Rotational construction of transport facilities (1986)

Documentary №39619, 2 parts, duration: 0:16:24
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Camera operators:Maximov


On the pattern of the trust ''UralstroiMechanization'' (Ural Building Mechanization), the film explains the method of managing railway construction in Priobye.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Panorama of Western Siberia from a helicopter.

Representatives of the Uralstroymekhanizatsiya construction trust are flying by helicopter.

A map with roads built by the trust.

E.S. Strelnikov, the manager of the Uralstroymechanization Trust, tells.

The heads of the trust discuss the work on site.

Technical design of the railway.

Alternating frames with project documents.

Workers leave for construction.

A helicopter is taking a team to the facility.

The dump truck leaves for work.

The work of the equipment is organized around the clock.

A rolling schedule of 20 working days and 10 days of rest is set for machine operators.

There are two shifts on watch at the same time.

The excavator loads the dump truck.

The cartoon explains the organization of shifts and the schedule of work.

The total employment of machines and mechanisms is 19.5 hours a day.

It has increased due to the reduction of inter-shift downtime and constant availability of equipment.

The excavator is working.

Dump trucks carry the removed soil.

The complete relocation of the mechanized column to the north of the Tyumen region costs 1.5 million rubles.

With the shift method of work, these costs are reduced in

3-4 times.

Trailers of the shift settlement.

The layout of the shift settlement.

The canteen of the shift settlement.

There is central heating.


Red corner.

Residential premises.

There is a possibility of urgent repair of equipment.

Workshop with equipment.

For major repairs, the equipment is sent to the trust.

Repair of equipment.

The exchange of units and assemblies reduces the repair time of equipment.

Says the chief engineer of the trust "Uralstroymekhanizatsiya".

The tractor clears the land for construction.

A cartoon explaining the technology of preparing the canvas for the railway.

Laying geotextile.

Continuation of the cartoon.

The work of mechanisms.

Each deposited layer of the canvas is checked for density using a radioisotope device.

Continuation of the cartoon.

The use of geotextile is a progressive direction in the construction of northern roads.

Key words

Shift method of construction.



Calendar: 1986

Locations: Priobye (the area along the banks of the Ob river) Western Siberia

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Heavy tractor ripper is used to work with dry frozen soils.

Frozen wet soils are mined by drilling and blasting.

Preparation of the explosion.


Shipment of soil by excavator.

The high concentration of equipment in short sections provides comprehensive preparation of the roadbed for laying tracks.

Strengthening of the slopes of the roadbed with a soil mixture in a mechanized way.

This is how the embankment is protected from wind and water erosion.

The work of transport builders is coordinated by special dispatch centers.

All construction facilities are managed from the central office of the Uralstroymechanizatsiya Trust.

Daily monitoring is carried out.

Personnel for mechanized columns are trained by a special technical school at the department.

Classes at school.

Shipment of soil.

Large - excavator driver.

Says brigadier Valaev Yu.B.

The work of equipment on the site.

The average salary in the Valaev brigade increased by 5-6% with the introduction of the shift method.

The next watch ended.

The workers are returning to the base villages.

The interior of the builder's house.

Children play outside.

Houses in the snow.

A hostel for young workers.

Boiler room.

Greenhouse of a subsidiary farm.

Lunch at the kindergarten.

Schoolchildren play outside during the break.

A club in the village.

Amateur activity.

Workers are playing billiards.

Installation of sleepers on the canvas.

Dynamics of labor productivity growth.

Dynamics of growth in construction volumes.

Panorama of the Western Urals from a helicopter.

Opening of the railway.

Key words

Work and life of builders.


Valaev Yu.B., brigadir.

Calendar: 1986

Locations: Tyumen [888] Yamburg

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