Oh, bike! (1977)

Documentary №40397, 1 part, duration: 0:09:16
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Camera operators:Pogorelov


The film name speaks for itself.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A clearing, trees, a man with an old bicycle is walking along the path.

Steel shop - frames with metal melting.

Large - bicycle wheels.

Hands insert spokes into wheels.

A group of cyclists on the highway.

An astronaut on a space station does an exercise bike.

The street of the city, there is a wooden decorative bicycle.

B/ w shooting - people ride vintage bicycles without wheels, push off with their feet.

A cyclist on an old bicycle rides along the path.

A cartoon with a bicycle.

The bike is in the room against the wall.

Large - bicycle parts.

Photos of old cars from the 1920s.

A cartoon with a bicycle.

Chronicle of the 1910s-1920s - city streets, cars, cyclists, etc.

Athletes on the bike track, road race.

A cartoon with cyclists.

Road race with police escort.

Large - road signs.

A cyclist in the city, riding on the roadway.

A cartoon on the theme of bicycles.

The painter rides a bicycle.

Workers are standing on a suspended cradle, painting the facade of the building."

The post office building, there are bicycles at the entrance.

Dubna, people are riding bicycles on the highway.

The streets of the city, a lot of people with bicycles.

A cartoon on the theme of bicycles.

An athlete trains on a bicycle simulator.

Large - data is printed on an automatic printing device.

An athlete on an exercise bike, next to various devices and equipment.

Large - numbers on the device screen.

People on a special exercise bike, doctors check the body's indicators.

An astronaut on a space station does an exercise bike.

Chronicle of the 1920s-1940s - specially designed bicycle that can ride on ice, different shots with bicycles and cyclists.

Cyclists on bicycles with unusual handlebars, pedals (different options).

A bicycle with a roof and a stroller.

B/w frames - a long multi-seat bicycle.

Multi-seat bicycle-catamaran on the water.

A bicycle on a pole, a man pedaling, a bicycle going up.

A cartoon on the theme of bicycles.

A man on a bicycle, on the horizon.

Cyclists on the streets of Vietnam, on the roads of different European cities.

Cyclists on rural roads.

People are engaged in exercise bikes.

Cyclists on the highway, go down the mountain, ride on a mountain road, and so on.

Sea, catamaran with pedals.

People on a boat, bicycles next to them.

A cartoon on the theme of bicycles.

Large - a mountain of new bicycle wheels.

Hands insert spokes into the wheel.

Large - the wheel is spinning.

A cartoon on the theme of bicycles.

A cyclist in nature.

Panorama of the forest, river, mountains in the distance.

Key words


Calendar: 1910-1920 1920-1940

Locations: Dubna Vietnam [240]

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