Soviet Ural Mountains 1988 № 32 "WE"

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Reel №1

PNRM. the street during the holiday, people are standing by the side of the street with flags, placards.

From the podium speeches.

The crowd can be seen portraits of Lenin, Brezhnev, Kosygin, people applauded.

Poster "The draft of the new Constitution of the USSR approve."

Group of workers in manufacturing discussing the draft constitution.

A woman in a scarf on air reads in the newspaper draft Constitution before a group of women.

Rally factory, poster "new constitution - approve!".

Speakers at the rally at the microphone factory.

Interview party worker about the new Constitution.

Titer "Constitution acts, lives, works!".

Composing room, printing newspapers.

Presenting a symbolic key, people applaud, cheer.

Champagne is poured into a glass.

People clink standing at the table.

The house is lit windows.

Fireworks in the night sky.

The orchestra in the night.

Beams of searchlights.

Poster "Welcome" over the door, the door opened for them the words "move - no!" The guy is on a mirror maze.

The exhibits of the museum of history of the Komsomol.

The street guy carries a banner through the crowd.

At the rally, the speakers at the microphone.

Applause listening.

PNRM. on the flags.

In the hall of the people standing up and applauding.

On the stage of awarding commemorative banner.

Poster "Who loves the motherland and the people, the real patriot."

Poster "Vigilance - an empty phrase if it is not manifested in everyday life"

Poster "Who talks a lot, that helps the enemy."

Museum walls painted slogans of the socialist era.

Sculpture stylized multifigured, including Pioneers give salute, the bugle played Sculpture pioneers, saluted, without face.

Sculpture bugler without a face.

Amateur: a woman playing the piano, children raised in a hand Budenovka.

Pioneers handed flowers.

Picture: Stalin and pioneer.

In the field of harvesting combines.

Fray grain flow.

Hall stands with applause.

Industrial design.

The aisles of the hall are the banners.

Open-hearth furnace steel plant.

Hall stands with applause.

Shop metallurgical plant.

Applause, hands - Big.

Clogging memorable crutches after the completion of the railway.

Moving train with a portrait of Lenin and the inscription "Give Beloretsk!" The conductor and the orchestra played military.

Chagall commissioned officers.

Multifigured exhibition at the Museum: soldiers mannequins in uniforms with knapsacks on their backs.

Museum exhibit: trumpet (musical instrument) rumpled.

Truck stuck in the mud, the crowd pushes.

Elections, voting in the ballot box.

Detail of puppet theater: dance dolls.

Children in the audience happy.

Scene from the play with dolls in human growth.

Race trucks.

Locomotive rides.

Driver of the cab window opens.

The drive over the bridge rail, the view from the train forward.

Devastation in the village.

The house windows were smashed windows.

The consequences of the landslide.

Things salvation, life affected.

Sign "Danger!

Gas. "

Paper submitted to the state insurance.

A sign on the house "State Insurance Inspectorate."

House, building, working alongside a bulldozer.

Stand with the newspaper "The Star", people read.

"Izvestia" newspaper with advanced under the heading "On Elections of People's Deputies of the USSR."

The newspaper "Pravda" article "On changes and amendments of the Constitution."

The newspaper "Pravda" article "On the way to upgrade the political system."

Article in a newspaper headline "We only really heal!"


Perm Sverdlovsk

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