Forbidden reproduction. (1991)

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Producer Sverdlovsk newsreel studio

Director: M.Maslennikov

Script writers: Maslennikov

Operators: Pogorelov

Composers: Belov


A film about the commissar Yakovlev who was responsible for the transfer of the tsar Nicholas' II family from Tobolsk to Yekaterinburg.


Reel №1

Message KGB about Myachina (Yakovlev) KA. Photo Yakovlev.

Game footage shot.

Man falls, pierced by bullets.

Shot the man lying on the ground.

The actor - who plays Yakovleva gets out of bed.

The face of the actor.

Artist comes to the mirror.

The actor goes on the streets of Sverdlovsk, walking along the sidewalk.

Passing cars.

People push a car "Zaporozhets".

The actor and his friend entering the studio building.

The artist enters the room door, which is preparing to shoot the film.

Photos of Lenin in the hands of the assistant director.

The members of the crew during pre-production.

Make-up artists at work.

Made-up actors.

The operator sets the light.

Actor grimiruyut.

Director and actor browsing newsreels.

The actor's face.

Newsreel of 1905- 1912's: tram rides, decorated with tricolor flags.

The patriotic demonstration of students.

Students during a banquet.

Children play under the guidance of tutors.

The operator rotates the handle cameras.

In the stadium there are people, passing cars.

Girls and boys perform the exercise.

The plane begins to run on the airfield.

Plane takes off brand "Farman".

Match fighters outdoors.

Speech weightlifter.

Swimmers jumping from the tower.


Start cycling.

Passing participants cycling.

Participants racing overcome steep turn.

Finish racing.

Runs on the racetrack.

Grandstand view of the racecourse.

The winner of the race with the cup in his hands.

Demonstration of fashionable Paris hats.

Women on the shore of the pond.

A woman sitting in a wicker chair on the shore of the pond.

The actor is the path of the park.

A bird on a tree branch.

Children playing in the park.

The actor walks in the park.




Summer [824]

Social life; Demonstrations; Different kinds of sports

Reel №2

The actor, who plays Commissioner Yakovlev, walking down the street.

Rig operator commands.

People at the imaging camera.

Actor apply make-up before the start of filming.

Installation of scenery.

Actor bypasses the set.

The crew pulled by horses.

Actresses in suits waiting to start shooting.

Type part of the set with decorations.

Assistant operator moves the camera on rails.

Passing cab with actors in uniform.

Working moments of rehearsal the next picture.

The actor is on the street.

She runs up to the actor, the script gives him.

The actor read the script, sitting at table at home.

Photos Yakovlev.

Text autobiography Yakovleva listing his revolutionary deeds.

The actor looks old photos.

Photos Yakovlev after 1917.

Actor at the table looked at pictures.

Photo Yakovleva at your desk.

The text of a newspaper article about the mission of the delivery of Yakovlev's imperial family in Moscow.

Portrait of Nicholas II. Text newspaper article about the fate of the royal family.

Photos of Nicholas II and Crown Prince Alexei.

The text of a newspaper article, "regicide".

The actor looks at the table script.

Newsreel 1913-1914 years: a visit to Nicholas II and members of the imperial family of the Guards and army units.

Nicholas II bypasses operation Guard officers.

Officers of His Majesty's Own convoy.

Parade of one of the Guard units in the Red Selo.

The imperial family sits down to the crew, the crew starts to move.

People greet Nicholas II, the rides in a carriage.

General reported to Nicholas II on the situation at Headquarters, standing next to General Alekseev MV Nicholas II and Empress bypass operation awarded the lower ranks.

View the riverbank, on the shore of people waving their hands in greeting.

Nicholas II on the deck among the officers.

Nicholas II ashore, receives a report from the officers.

The members of the Imperial family kayaking.

Entertainment members of the Imperial family in Tsarskoye Selo, a game of tennis.

The actor's face.

Hand holding coffee maker actor over the stove.

Actor shave leads himself up in front of a mirror.

Actor dressed and out of the apartment.

The actor goes along the fence of the park.

Raindrops falling into the pond.

View of the park.

Actor on the bridge in the park.

View of the city street.

The actor is at the memorial cross on the site of Ipatiev House.

Flowers lie at the cross, a general view of the cross, near the Russian tricolor flag flutters.


Nicholas II - the Russian emperor Mikhail Alekseev - commander




St. Petersburg [814] Leningrad region [785]


Summer [824]

Army; Holidays

Reel №3

The actor is the path of the park, goes to the director, the car is repaired.

Director and actor drove up to the house, get out of the car.

Daughter Yakovleva Karpov LK talks about his father, his appearance shows documents (synchronously).

Karpov begins to show documents from the archives of his father.

The actor goes on the streets of the city, stops a woman with a child.

Woman with child walking on the street, the child turns.

The actor is on the street.

Actor at home, the actor's face.

The actor down the stairs to the fountains.

Fountains in the park.

Actor standing and looking at the fountains.

Rainbow in the spray of the fountain.

Nape of the actor.

Newsreel of 1918-1920: Red Army soldiers face.

Demonstration in the streets of the city.

Banners with slogans at the funeral of the victims of the civil war.

Parades Red Army units on Red Square.

VI Lenin It stands on Red Square during the funeral of Sverdlov in March 1919.

People listen to Lenin's speech.

Lenin continued his speech.

People listen to Lenin.

A general view of one of the rallies.

The podium Trotsky Trotsky speaks to the Red Army soldiers, standing in the car.

Trotsky speaks to soldiers and commanders during one of his trips to the front.

The soldiers shouted "Hurrah", standing on parade on Red Square.

Playing a military band.

Those Red Army.

She speaks at a rally.

MI Kalinin the floor of the mausoleum.

MV Frunze walking on a railway platform near failure of the Red Army in 1923.

LB Kamenev, SM Budyonny welcomed the troops during the parade.

The soldiers climb onto the armored artillery platform.


Vladimir Ilyich Lenin - statesman and political figure [841] Lev Davidovich Trotsky - statesman and political figure Mikhail Ivanovich Kalinin - statesman and political figure Lev Kamenev - statesman and political figure Mikhail Frunze - commander Budyonny Semyon Mikhailovich - commander


1918-1920 1923


Moscow [820]




Summer [824] Spring [825] Autumn [826]

Russian civil war; Political figures; Army; Parade on Red Square; Rallies

Reel №4

Demonstration in the streets of Sverdlovsk in support of the restructuring.

The actor is close to the demonstration, he met with the director.

The director was filming the movie camera.

People at the demonstration.

Actor, director and cameraman on a park bench.

The man with the bike.

People disperse after the demonstration.

Karpov LK gives interviews (synchronously).

Hand leafing through documents Yakovlev.

The actor's face, view documents.

The actor goes home at night, he ignites.

The actor reflects on the way Yakovlev.

The actor muses, sitting at the table.

Karpov gives interviews (synchronously).

Actor regards Yakovlev photos of different years.

Karpov gives interviews (synchronously).

Newsreel 1922: he speaks to members of the strike committee of Hong Kong and Shamin.

Secretary of minutes of the meeting of the strike committee.

People applaud and welcome the speaker.

Dinner at the Soviet consulate.

The revolutionary demonstrations in China.

The Chinese Communists during a meeting with Soviet representatives.

Street Chinese city, passing trucks rickshaws.

Soviet diplomats during a reception at the consulate.

The operator removes a group of Soviet diplomats.

Rickshaws carry passengers through the city streets, passing cars, people go.

Rickshaw lucky rider.

Street of one of the Chinese cities.

Temple on the banks of the river.

Karpov gives interviews.

The actor goes through the park.




Hong Kong (China) [99] China [46]


Summer [824]

History of China; Towns and countries; Rallies

Reel №5

Newsreel 1920: are members of the 2nd Congress of the Comintern in Petrograd.

The locomotives on the station.

A boy with a rifle at the station.

Passing train.

Women sell second-hand things in front of the station.

Demonstration and military parade on Red Square in 1922-1923, respectively.

View of the Red Square (above).

The demonstration in Red Square, people carry banners with slogans.

View crossroad in Moscow (above).

Go Pioneer participants parade in 1930.

The sculpture "Worker and Collective Farm Girl" at the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition (VSHV).

Types VSHV parts (top).

All the open door of the moving car.

Winter landscape outside the window of the car.

Passing trains.

Carnival game footage with animated portraits of Lenin and Stalin.

Animated images of future changes of streets and highways of Moscow.

Forms of the Palace of Soviets.

Game footage being shot, people falling under the bullets.

Body shot lying on the ground near the leaflets with slogans.

The actor wakes up, gets out of bed.

The actor's face.

Magritte painting "Forbidden reproduction.

The window in the apartment.

The actor is sitting on the bed and smoking.

The actor is like a mirror and looking into it.

Picture Margitta "Forbidden reproduction."


1920 1922-1923 1930s


Winter [823] Summer [824]

Moscow; Parade on Red Square; Demonstrations; Museums and exhibitions; International organizations