Invisible Planet (1987)

Documentary №40578, 1 part, duration: 0:09:58
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Director:Mikitasj N.
Screenwriters:Shejnin B.
Camera operators:Dackevich A., Dolinskij A.
Composers:Jean-Michel André Jarre



The film covers the problems of microbiology.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The movement of public transport.

From manhole steam rises.

Aerial view of the accident site on a heating.

Work welders.

Structural damage.

Flask with liquid in human hands.

Scientist looking into a microscope.

Microorganisms under microscope.

The man rubs the sand in your toes.

Group of people around the geyser.


Microorganisms under microscope.

Underwater world.

The man's face.

The robot takes a sample of rock from the bottom.

Figures deposits Earth's crust.

The man in the suit went up the hill.

The man's face behind the helmet visor.

Bubbling hot spring.

A drop of liquid from a pipette in a petri dish.

Animation: the conquest of the planet by bacteria, the cycle of living and nonliving nature.

The bacteria in a petri dish.

Scientist adjusts the microscope.

Bacteria under the microscope.

Scientist looking into a microscope.

Animation: different types of bacteria.

The underground gases rise to the surface.

Animation: the structure of bacteria.

The water in the hot springs.

Animation: the structure of bacteria.

The sealed glass bowl with microorganisms inside.

Animation: the interaction of microorganisms.

The ball in the hands of man.

Clouds in the sky over the water.


Fumes Hot Spring.

Microorganisms under microscope.

Waves breaking on the rocks.

Microorganisms under microscope.

Steam over hot springs.

Microorganisms under microscope.

Aerial view of a railroad freight train transporting ore.


Space satellites.

Panorama taiga (shot from a helicopter).

Ocean surf.

Desert plateau, fog over the mountains.

View from the rocks on the mountain lake.

Legs miners.

Copper oxides on the wall shaft.

Miners inspect the wall.

Bacteria under the microscope.


Oxides of lead.

Pipes CHP. Workers at the site of the accident.

Burst pipe.

Bacteria under the microscope.

The steam around the welders.

The steam comes to the surface.

Flocks of crows in the sky.

The flood: a flock of birds nest in the trees, fallen trees.

Animation: scientist examines the life of bacteria under a microscope in different color spectra.

The tubes in the laboratory.

Scientist in protective suit works with samples.

Laboratory studies of water.

The melting shop.

Bacteria under the microscope.

Stone Ridge.

Mining ore using microorganisms.


Animation: the vital activity of bacteria in different color spectra.

A lump of black earth in the palm of your hand.

Flying over the forest (image distortion).

Ocean waves.

Animation: the structure of different types of bacteria.

The sealed glass bowl with microorganisms inside.

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