Our day. (1992)

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Producer Sverdlovsk newsreel studio

Director: S.Knyazev

Script writers: Knyazev

Other authors: O.Ivanov, A.Kalashnikov


The film is a confessional story of the author about his parents, about their nesuetnoy life filled with love and faith.

Social life

Reel №1

Novosibirsk region, village Kudryashevskoye.

Detached village house evening.

Family feast, father, mother and son Knyazev.

Pine trees swaying in the wind.

Sunset over the Ob.

Mother Irina Ivanovna Knyazev cross in front of the icons.

Father Alexander A. Knyazev prepares bait for fishing.

Early morning, the father rides a bicycle through the village.

Father and mother talk about the wedding ceremony after 46 years of marriage (voice-over).

Irina Ivanovna braids braid granddaughter, talks about God and charity (synchronously).

Father digs worms.

Mother in the garden pulling out potatoes, suggests a poor harvest (synchronously).


I.I.Knyazeva A.A.Knyazev S.Knyazev S.Galochkina


Novosibirsk region [792]

Reel №2

Irina Ivanovna with her granddaughter in the garden.

Bake the potatoes on the fire.

Tells her granddaughter about the fires in his childhood (synchronously).

Father goes fishing on the river.

Son Sergei Knyazev remembers his childhood and family (voice-over).

Children playing on the playground, ride on a swing.

Mother and father in the kitchen dinner, talk about pensions (synchronously).

Granddaughter dinner.

Mother removes lingerie with ropes on the balcony.

Granddaughter writes at the table.

Father repairing shoe wife talks about the family economy (synchronously).


I.I.Knyazeva A.A.Knyazev S.Knyazev S.Galochkina


Novosibirsk region [792]

Reel №3


Villagers go, go with the bread.

Father goes out of the store with the package.

Mother in the kitchen opens a jar of pickles.

Father reading the newspaper, read news about the ball of Satan in Novosibirsk.

Mother outraged (synchronously).

Detachment of alarms in the cabinet.

Mother tells about the rules of prayer (synchronously).


Rural landscape, ducks, cows, men, bad roads.

Sergei Knyazev remembers ancestors (synchronously).

Mother with her granddaughter collect grass mother and stepmother and berries.

Father in the basement.


I.I.Knyazeva A.A.Knyazev S.Knyazev S.Galochkina


Novosibirsk region [792]

Reel №4

Mother parses yarn tells his dreams (synchronously).

Ducks in the pond.

Pine forest, thickets, the sun.

Mother tells of the death of their parents, the eldest son, the bad omens and foreboding (synchronously).

Father at the sewing machine.

Son Sergei talks about his father's death (voice-over).

Mother spins on the spindle.


I.I.Knyazeva A.A.Knyazev S.Knyazev


Novosibirsk region [792]