Soviet Ural Mountains 1991 № 30

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Producer Sverdlovsk newsreel studio

Director: R.Perminova

Script writers: R.Perminova

Operators: V.Monastirskij, O.Naumenkov, O.Groshenko


Shoot on sight. Investigation: Why did the expedition of tourists in the Ural Mountains? Says party posse P.I.Bartolem. Exchange 50-ruble notes. Sverdlovsk. As a result of medical errors child was disabled. Sverdlovsk. Show? Ural Ecology - 91 ". Sverdlovsk. Despite the sanitary restrictions, running beach in Viseu. Sverdlovsk.

Reel №1

1. The plot of the search for the nuclear test site, the dead band of Igor Dyatlov and other mysteries of the Ural Mountains.

Northern Urals.

Snowy forest and mountains.

Tourists plant "Uralelectrotyazhmash" seeking nuclear test site.

A squad of skiers in the forest.

The label "Forbidden Zone.

Shoot on sight. "

Says party search group PI Bartolomeo (voice-over).

It's about the deceased in 1959 a group of Igor Dyatlov.

Tourists in the forest, make a fire.


Tourist sticks dosimeter in the snow.

Tourists waving their hands and sticks on skis.

Mountains, snow.

Roe. 2. The plot of the exchange 50-ruble notes in Sverdlovsk.

People in front of bank branches.

They say the bank employee (synchronously).

Perturbed says pensioner (synchronously). 3. Plot of the people who became disabled as a result of medical errors.


Grandmother and granddaughter in a wheelchair.

Baby photos of the girl.

Grandmother with her granddaughter is engaged.

Private apartment.

A man in a wheelchair.

Travels around the apartment, put the kettle.

Tells the story of an unsuccessful operation and paralysis of the legs (synchronously).

The invalid one in the apartment. 4. The plot of the exhibition "Ural Ecology - 91".

Opening of the exhibition.

Pavilions, visitors.

Speak participant and organizer of the exhibition (synchronously). 5. Plot of the Sverdlovsk city beach, running despite sanitary prohibitions.

Sverdlovsk, water-sports facilities VIZ. Beach, children swimming in dirty water.

Poster "Attention!

High bacterial contamination ... ".

Says a public beach (synchronously).

Speak to swim, not afraid of sanitary ban (synchronously).




Sverdlovsk Ural

Finance; Crime and Accidents; Ecology; Geography and Nature; Social life