Offense (1988)

Documentary №40401, 3 parts, duration: 0:27:54, black-white
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Camera operators:Batrak


The story of the worker who brought to court more than 10 cases struggling against bureaucracy and not only didn't win any of them but has almost become litigious.

Reel №1

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The film is about the struggle of the former aviation navigator E.G.Aksakalyana, who headed one of the running parts of the production association "Tyumenburgaz" (Tyumen region., City

Novy Urengoy), the management company, which was ordered by the scrapped and destroyed the new Japanese drilling equipment, his fight against mismanagement based lubricants business.

The first part.

Novy Urengoy, festive demonstration on November 7, demonstrators carrying banners are on the street, decorations, slogans on buildings, citizens from the sidewalk watching the parade.

Pilots carry a banner "RESTRUCTURING EFFORTS - the cause of socialism!".

Former aviation navigator E.G.Aksakalyan watching the demonstration from the sidewalk.


E.G.Aksakalyan at home talks about the reasons of dismissal "Tyumenburgaza." PNRM. on a deserted drilling engineering behind the fence, snow, cross-country passes base.

Tractor runs tractor fuel. E.G.Aksakalyan clears snow from the gate to the base. E.G.Aksakalyan tells how buried in the ground before the arrival of drilling equipment commission. E.G.Aksakalyan goes over the base near dogs run.

General view of base lubricants (photographed from a high point).

Journalist tells how E.G.Aksakalyan came to the office and told about the conflict at work, on his dismissal, the conflict between the party committee "Tyumenburgaza" and the editorial staff.


E.G.Aksakalyan up the stairs in the building Novourengoisky City People's Court.

There is a meeting of the court considered a claim E.G.Aksakalyan for reinstatement and payment of wages for forced absenteeism. E.G.Aksakalyan meets the judge's questions.

Administration officials "Tyumenburgaza" answer the judge's questions about the motives of refusal E.G.Aksakalyanom from work, the persecution of him for criticism.

Courthouse, blizzard, E.G.Aksakalyan walking down the street, in the background - high-rise buildings.

Snow-covered street Novy Urengoy, are rare passers-by.

Men on the basis of talk about how drilling equipment buried in the ground.

The second part.

Men on the basis of talk about how buried in the ground drilling equipment before visiting committee say that they would be persecuted and dismiss after the interview.

Door to study the trade union association, the chairman of the trade union A.A.Butakov sitting at a table in his office, comes to him E.G.Aksakalyan. A.A.Butakov read excerpts from statements E.G.Aksakalyana, in which he accuses the trade union in pursuit of his criticism.

Meeting of the collective association, staff from the podium expressing their claims management, the trade union committee, talk about the persecution of disgruntled related guides. - A.A.Butakov sitting in the hall.

Most in the audience applauds speakers. E.G.Aksakalyan talks about the reorganization on the basis, as a result of which eliminate the tank farm, which he heads.

Trucks driving on a country road. E.G.Aksakalyan in his house carves figures out of wood, making the coffee, smokes.

PNRM. the wooden figures - E.G.Aksakalyana work. E.G.Aksakalyan with former fellow pilots drinking tea at a table, discussing their problems at work.

The third part.

E.G.Aksakalyan based in the sky helicopter transports equipment.

NDP offense ...

E.G.Aksakalyana room, books, fotogorafii on the walls, its shape flyer icon "for accident-free flight hours."

Rain, a truck stuck in the mud.

Tractor pulls truck.

Tundra species, clouds in the sky.

River flows.

Summer E.G.Aksakalyan based journalist demonstrates poles for the fence, made of Japanese pipes.

Pile drilling equipment prepared for recycling, there are Japanese sleeve labels, new dural tube, high-altitude pressure taps. E.G.Aksakalyan says that it is necessary to punish the perpetrators. E.G.Aksakalyan wades through a river, sitting around the campfire on the beach.

Winter, new Novy Urengoy, cars traveling on the road.

The tarmac, passengers sit in the helicopter "MI-8", among them - E.G.Aksakalyan. E.G.Aksakalyan in the cabin of the helicopter.

Earth view from a window of the helicopter. E.G.Aksakalyan talks about his plans to continue the fight.

Key words

Workers' participation in social and political life of the country.
Public holidays.
Extractive industry.
Road transport and road.
Air transport, airports.
Arts and crafts.
National life.

Reel №2

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Reel №3

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