Brigadier Streak forest construction sites (1978)

Documentary №39570, 5 parts, duration: 0:49:31
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Camera operators:Lober


The essence and profits of the advanced methods of a brigade contracted for building in forests.

Reel №1

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A logging truck is driving along a forest road.

Cars with a round forest are driving along the road.

Panorama of the forest.

Space communication station "Orbita".

Boguchansky Construction Management office.

Solemn signing of the brigade contract.

Conversations with representatives of the brigade.

A map of the USSR showing where they work on a brigade contract.

Alternation of frames with objects built with the help of a brigade contract.

A logging road built 20 days ahead of schedule.

And other examples.

Alternation of personnel with examples of mismanagement and irresponsibility.

Project documentation for objects.

Making changes to the project documentation.

Says the foreman of the SU-38 road construction brigade Yu.P. Plotnikov.

Articles in newspapers about the method of work of N. Zlobin's brigade.

Yu.P. Plotnikov performs calculations of the work according to the method of N. Zlobin.

The management of the work on the brigade contract is carried out by an operational group, which includes the chief engineer of the trust "Krasnoyarsk Construction" G.I. Popov, chief engineer of the SU-38 V.V. Ignatovich and chief engineer of the PMK N.I. Moseykov, as well as heads of departments.

The production department determines the facilities, schedules the team, sets regulatory deadlines, develops a project and a schedule of work.

The department provides the team with machines, mechanisms and all necessary materials.

The planning department calculates tasks to reduce the cost, overhead costs, costs of materials and mechanisms.

The department of the chief mechanic, the picking and supply service and accounting play an important role in the organization of the brigade contract.

The Department of Labor and Wages calculates wages, issues a chord-premium outfit, completes a team by profession, prepares a contract and summarizes the results of the socialist competition.

The structure of the task force.

Says the head of the SU-38 A.G. Belokopytov.

3-day workshop on team contracting with management workers.

The head of the Department of labor and Wages of the SU-38 L.N. Alekseeva, the head of the production department of the SU-38 G.I. Sinyakova, the chief mechanic of the SU-38 B.I. Skurikhin are speaking at the seminar.


Squirrel on a tree.

Workers walk through a clearing in the forest.

Workers inspect the place of work.

The clearing through which the logging road will pass.

Before the start of work, the team passes the track together with the master of works.

Key words

Brigade contract.


Plotnikov Ignatovich Belokopytov Zaboyev

Calendar: 1978

Locations: Boguchany

Reel №2

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After the inspection, each member of the team imagines what kind of work they will have to do.

The workers discovered a hidden swamp, which is not taken into account in the project.

A source unaccounted for in the project has been found.

The brigade council.

Workers together with the master discuss the project.

Shift settlement, equipment.


Handwashers on the street.

Breakfast is served in the dining room.

Workers repair equipment.

Workers are having breakfast.

The equipment goes to the object.

Loading of soil on dump trucks.

Dump trucks take out the soil on the road.

A cartoon explaining the work of the Plotnikov Yu.P. brigade.

The work of bulldozers on the road.

Combining strip cleaning with uprooting of stumps.

Moving the vegetation layer to both sides of the road at once.

The use of various methods of cutting the soil, for example, wedge, comb, recess with straight chips.

The bulldozer operator's choice of the best method for this area allows to increase production.

The contracting method encourages workers to master related professions.

Work crews prepare the wood for work.

A grader worker goes to work on a bulldozer.

Workers know how to repair equipment.

There is a rule in the brigade - when you have finished your work, help a friend.

Panorama of the forest and the road.

Handmade sable in the trailer.

Dinner in the dining room.

Workers discuss work.

The foreman analyzes the work for the day.

Key words

Road construction.
Brigade contract.


Plotnikov Yu.P., brigadir.

Calendar: 1978

Reel №3

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Filling of the soil during the construction of the roadway.

A bulldozer levels the roadbed.

Plotnikov is talking to a grader.

The day of delivery of the next section of road comes.

The team council summarizes the results, determines the contribution of each employee to the result.

An article in the newspaper about a brigade contract.

Indicators of socialist competition.

Panorama of Siberian forests.


Angara pine is rafted along the river.

The surface is a river with a hazy haze.

The city of Ust-Ilimsk.

Flags of the Socialist Commonwealth countries.

Construction of a forestry complex by the Commonwealth countries.

Photos of the buildings of the complex.

Wood needs to be supplied for the complex.

Roads for this purpose are built by the crews of the Bratsklesstroy trust, working by the contract method.

Scheme of the area of operation of the Bratsklesstroy trust.

Meeting with the management of the trust.

Tells the manager of the trust "Bratsklesstroy" R.G. Zaboev.

The work of equipment on the site.

Brigadier I.P. Zemruk.

The construction of the roadbed.

Tells I.P. Zemruk.

A cartoon telling about the method of construction of the roadbed.

A young bulldozer driver forms a canvas.

Shift settlement.

A new day begins with the placement of people on the track.

The foreman informs the management of the trust.

Information board, with information about the builders of the road.

Workshop in the shift settlement.

Repair of equipment at the place of work.

Refueling cars at the workplace, saving fuel.

Workers found a quarry next to the road.

The development of the quarry is carried out with the knowledge of the designers.

Drilling and blasting operations are carried out during the development of the quarry.

Key words

Brigade contract.
Construction of logging roads.


Zaboev R.G., upravlyayuschij trestom "Bratsklesstroj". Zemruk I.P., brigadir

Calendar: 1978

Locations: Ust-Ilimsk

Reel №4

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Workers are laying the roadbed.

Says brigadier Zemruk I.P.

The bulldozer sank in a pit with water.

The equipment pulls out a bulldozer - a waste of time.

Laying of soil in a pit, overspending of materials.

Laying a pipe in a pit, for water drainage, unplanned expenses.

The grader is working.

Rolling of the canvas.

Before pouring the coating, the quality of the work is checked.

There is a problem in the car, everyone who can be useful is trying to help.

The shift ended.

The car remains on the highway, the workers leave by bus.

Says R.G. Zaboev, manager of the Bratsklesstroy trust.

A logging truck pulls onto the road.

Logging village.

Production of building materials in the Bratsklesstroy trust.

Production of concrete structures.

The trust's laboratory monitors the quality of products, checks the soils of the roadway.

The management of production and technological equipment provides each construction site with everything necessary.

Storage of building materials.

The planned supply of contractor teams is carried out according to clear delivery schedules and limit-intake maps.

Loading of parts for construction.

Construction of a logging village.

Says R.G. Zaboev, manager of the Bratsklesstroy trust.

On the construction of the settlement by the method of the contract, the N. brigade works.


The foreman distributes workers around the facility.

Says the foreman of the contract team of masons N.I. Belokrylov.

Masons are building a brick wall.

Key words

Construction contract.
Unplanned losses.


Zaboev R.G., upravlyayuschij trestom "Bratsklesstroj". Belokrilov N.I., brigadir.

Calendar: 1978

Locations: Krasnoyarsk Territory [762]


Logging village.

Reel №5

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Delivery of bricks, mortar, wooden products and reinforced concrete structures.

The work of the general contracting team on the construction of residential buildings is associated with the involvement of subcontracting teams.

Drawing of the building.

A cartoon explaining the organization of the work of the teams.

Plastering works during the construction of a multi-storey building.

Training a team member to work with a complex tool.

Painting of walls, batteries, staircases.

Tells Belokrylov N.I., foreman.

Contracting method in industrial construction.

There is a more complex relationship with suppliers, subcontractors and subcontractors.

Foreman of the contractor team of installers V.N. Semenov.

Installation work.

A remote forest, a logging truck is driving along the road.

Alternating frames with forest views.

Foreman of the logging brigade Farid Takhobiev.

The brigade is felling the forest.

Loading of sawn timber onto logging trucks.

The brigade of the enlarged link of drivers of logging trucks decided to switch to a brigade contract.

The main condition for this was a rolling schedule of work.

Cartoon explaining the organization of the contract in the transport team.

The contract method on motor transport solved the problems with the processing of drivers, in-shift downtime in the brigade was reduced.

Logging trucks are driving along the highway.

Foremen exchange experience.

Map of the USSR with data on the brigade contract.

The nature of Siberia.

Logging roads.

A logging truck is coming.

Installer on industrial structures.

Key words

Brigade contract.


Belokrilov N.I., brigadir. Semenov V.N., brigadir. Tahobiev F., brigadir.

Calendar: 1978

Locations: Krasnoyarsk Territory [762]

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