Housewarming (1990)

Documentary №40369, 1 part, duration: 0:09:12
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Camera operators:Voronkov


The film is based on documentary materials and describes a road accident.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Multi-storey modern houses.

Near the entrance there is a tractor with a trailer, things are being unloaded - furniture, a refrigerator.

In the apartment, a husband and wife are fighting, the eldest son is riding a bicycle, the younger son is playing with a typewriter.

The man leaves the apartment, goes down the stairs.

The movers bring things into the entrance, the man runs out of the entrance.

The man gets into his car, lights a cigarette and drives away.

The car is driving through the streets of the city.

A man drives up to the store "Everything for home".

The hall of the store, a man is talking to a saleswoman.

Large - on the counter behind the glass household goods.

The car is driving through the streets of the city.

A man approaches the traffic police inspector.

Large-road sign "stop is prohibited".

Large-documents, the hand passes the bill, the inspector returns the documents and the receipt.

Traffic flow.

The man runs to another store.

Large-a counter with locks, keys.

A box with a lock.

The saleswoman checks the lock and gives it to the man.

The car is driving through the streets of the city.

A girl votes on the side of the road, the car stops, the girl gets into it.

Close-up-the hand presses the buttons of the car radio.

A man and a girl are lighting up in the car.

Large-a radio station.

A man and a girl smoke, communicate.

Traffic on the streets of the city.

Large-traffic light.

The car stops, the girl gets out.

The man looks at his watch, drives on.

Large-the clock on the car panel.

Hitting a sign - "Kirovsky district Council of People's Deputies".

A man comes into the office, gives the employee a passport.

Large - on the table is a phone, a flip calendar.

Large-the employee issues a warrant for the apartment.

Traffic in the city.

Large-traffic light.

Large-speedometer, speed of 90 km / h.

The car is driving through the streets of the city.

Close-up-hands on the steering wheel.

A tractor is driving.

A car on the highway performs an overtaking maneuver.

The car crashes into a tractor.

Large-dents on the hood and bumper, broken headlights.

There are fragments of headlights and windows on the ground.

There are fragments on the driver's seat.

A lock with keys is lying on the ground.

A broken windshield, etc.

A traffic police officer with a camera.

Large-damage to the car.

Traffic police officers near the official car.

Traffic police officers inspect the scene of the accident, draw up a protocol.

Large-broken glass.

Riga, the station square, the traffic light is on, an Aeroflot advertisement is on the house.

Large-the watch on the hand.

Large-road sign "stop is prohibited".

A man and a girl in the car.

The traffic police inspector checks the man's documents.

The car makes a sharp turn.

Large-traffic light.

Large-road with markings (removed from traffic).

New buildings.

A little boy is playing with cars.

New buildings.

Key words

Housewarming, road accident

Locations: Sverdlovsk [876] Riga [969]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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