On the border of two five-year (1985)

Documentary №40251, 2 parts, duration: 0:18:04
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Camera operators:Lamberg


The film illustrates the development of the Soviet economy at the intermediate stage between two five-year plans and was intended for demonstration at the XXVII congress of the CPSU.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Construction site-the general plan.

Installation of pipes.

The workshop of the plant.

Pipe rolling plant.

On the monitor - work in the factory shop.

Installation-says the director.

A rotary coal excavator cuts through the rock.

Coal mining - coal is loaded into wagons.

The "Bogatyr" section in Ekibastuz.

A coal excavator is working, and coal is being loaded into wagons nearby.

The power plant building.

The power plant, the control center, people work at the consoles.

Power plant equipment, power transmission lines.

Construction of a power plant.

Beloyarskaya HPP.

Inside a nuclear power plant.

Excavators are working.

Welding works.

Construction work at the power plant.

Atommash-production of equipment for nuclear power plants.

Volgodonsk, a city street, a trolleybus is going.

Monument to the atom.

New areas of the city.

Cinema "October".

Says the director.

Shooting from the air - a drilling rig.

Construction and installation of gas pipes.

The plant's workshop is the production of gas pumping equipment.

Production of excavators.

Gas pipeline laying works.

In the frame - civil engineer Valentina Belyaeva.

Gas pipeline laying works.

Belyaeva walks along the pipe.

Says the director.

A tractor is driving through the field, plowing the ground.

Central Asia, Uzbekistan.

An excavator crane is working in a quarry.

Excavator operator Turgun Ganiev gives an interview.

Channels with water.

The field has an automatic irrigation system.

A blooming orchard.

Key words


Locations: Ekibastuz Volgodonsk Uzbekistan [236]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame


Greenhouses - top view.

Inside large greenhouses, workers harvest tomatoes.



Panorama of large greenhouses.

Inside the greenhouses there are beds with cucumbers, automatic watering takes place.


Machine-building plant in Rostov-production of combine harvesters "Niva".


The river bank, a fisherman is sitting on the shore with a fishing rod.


A village, a house, cows come out of the gate.

A man near the house is standing next to a red car.

Automatic watering of the field, a herd of cows grazes nearby.

Beds with cabbage.

Fishermen pull out a net with fish.

Apiary, there are beehives.

Cherry picking.

A cow on a farm.

Bottles of milk on the conveyor.

Production of canned food, sausages.

Link field breeder Vladimir Khudakonov.

A combine harvester is working in the field.

Automatic watering of beds.

Says Alexander Fadeev-the chairman of one of the collective farms in the Kuban.

Country specialty restaurant.

On the table - vegetables, sausage products produced by the Kuban combine.

The new district, the building of the Grocery store.

Customers choose fresh vegetables.

A customer gives an interview next to the sausage department.

Large-a counter with fresh vegetables and fruits.

A showcase with sausage and meat.

Says the director.


Production of tableware.

Factory workers paint dishes.

This is Brigadier Danuta speaking.

Danuta packs the finished product.

Large-different sets.

Says the director of the association "Neringa" Matulyavichus A.

Visitors at the furniture exhibition in Lithuania.

A young married couple gives an interview.

Samples of furniture made in Kaunas.

Says the director.

Rotary coal excavator.

The girl works in the production of tableware.

Workers in factories.

Civil engineer Belyaeva, excavator Ganiev, director of the collective farm Fadeev.

Shooting from the air - rural landscapes, urban new buildings.

Locations: Uzbekistan [236] Kuban Lithuania [128]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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