Single sky (1979)

Documentary №40325, 3 parts, duration: 0:23:38
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Director:I. Persidskij
Camera operators:I. Persidskij
Other authors:L. Grafova, E. Hagogortyan, V. Suslov


The film is dedicated to G. Peters, the first and only man to work in the aviation with an artificial limp.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Types of Chelyabinsk Airport.

Pilots are on the aerodrome.

The face of one of the pilots.

Pilots are on the aerodrome.

Are the AN-2 aircraft.

Handling mail plane.

Leaders airport escorted into the flight the pilot Peters G. Persons pilots.

AN-2 aircraft.

Peters sits in the command chair, co-pilot takes his place.

Peters in the cabin before take-off checks job rudders and devices.

Rotating propeller plane.

The pilots checked the work of steering wheels.

The plane takes off.

Peters at the helm of the aircraft instrument panel.

The face of the second pilot.

Flying a plane.

Landscape under the wing of the aircraft.

Face Peters.

Children and youth Photos Peters.

Training aircraft at the airport DOSAAF in Orenburg.

Students examine the aircraft.

Photos caterpillar tractor during plowing.

Photos of doctors and nurses during surgery.

Photo ward.

Photo diary Peters lying on the table.

Pages Blog Peters.

Bird nest on the tree branches.

Types Suzanovo village in the Orenburg region.

The house where he lived after Peters Hospital.

Peters certificate of graduation.

Comrade Peters JP Enns gives interviews (synchronously).

Pages Blog Peters.

Peters gives interviews (synchronously).

Glider flying over a field and sits.

The glider sits on the field.

The view from the cockpit.

Peters at the helm of the aircraft.

View of the road and the forest (above).

Face Peters.

Passengers descend on the plane.

The commander of the aircraft IL-18 Vanyushkin VN in the cockpit.

Vanyushkin gives interviews (synchronously).

The TU-154 at the airport.

Vanyushkin gives interviews (synchronously).

Photos of Peters while working as an instructor flying club.

Training jet sits on the airfield flying club.

Vanyushkin gives interviews (synchronously).

The Central Committee DOSAAF USSR in Moscow.

Peters gives interviews (synchronously).

Photo Peters on Red Square.

Peters gives interviews (synchronously).

Photo sessions medical commission.

Photo Graifer doctor.

Peters gives interviews (synchronously).

Photo of the meeting of the medical commission.

Glider in the sky.

Key words


Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Peters gives interviews (synchronously).

Gliders on the airfield.

Pages Blog Peters.

Peters in the cockpit.

View of the forest (above).

Letter brother Ernst Peters.

Ernst Peters gives interviews (synchronously).

Photos of Peters while working in amateur flying club.

South Ural landscape.

Street Zlatoust.

Palace of Pioneers in Zlatoust.

A sign at the entrance.

Inside view of the boiler room of the Palace of Pioneers.

Students in the classroom in aviakruzhke.

Members aviakruzhka at work.

Students bring to the start of the aircraft made "The Kid."

Head Mug Komarov LA Photo from the members of the circle plane.

Photos test aircraft, "The Kid" starring Peters.

Articles on the plane, "The Kid" in Soviet and foreign journals.

Aircraft Antonov DC gives interviews (synchronously).

Landing aircraft AN-10. Antonov gives interviews (synchronously).

Photo Peters in the cockpit glider.

Flying a glider.

Flying AN-2 aircraft.

Skydivers jump from the plane.

Pioneers listen Peters.

Peters says the pioneers of his first solo flight in an airplane.

Pioneers listen to the story of Peters.

Peters speaks to the pioneers.

Those pioneers.

Pioneers applaud Peters.

Certificate of completion Peters ten-year school.

It takes a passenger train.

BF Pins gives interviews (synchronously).

Photos of Peters while working as an instructor glider in Arsenyev.

Certificate pilot navigator on the name of Peters.

The plane performs aerobatics.

The pilot in the cockpit during the execution of aerobatic maneuvers.

Jumping paratroopers.

Telegram to suspend flights from Peters.

Pins gives interviews (synchronously).

Photos of Peters.

Letters to the various authorities in the protection of Peters.

FTAA on Peters in "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Test pilot ML Gallay gives interviews (synchronously).

The airport building in Chelyabinsk.

Aircraft at the airport.

View the control tower.

Managers at the console.

Signs of central air and medical institutions.

Distinguished Physician of the RSFSR Shinkarenko IP gives interviews (synchronously).

Rotating tape recorder.

Shinkarenko gives interviews (synchronously).

Flying AN-2 aircraft.

The view from the cockpit.

Peters at the helm of the aircraft.

Landing plane.

The pilots met Peters.

Comrades Peters congratulated the successful completion of the flight, give him flowers.

Peters thanked the pilots for the congratulations.

Cosmonaut Coast GT gives interviews (synchronously).

Test pilot MM Gromov gives interviews (synchronously).

Models of airplanes.

Aircraft at the airport of Chelyabinsk.

Peters goes on the airfield.

The TU-154 was taxiing to the runway.

Face Peters.

Tu-154 taking off.

Peters watched the plane taking off.

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