What keeps the earth?. (1988)

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Producer Sverdlovsk newsreel studio

Director: Persidskij I.

Script writers: Persidsky

Operators: Kulikov G.

Composers: Kazachishin


The film covers the ideology of ''perestroika'' in the sphere of agriculture, taking the Baturin kolkhoz in the Kurgan area as an example.

Reel №1

The film tells about the creation of new forms of work organization of farmers in the development and production facilities "Baturin" (Kurgan region.).

The first part.

Pointer "Maltsevo Kurgan region."

Wooden house with carved aprons, gold balls in the front garden.

Herd of cows walking down the street of the village.

An elderly man sitting on a bench outside the house, a young man on horseback rides.

Perspective rural streets, wooden houses.

Bust of Hero of Socialist Labor, honorary academician VASKhNIL T.S.Maltseva before an administrative building.

An elderly man sitting on a bench at the sunflowers in the background - field tells about the relationship of modern man to work.

Ducks, swans swimming in a pond in the background - a cow near the water.

Car "Volga" traveling on a rural road through the fields behind the wheel - the director of experimental industrial enterprise "Baturin" agronomist, PhD V.I.Ovsyannikov. V.I.Ovsyannikov in his office talks about the problems in the countryside and how he's going to solve them.

The river flows along the banks - wooden houses.

Lenin monument in front of the office building in the village, in the foreground - passing trucks on the road.

PNRM. one of the fields of the economy, "Baturin", agronomists consider ears.

Machine operators in the field drinking tea from a thermos, among them - V.I.Ovsyannikov, in the background - tractors, harvesters.

Cow chewing grass in the paddock.

Hay, tractor and combine harvester working with the mower.

Houses under construction for farm workers.

Men building a house - pouring the foundation, laying bricks. V.I.Ovsyannikov takes work from the builders.

Combine harvester working in the field, PNRM. by persons mechanics.

Machine-repair harvester. V.I.Ovsyannikov sitting at a table in the talks about the example of Canadian farmers, standing next to his car "UAZ".

The second part.

Hay tractor working in the field. V.I.Ovsyannikov sitting at a table on the field, talks about improving the organization of labor in rural areas, the self-government in the brigades.

Harvester "Niva" mows the grass in the field, - Combine the wheel in the cockpit.

MLTK - a schematic representation of a conventional brigades and collective labor intensive (CIT) under the leadership of N.Borovikova.

Harvester collects grass in a field in the stack. N.Borovikov stands at the combine on the plowed field, talks about the work of his team, machine his team talk about their attitude to work (sinhr.).

Harvester "Yenisei 1200" works in the field, pours grain into a truck. V.I.Ovsyannikov delivers a lecture in the hall, on the wall - a portrait of Lenin, PNRM. by persons listeners.

Machine-team N.Borovikova lunch box, a female chef covers the table, pours soup cans, in the background - a truck "those. help. " V.I.Ovsyannikov his desk in his office talking about new forms of cooperation, morality peasant.

Machine-repair harvester "Field" and the mower in the field, among them - N.Borovikov.

One of the mechanics says about the poor quality equipment.

Work in the forge.

The third part.

Combine harvesters in the field. V.I.Ovsyannikov in the talks about the difference in technical capabilities between Canadian and Russian farmers, about wage conditions in the mini-bands.

Mechanic smokes at the combine in the field. N.Borovikov examines the drill field.

One of the combine harvester in the field have said their earnings under the new system of work organization.

The cashier said the accounts, salary issues in the window. N.Borovikov field tells about the work of the collective labor intensive.

Combines with mowers go on the field.

Combine with harrow plows land N.Borovikov driving.

Harvesting at night - go harvesters with lights.

River, in the background - the village of fields.

Elevator works trireme, corn on the conveyor enters the body of the car.

A helicopter flies over the field, pours fertilizer.

Key words

Landscapes. Sots.sorevnovanie, udarničestvo rationalization. Cooperation. Road transport and road. Air transport. Collective farms (co-operation). State with / x enterprise. Crop. Livestock. Administrative buildings. Cities, towns. Houses. Educational work among the population. National life. Labor, employment. Building.


Ovsyannikov Maltsev


The Kurgan area

Reel №2

Reel №3