In Baraba steppe (1974)

Documentary №39591, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:04
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Camera operators:Silantyev
Sound mixer:Pashkov Yu.


A film about ''Siberia'' - a kolkhoz in the Novosibirsk area.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Panorama of the Barabinsk steppes of Western Siberia.

Sky, clouds.

Panorama of the winter forest.


Collective farm "Siberia" - the general plan.

Map of the Novosibirsk region - marked Collective farm "Siberia".

Panorama of the collective farm, buildings.

Panorama of the steppe, fields.

Sheep and cows graze.

Wheat fields.

View of the collective farm fields.

Interactive map of crop rotations in the collective farm "Siberia".

Map of the five-field crop rotation.

Fields with spring wheat.

Wheat field, combine harvester, harvesting equipment.

Tractor on straw harvesting.

Tractors are working in the field, the cold is plowing.

Harrowing of the earth on a special unit.

Tillage with disc huskers using special equipment.

The driver is driving a tractor.

Panorama of the field.

Harrowing of the earth on a special unit.

A tractor with a trailer is driving through the field, scattering manure.

The scattered manure is plowed from the ground with the help of special plows.

A truck is driving across the field.

Mineral fertilizers are automatically scattered across the field.

A tractor with a special unit for thinning crops is driving through the field.

A tractor with a special trailer is working on the field - there is a shallow loosening with a flat-cutter cultivator.

Processing of the field with flat cutters and rod cultivators for the destruction of weeds.

Deep loosening of the field on special equipment.

Panorama of the field.

Winter, birch trees, a field covered with snow.

A tractor is working on a snow field - the process of snow retention is taking place.

View of the furrows in the snow on the field.

Village houses.

The machine operators of the collective farm study at short-term courses, study new agricultural machinery, etc.

Agronomists and foremen of collective farms in the classroom at the annual refresher courses.

Spring, snow melts in the fields, streams flow.

Agronomists in the field, checking the soil.

Tractors with special devices are working on the field - the process of closing moisture on the field with tooth harrows takes place.

In another field, moisture is closed with needle harrows.

Large - the soil on the field.

Pre-sowing treatment of the field from weeds - the tractor rides through the field with a special device.

A special unit with harrows rides through the field, cultivates the soil from weeds.

The process of harrowing and subsequent rolling of the field.

Key words

Steppe, field, wheat, crop rotation, combine harvester, harvesting equipment, agricultural work, fertilizers, soil

Locations: The Novosibirsk area

Seasons: Summer [824] Winter [823] Spring [825]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Birch trees, a panorama of the field, a truck is driving, there is a tractor.

The driver is in the cab of the truck.

Seeds are filled into the seeder tank.

A man in a gas mask.

Large - selected seeds for sowing.

Granulated superphosphate is poured into the compartment next to it.

The truck drives off, the car with the seeder goes through the field.

A tractor with a seeder is driving.

The driver is in the tractor cab.

Large - rolling of the soil with ring rollers after sowing.

Agricultural machinery is working.

Processing of fields with plane cutters.

The fields are sown with special stubble seeders.

A pressing seeder is working on the field.

Panorama on the field - agricultural machinery is working.

Different frames with sowing aggregates on the field.

Panorama of the field, signs are placed with the names of wheat varieties.

A tractor is driving through the field, spraying fertilizers.

Field, the first sprouts are corn crops.

Post-emergence harrowing.

Processing of row spacing in the field by cultivators.

Different agricultural machinery is working on the field - processing and improvement of hay pastures.

Agronomists on the field.

Wheat is being mowed in the field.

Large - a sign on the field with the name of the wheat variety.

Wheat field, there are different signs.

Wheat field, a special commission examines the condition of the crops.

Combine harvesters are working on the field, grain crops are being harvested by the group method.

Different harvesting equipment works on the field.

The process of shredding straw in the field.

A tractor with a trailer takes crushed straw from the field.

A combine harvester is working in the field, a truck is driving nearby.

Coarse grain is poured into the car body.

A car with grain leaves the field.

The truck arrives at the granary, climbs up on a special platform and pours grain into the bins at an angle.

Coarse - grain.

The truck is leaving.

The process of cleaning, drying seeds.

The seeds are brought to the condition of the sowing class.

Drying and cleaning equipment is working.

Coarse - grain.

Grain is poured into trucks.

Panorama of the field - harvesting equipment is working.

The door with the sign "Accounting".

Employees work in the office.

Large - scale accounting statements.

Trees, a clearing, children playing.


The school building.

Collective farm canteen - people have lunch at tables.

The building of the House of Culture.

Residential houses of collective farmers.

Rural street, houses.

Construction of new standard production and economic facilities.

Panorama of the farm buildings.

Cows graze on the field.

Milk trucks are driving across the field.

Large - wheat field.

The combine harvester is in the cabin.

The harvester is working in the field.

Sunset, a tractor is driving through the field.

Ears of wheat at sunset.

Key words

Agricultural work, sowing, grain, seeds, field, seeder, fertilizers, wheat, combine harvester, harvest, granary

Locations: Siberia [926]

Seasons: Spring [825] Summer [824]

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