Surface effect (1970)

Documentary №40602, 2 parts, duration: 0:14:00
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Director:N. Pavlovskaya
Screenwriters:I. Goufman
Camera operators:Yu. Koteljnikov, V. Konstantinov
Sound mixer:M. Ivanov
Other authors:V. Kosarev



Educational film about electromagnetic phenomena, explaining the nature of the surface effect.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Animation: the principle of creating an electric current magnetic field in the surrounding space.

Magnetic field lines marked with iron filings, a graphic representation of the magnetic field.

A diagram illustrating the "screw rule" in the motion of magnetic fields.

Uniform filling of the conductor cross-section with a constant electric current.

Diagram of the dependence of the cross-sectional area and the resistance force of the conductor to direct current.

Scheme for creating an alternating magnetic field with an alternating current, with an uneven filling of the conductor cross-section.

The current flowing in the surface layer of the conductor at a constant resistance.

Diagram of an electromagnetic wave, the magnitude of its propagation velocity.

Diagram of the passage of electromagnetic energy using electromagnetic waves.

Diagram of the propagation of electromagnetic energy in free space.

Diagram of the passage of electromagnetic waves in the cosmic vacuum.

The insignificance of losses of electromagnetic waves in various dielectrics.

Reflection and attenuation of an electromagnetic wave when encountering a poorly conducting medium.

Diagram of the reflection of an electromagnetic wave from a metal plate.

Creating an electric current in the plate when a part of the wave penetrates into it.

The formula for the proportionality of the current density relative to the magnetic field strength.

The scheme of the decay of the current density on the depth of penetration.

The formula for the depth of penetration.

Graph of the decrease in the depth of the wave penetration with increasing frequency of oscillations.

The effect of an electromagnetic wave on metal at ultra-high frequencies.

Demonstration of the surface effect.

Diagram of the entrance to the conductor of a small part of the wave.

The distribution of electric current in the cross section of the conductor at low frequencies and incomplete cross-section of a conductor at high frequencies.

Graph of the dependence of the increase in the resistance of the conductor on the increase in frequency.

Ribbon conductors used in high-frequency technology.

View of the power line section.

Animation: a section of a steel-aluminum cable for power lines.

The scheme of transmission of high-frequency electromagnetic waves inside an electromagnetic tube-waveguide.

Current flow over the rough surface of the waveguide with loss of energy.

Coating the inner surface of the waveguide with silver and varnish to reduce friction.

Power line wires.

Animation: the formation of an uneven magnetic field around conductors that are close to each other.

Calendar: 1970

Locations: Sverdlovsk [876]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Animation: a diagram of the addition of magnetic fields at high frequencies between two conductors.

The place where the maximum current density is reached.

A scheme for subtracting magnetic fields between conductors at the same current density.

Diagram of the transition of the proximity effect to the surface effect.

The manifestation of the surface effect in stranded and solid wires.

Diagram of the occurrence of the proximity effect due to the uneven distribution of the electromagnetic field along the perimeter of the conductor.

The scheme of a coaxial cable with an antiphase current, the distribution of currents over the surface layers.

View of the power line mast.

Demonstration of the impossibility of penetration of interference from electric welding through the shell of a coaxial cable.

Operation of a telegraph machine equipped with a coaxial cable.

Telephone booths at the meeting point, people conduct long-distance negotiations.

Insulation scheme of receiver lamps to prevent unnecessary propagation of electromagnetic waves (animation).

Sensitive equipment for accurate measurements, placed in a shielded cabin (animation).

The process of surface quenching of steel products by induction current with the use of surface effect and proximity effect.

A quenchable part placed in a field of high-frequency currents.

The release of heat energy in the heating and rapid cooling

the details.

Calendar: 1970

Locations: Sverdlovsk [876]

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