Mask, I know you ... (1985)

Documentary №39394, 2 parts, duration: 0:13:53
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Yu. Danilov
Screenwriters:Yu. Danilov
Camera operators:V. Demin
Sound mixer:L. Shutova
Other authors:N. Kaspe


A popular science film for children tells about the use of masks by people of various professions.

Reel №1 Mask, I know you ...

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A musician in a black raincoat and mask plays the trumpet.

A clown in makeup among life-size dolls in masks.

Color music, masks of life-size dolls.

The clown comes out with a suitcase with the inscription "Sport", takes a thermos from the suitcase, pours tea.

Sports fencing match, athletes fence, wearing protective masks.

A mask on the face of a swordsman.

A rapier in the hand of one of the opponents.

A rapier duel.

The signal of the opponent's injection on the table of the judging panel lights up.

Warm-up of a hockey goalie before a match, dressed in protective leggings and a goalie mask.

The mask on the goalkeeper's face.

Fragments of a hockey match, a goal attack.

The goalkeeper protects the goal during training, hits the pucks.

Pucks that hit the goal during training, the goalkeeper removes the missed pucks with a stick.

View of the stadium during motorcycle racing.

The motorcyclist puts on a protective helmet with a mask and glasses.

Protective equipment of a motorcycle racer.

Helmets on the heads of motorcycle racers.

Motorcycle racers go to the starting point.

The exit of motorcycle racers to the start line.

Motorcycle racers at the start.

The start of the next stage of motorcycle racing, the participants of the race pass the distance around the stadium.

Motorcycle racers on bends.

The finish of the next stage of motorcycle racing.

The face of a clown in makeup.

A clown among life-size dolls.

A clown behind the glass of an aquarium in a scuba diving mask.

Scuba divers swim under water, underwater fauna.

The work of scuba divers under water.

Scuba diver in a mask.

View of the cargo ship "Havana".

Panorama of the bottom of the ship, overgrown with shells.

A diver with a cleaning machine dives under the bottom of the vessel.

Cleaning the bottom of the ship from shells.

A diver in a suit and helmet climbs on board the ship.

The clown imitates the table setting, sits down in a wicker chair, opens a magazine.

The clown is reading the magazine "Health".

A clown runs around with a steaming frying pan.

The flame of a fire.

A fire truck is coming to a call.

Firefighters in helmets with visors and protective fire-retardant suits unfold and connect hoses with water hoses.

View of a burning building at the landfill during a fire drill.

Firefighters wear gas masks and helmets.

Actions of firefighters during exercises to extinguish a fire in a multi-storey building.

Firefighters overcome a burning obstacle course.

Calendar: 1985

Locations: Moscow [820]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

An ambulance is on its way to answer a call.

The doctor keeps in touch with the clinic by radio.

Nurses and doctors in medical masks are preparing for surgery.

The doctor washes his hands before the operation.

The nurse ties the mask on the surgeon's face.

Performing the operation.

The faces of doctors in medical masks, the course of the operation, the artificial respiration device is working.

Type of operating room.

The clown is playing with a balloon and a sparkler.

Welders in protective masks at work.

Conducting electric welding of gas pipeline seams.

A welder in a protective mask, a panorama of the gas pipeline section (from above).

A welder in a protective mask at the installation of factory equipment.

The use of electric welding in industry and construction, welders in protective masks.

New Moskvich passenger cars are coming off the assembly line.

Welding of the pipe seam.

Launching the vessel into the water.

The take-off of a spaceship.

Masks of dolls (panorama).

Clowns take off their masks.

The clown in the makeup room sits down in a chair, takes off his wig.

The clown takes off his nose and begins to wash off the makeup.

Removing the helmet from the diver.

The diver removes the mask.

The clown wipes the makeup off his face.

Surgeons remove medical masks after the end of the operation.

Firefighters take off their helmets and gas masks.

The face of a clown removing makeup in front of a mirror.

The welder removes the mask after finishing the electric welding of the connecting seam of the pipe.

The hockey goalkeeper removes the protective mask after the end of training.

The rapier player removes the protective mask.

The motorcycle racer takes off his helmet.

The face of a clown who took off his makeup.

The faces of a rapier player, a firefighter, a diver who took off their protective masks and helmets.

Calendar: 1985

Locations: Moscow [820]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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