Engineer Shukhov. (1976)

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Producer Sverdlovsk newsreel studio

Director: E.Shejngeziht

Script writers: Gumanov

Operators: Makeranetz

Composers: Zatulovsky


A film about V. Shukhov, a great Russian inventor. The film uses various chronicles.


Reel №1

Panorama of the ceremony of initiation into the students of the Moscow Higher Technical School named after Bauman.

Students stand with the banner of the school.

Persons students.

Panorama ceremony.

The student reads the text of the oath.

Students repeat the oath.

Students receive a symbolic key and student ID card.

Girls applauded.

In the armored car ride teachers in the hand of one of them the torch.

Student lights the fire in the bowl.

Burning fire.

Students are holding a slogan.

Plaque dedicated to VG Shukhov

Photo Shukhov in 1876.

Photo of the Baku.

Newsreel beginning of the 20th century: the work of the Baku oilfields.

Baku oil workers at work.

Workers extract oil in the well.

Photos transportation of oil in jars and flasks.

Photo of the port.

Photo gushing oil well.

Scheme erlihtnogo oil recovery method proposed by Shukhov.

Photos construction steel oil storage tanks.

Photos of the first pipeline.

Photos of the first all-metal tankers.

Photo Shukhov on the deck of the tanker under construction.

Photographs and drawings of the project cracking process developed by Shukhov.

Academician Ishlinskii tells about the activities Shukhov (synchronously).

Patents Shukhov.

Shukhov photos while working on projects.

Photos pavilions All-Russia Exhibition in Nizhny Novgorod in 1899.

Photos metal mesh designs Shukhov presented at the exhibition.

Photo of a water tower of steel stitches.

Ishlinsky gives interviews (synchronously).

Photo Shukhov behind a desk.

A pot of flowers, standing on a metal wicker wastebasket.

Photo of a water tower design Shukhov.

Photo Shukhov.

Patent granted Shukhov.

Photo Shukhov.

Photos structures of metal weaves project Shukhov.

Inside view of the GUM building with arched coverings Shukhov.

Shukhov daughter Vera Vladimirovna gives interviews (synchronously).

Gramophone, belonged to the family Shukhov.

Shukhov Vladimir holds a photo of his father.

Chessmen, who played Shukhov.

Photos Shukhov.

Shukhov Vladimir gives interviews (synchronously), shows a collection of slides made by Shukhov.

Photos construction Bryansk station in Moscow with the installation of metal structures Shukhov.

Key words



Shukhov Vladimir G. - engineers, designers




Summer [824]

Industry; Sea and river transport

Reel №2

Photos of the revolutionary events of 1905 in Moscow, made by Shukhov.

Photos of the barricades in the streets.

Photos funeral NE Bauman Newsreel 1904: Japanese warships in the campaign.

Battle of Tsushima.

Japanese ship artillery firing.

Start torpedoes.

Russian ship sinking.

Cover and pages Shukhov's "Path to Tsushima."

Newsreel 1917: armed demonstration on the streets of Petrograd.

The texts of newspaper articles about Shukhov.

Mandate issued by the Presidium of the Supreme Economic Council Shukhov.

Newsreel of 1919-1920: Red cavalry attacks.

Dropped derailed locomotives and wrecks.

Destroyed railway bridge.

Malnourished children.

Children come to the field kitchen and fill pots of soup.

The text of the decision of the Council of Workers' and Peasants Defense, signed by Lenin.

Ishlinsky reads the text of the resolution (synchronously).

Newsreel beginning of the 1920s: the construction of a radio transmission tower project Shukhov.

Photo of the tower from the inside.

Photo Shukhov, sitting at the desk.

Calculations made by Shukhov in preparing the draft tower.

Photo Shukhov at work.

Drawings and sketches of the tower.

Photo of the "Shukhov" tower in Moscow.

Newsreel 1922: the beginning of a radio broadcast.

Radio equipment.

Sign radios Comintern.

General view of the tower.

View of part of New York.

View of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

General view of the "Shukhov" tower.

People in the village are going to listen to the broadcast.

People listen to the radio.

Faces of the children.

People on the site.

Photo railway bridge under construction.

Newsreel 1925-1928 years: the opening of traffic on the bridge repaired.

Meeting on the occasion of commissioning Shaturskay power.

Structural elements plant.

Employees power monitor readings.

From the gates of the plant leaves tractor.

Construction of the Kuznetsk Metallurgical Combine.

Workers assemble metal construction.

Workers in the steel plant.

Panorama Kuznetsk Combine.

Photo Shukhov in 1932.

Newsreel 1932: The plant "Soviet cracking".

Referring to buildings and plant equipment.

Photos of the earthquake in Samarkand in 1897.

Photos remediation Ulugbek Madrasah in 1932 under the leadership of Shukhov.

Construction of the pipeline in Siberia.

Panorama of oil storage tanks.

Panorama refinery.

Tankers floating on the river.

View of the deck of the tanker.

Portrait of Shukhov.


1904 1917 1919-1920 1922 1925-1928 1932


Petrograd [959] Moscow [820] New York [856] Paris [850] Moscow region [788] Baku [948]


Summer [824] Winter [823]

Wars, conflicts and disasters; Russian civil war; The revolutionary events of 1917; Industry; Trains