Central Pavilion.

The monument to Vladimir Lenin.

People in the alley by the fountain "Stone flower".

Pavilion "Agriculture".

People on the stairs in front of the pavilion "Transport of the USSR."

Pavilion "Metallurgy".

Pavilion "Electronics".

Pavilion "Gas Industry" ("Oil").

Pavilion "coal industry" ("Armenia").

Pavilion "Electrification of the USSR."

Pavilion "consumer cooperation of the USSR" ("Central Council").

Pavilion "Meat industry".

From the door of the pavilion "Culture" ("Uzbek SSR") comes a group of schoolchildren.

Pavilion "Young Naturalist".

Pavilion "Moscow".

Top view of the showroom.

New products engineering.

Industrial robot.

A group of young people watching a robot.

She asked the operator.

The operator sets up the program.

Robot takes out the flowers and handing vase girl.

The robot goes to court.

Examples of industrial robots in factories.

View of the area of agricultural machinery.

Truck AMO. Trucks AMO in the newsreel of the 1920s.

Various models of trucks on site.

On the road goes BelAZ. Information Center Exhibition Center.

Employees of the center to help people find relevant information.

Print reference materials.

Magazine "VDNKh".

People read a magazine.

A man enters the pavilion.

Rotary billboard.

Panorama exhibition, a top view of the fountain "Friendship of Peoples".

People at the fountain "Friendship of Peoples".

Pavilion "coal industry" ("Armenia").

Tour the hall of the pavilion.

Layout Kansk-Achinsk coal field.

The main hall of the pavilion "Electrification".

LED display.

Berezovskaya GRES Layout.

Tower power lines, smoke from the chimneys.

View of the CHP. The layout of the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydropower plant.

Users counsel at the layout.

Locations: Moscow [820] USSR [863]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

People view layouts plant.

Layout Beloyarsk NPP. Layout Novo-Voronezh NPP. Tour group.

Layouts in the hall.

Pavilion "Atomic Energy".

People inside the pavilion.

Layout controlled thermonuclear fusion Tokamak-15. Ocean waves.

People view the exhibits in showcases.

The layout of the solar power plant in the Crimea.

Construction of the solar power plant.

Steps for mounting mirrors, heliostats.

Experts are working on the remote control.

Seating in the hall of the station.

Detail of the side of the fountain composition "Stone Flower".

People at the fountain.

Horse trio of demonstration laps.

Equestrian statue horse breed Budennovskaya Symbol at the pavilion "Livestock".

People in the main hall of the pavilion.

Experts have models of agriculture.

Man Leafs exhibition album.

The guide tells about the machine milking.

Pavilion "Poultry".

A metal figure of a rooster on the pole.

A rooster crows.

Chickens at the trough.

People see the chickens.

Laying hens in cages.

Yield eggs on the conveyor.

Employees of the pavilion to answer questions of visitors.

People visiting the layouts.

Aerial view of a demonstration lap.

Brood cows.

Audience numbers.

Brood sheep.

Brood pigs.

Sow with piglets.

Children and adults.

Statue on the roof of the pavilion "Meat industry".

People climb into the porch of the pavilion "Dairy Industry".

The guide shows an apparatus for processing a variety of products.

Pipelining moving cardboard milk cartons.

The line for bottling milk in soft plastic bags.

The line for bottling milk in glass bottles.

Samples of food on display.

People come up to the window.

Pavilion "Grain".

Customers in the main hall of the pavilion.

A woman examines a bunch of ears and writing in a notebook.

People looking at samples of crops - corn and ears.

Loaf of bread on display.

Production of pasta.

Harvest on the field.


People on tests combine "Don-1500". "Don-1500" exhibition.

People near the combine.

View of the area of agricultural machinery from above.

Tractor "Kirovets-701M".

Combine harvesters "Yenisei".

Tractors "Belarus".

Minsk Tractor Works.

The gathering of tractors from the factory conveyor.

Locations: Moscow [820] USSR [863]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Fountain "Friendship of Peoples".

People walk on the show.

Workshops on the exchange of experiences.

Pavilion "Education" ("Georgia").

People climb the stairs of the pavilion.

Adults and children on excursions in the main hall.

Children and teenagers playing on the computer.

Students in the computer lab.

Pavilion "Consumer goods and services to the population."

The roof of the pavilion, the view from the inside.

Under the roof hang flags of the Union republics.

View of the room above.

The exhibition novelties of fashion.

Women visiting the showcase.

Demonstration of technologies for production of textiles.

Computer operator at work.

Specialist talks about the work the loom.

Working mechanism.

Women talking.

Complete kitchen.

Sets of utensils on shelves.

People visiting the exhibits in showcases.




Radios and tape recorders.

Men discussing exhibit.

The artist paints a car.

People visiting the car.

The town attractions.

Attraction "Troika".

Adults and children in line.

Children of the attraction for kids.

Types of amusement parks "Enterprise."

People look up.

Attraction "Enterprise."

A group of pupils goes to the pavilion "Young technicians."

The exhibition of young inventors devices.

Adults and children visiting the exhibits.

The students are working on a new invention.

Winners of the exhibition, awarded the medal "Young party VDNH USSR."

The Yak-42 and Tu-154. Carrier rocket "Vostok".

The pavilion "Space".

The main hall of the pavilion.

Rocket and tail of the aircraft.

People walk under the plane.

Boy and girl are considering drawing.

Young people sit on the edge of the fountain.

Residents and visitors walk around the exhibition.

Central Pavilion.

The monument to Vladimir Lenin.

View of the Central Pavilion from the arch of the entrance.

The main entrance to the Exhibition Center, the entire arch.

Locations: Moscow [820]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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