MIS and production (1981)

Documentary №39494, 2 parts, duration: 0:17:42
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Camera operators:Durinov


The use of computers in machine-tool construction.

Reel №1

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Central newspapers of the USSR.



ОПИСАНИЕ ВИЗУАЛЬНОГО РЯДА frames with counting devices.

Articles in newspapers about cybernetics.

A magnetic tape drive.

Computer center.

The printing device.

Punch card reader.

Printout of data.

An assembly line at an automobile plant.

Sensors that record the passage of the machine through a certain operation.

The counter of passing cars.

Data input from the peripheral device.

Computers on transport.


Loading of the vessel.

Removal of containers from the port.

Automated control of technological processes.

Automated production line.

Automatic and in-line production lines.

Small-scale production.

Working on a lathe.

Magnetic media.

Printout of information.

Alternation of frames with work on the machine and printing information from the computer.

The plane takes off.

The advent of jet aircraft has led to a reduction in flight time and cost.

The flow of passengers and the number of flights has increased.

The process of ticket sales has become more complicated.

The situation was changed by the automated control system.

The cashier instantly sees the availability of seats and sells a ticket, which is immediately taken into account in the system.

In mechanical engineering, there is the same problem of reducing the time for auxiliary operations and, accordingly, optimizing production.

At first, we paid attention to CNC machines, but before the adjusters and operators start working with the machine, a programmer should work with it.

They calculated that it was unprofitable.

When compiling the program of the machine on a computer, it turned out to be cost-effective if there is not one machine.

Transferring information to punched tape.

A cartoon showing the organization of the processing center.

Such a center was created by Leningrad machine tool builders.

The part is installed and one hundred different tools process the part according to the program.

One hundred tools - one hundred operations.

The work of the center.

Auxiliary time is reduced, productivity increases.

A cartoon showing other methods of organizing production.

Key words

Automated control system as a basis for increasing labor productivity.

Calendar: 1981

Locations: Leningrad [848]


Machine Tool Building Association named after Y.M. Sverdlov.

Reel №2

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For optimal operation of industrial production, the Experimental Research Institute of Metal-Cutting Machines, together with other enterprises, has developed a software system.

Metalworking machines.

A section of 14 machines at the Metalwork plant.

Information about the batch of parts is entered into the computer.

The computer calculates the route and issues technological sheets for each workplace.

The operator at the machine dials the cipher specified in the sheet.

Blanks are delivered from an automated storage device.

According to another cipher, the computer sends the machine a program for processing the part.

The program is recorded on the magnetic tape of the machine.

The CNC machine starts working.

After the processing of the parts is completed, they are delivered to the drive.

New workpieces are delivered to the machine from the drive, for processing which the computer will send a new program.

The computer program, having collected information for the period, can analyze the data and make changes to the program.

The new program allows you to combine automated production with the work of robotic manipulators.

When changing the assortment, you do not need to change the program, but only make changes.

Punched tape reader.

Processing center.

With the introduction of such a system, the productivity of machine operators increased by 5 times.

The number of required machines has decreased by two.

The work of the computing center.

The need for production space has decreased by 5 times.

The economist works at the peripheral device.

The operation of the system is demonstrated.

The computer creates a drawing of the product.

Exhibition of automated control systems in mechanical engineering.

Key words

The efficiency of automated control systems in mechanical engineering.

Calendar: 1981

Locations: Moscow [820]


Moscow plant of metal structures. Experimental Research Institute of Metal-Cutting Machines

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