Welfare - care unions (1977)

Documentary №39551, 2 parts, duration: 0:15:49
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Camera operators:Anisimov
Sound mixer:Belov V.


Taking the trade union of the Northern pipe-making plant as an example, the film describes the many-sided activities of trade-unions.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The river is in a foggy haze.

View of the forest, mountains in the fog.

Dawn, the buildings of the plant are visible.

The territory of the plant, the building, the pipes.

The city of Polevskoy.

The streets of the city, a watering machine is driving, people are walking in the park, a group of schoolchildren is walking, workers are going to work at the factory.

Seversky Pipe Plant, plant workshops, production processes, steelworkers work.

Various pipe production personnel.

Automatic control center - an employee is sitting at the remote control.

Various production processes in the shop.

Panorama of the factory shop.

Faces of workers, personnel from production, etc.

Design bureau - design engineers work behind the coulmans.

Close-up - a hand with a pencil shows a drawing.

Automatic transportation of heavy parts in the workshop, workers monitor the process.

A freight train with pipes is going.

Locker room at the factory, there are lockers.

A worker takes a shower after a shift.

Workers in the locker room - combing their hair, talking.


A conveyor with trays is moving, catering staff are laying out plates with food.

Workers leave the factory.

Computer center - there is equipment, employees work.

A worker in the factory shop near the machine.

Large - stopwatch, the statement is filled in.

A worker in the shop at the machine.

Close-ups of the machine.

The dashboard lights are blinking.

Various computing equipment, a recording machine, etc.

The factory, the workshop, the machine is working, the management is talking to the worker.

Stand with the best employees of the month.

Workers are standing near the stand.

Large - on the table diplomas, certificates.

There is an award ceremony for the leaders, the workers in the hall applaud.

A plaque of honor near the factory.

Close-up photo of Bryantsev V. M. Bryantsev in the shop, talking to workers.

Group photo of the Congress deputies.

Bryantsev says.

The polyclinic building.

Another building, there is a sign - "Seversk medical unit".

Frames with examination, various procedures.

In the doctor's office, the patient's blood pressure is measured.

Large - the doctor writes a conclusion.

A doctor in the office examines a small child, listens to him with a phonendoscope.

Kindergarten, playroom.

Children in the garden on the playground, playing with the teacher.

Close-up - shots with children.

Pioneers get on the bus.

Buses go on the way to the pioneer camp.

Pioneers on the bus.

A pioneer blows a bugle.

Various leisure activities for children in the pioneer camp.

The general plan is the territory of the camp.


Mountains, gorge.

People are floating on an inflatable raft.

River, cliff.

A raft is floating on the river.

Shore, river, tourist camp.

Boats and rafts on the river.

The general plan is a river, mountains, a small ship is sailing.

People on board.

A deer is swimming in the water.

Tourists in the mountains.

Large - deer.

A man near a tree, taking pictures.

Deer in the forest.

Ural landscape - road, forest, mountains.

Lake, mountains, forest.

Vacationers on the shore, a motor boat is sailing.

Small sailing yachts on the water.

Key words

trade union

Locations: Polevskoy

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Resort, sea, boat on the water.

Sochi, funicular, sanatorium building.


Buildings of the sanatorium "Metallurg".

People are walking in the park.

A large-black swan on the water.

Park alley, vacationers walking.

Observation tower on Mount Akhun in Sochi.

Vacationers on the observation deck of the tower.

Says a vacationer - loader from Magadan.

Says a vacationer from Magnitogorsk.

Says a vacationer from Astrakhan.

General view, sanatorium building, fountain, park.

In the frame, a vacationer is a worker from the Seversky Pipe Plant.

Large - fountain.

Pebble beach, sea, vacationers.

A swimming pool, people are swimming, a man is jumping from a tower.

A man goes water skiing.

A yacht is sailing.

Competitions on racing cars (maps).

Skiers train on roller skis.

The building of the sports complex.

Hall, teams play volleyball.

Spartakiad, there is a parade at the stadium, there are participants with flags of the Union republics.

Large - scale layout.

At the table there is a discussion of the layout of a new neighborhood, new houses.

Panorama on the layout.

Construction of an apartment building.

The crane is working, concrete blocks are rising.

Panorama of a house under construction.

Meeting of the trade union committee of the Seversk Pipe Plant.

People in the hall.

Street of the city of Polevskaya.

Large - a bouquet of yellow flowers on the window.

In the frame - the daughters of factory workers.

The girls are watching TV in the room.

Says a woman (the girls' mother).

The room has a clock on the wall, a table, a sewing machine.

Living room, kitchen in the apartment.

Says the woman.

People are walking in the square.

Grocery store, panorama of the hall.

The building of the cinema "Rodina".


Large - chandelier, the light goes out.

There is a folk dance group on the stage.

The audience in the hall applauds.

Evening, the building of the House of Culture.

Meeting of the trade union committee.

People in the hall are voting.

The Congress of Trade Unions of the USSR in Moscow, a panorama of the hall of the Palace of Congresses.

People in the hall.

On the podium, the chairman of the All-Russian Union of People's Commissars, A. I. Shibaev, speaks.

People in the hall applaud.

On the podium - Brezhnev L. I. People in the hall applaud.

Panorama of the presidium.

Key words

Resort, sanatorium, beach, sports, swimming pool, construction site, trade union, amateur activity


Shibaev A. I. - sovetskij partijnij, profsoyuznij deyatelj Brezhnev L. I. - sovetskij politicheskij deyatelj, Generaljnij sekretarj CK KPSS

Locations: Sochi [971] Polevskoy Ural [920] Sverdlovsk region [803]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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