Kamaz driver (1983)

Film №39659, 1 part, duration: 0:09:32
Production: Kazan newsreel studio
Director:Valitov N.
Screenwriters:Hisamov R., Belyaev N.
Camera operators:Sevastjyanov V.
Sound mixer:Korablev V.


The film tells about the Kamaz truck, its advantages and features

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The workshop of the Kama Automobile Plant, various production processes - KAMAZ trucks are being assembled.

KAMAZ trucks on the road.

The driver twists the wheel, wipes the windshield, checks the engine.

Different KAMAZ drivers talk about their cars, talk about the advantages and features of these cars.

Interviews alternate with shots of KAMAZ trucks.

KAMAZ trucks enter the territory of the plant.

KAMAZ trucks on the road.

KAMAZ trucks at the quarry, loaded with sand and leave.

Garbage truck-KAMAZ near a residential building - janitors throw out the contents of garbage cans.

A garbage truck is driving past an apartment building.

KAMAZ trucks with cranes.

Emblem with KAMAZ.

Kazan experimental auto farm.

The truck is being towed by KAMAZ, a panorama of the KAMAZ trucks standing in a row.

The driver talks about how some drivers treat their cars.

Training track - KAMAZ is driving on the road.

Trainee driver with an instructor in the cab.

Cars are driving along the training track, along the black-and-white columns.

One trainee gets out of the cab, another sits in his place.

KAMAZ trucks on the road.

The landfill in Dmitrov is a new, prototype KAMAZ.

They are being tested - a loaded KAMAZ truck climbs the highway uphill, moves through various obstacles.

A country highway, a red passenger car is driving.

Kamaz is on the highway.

A group of testers are studying data on KAMAZ tests.

Large - wheels of KAMAZ.

There is special equipment in the KAMAZ cabin - testers record the data.

Slow motion - KAMAZ drives through a large puddle, splashes fly away.

Landfill, special equipment is being installed.

The "permutation" test is being conducted.

Large - machine-Minavtoprom laboratory.

The car in the course of movement is sharply rebuilt - goes to the side.

The testers observe the maneuver, record data, talk on the radio.

Slow motion of the test.

Kamaz is on the road, the car body is rising.

Young drivers in a training class.

The teacher with a pointer shows the structure of the KAMAZ engine.

Young drivers study the engine, the KAMAZ engine, look at the instructions, learn how to repair the car, and so on.

Different KAMAZ drivers talk about the advantages of their cars over other trucks.

The workshop of the machine-building plant, various production processes - KAMAZ trucks are being assembled.

KAMAZ trucks on the highway.

Key words

Kamaz, garbage truck, landfill, testing, machine-building plant

Locations: Dmitrov Kazan

Seasons: Winter [823] Summer [824]

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