Subsistence agriculture minavtodora RSFSR (1983)

Documentary №40615, 2 parts, duration: 0:14:43
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Camera operators:Lamberg
Sound mixer:Belov V.


The film was shot at subsidiary farms of three plants in Volgodonsk, Smolensk and Upper Ufaley owned by the ''Rosremdormash'' association.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Subsidiary agriculture - houses, a cattle pen, a field nearby.

Rural landscape, pond, there are cars.

Excavators are working, work is underway.

Pravda newspaper - an article about the food program.

Field, harvesting equipment is working.

Tractor rakes hay.

Agricultural complex - buildings.

Construction of a new building.

Cows in the meadow.


Pigs are loaded into the back of the car.

Pork production complex from Volgodonsk Experimental Plant - buildings and equipment of the complex.

Large - a sign "Pigsty-fattening house for 1200 heads".

A car pulls into the territory of the complex.

Large - food waste is unloaded.

In the workshop of the complex, waste is processed into pig feed using special equipment.

Large - control panel with buttons.

Various production processes in the shop.

Large - the device, the arrow is moving.

Large - pipes.

Pigsty premises - pigs in pens.

Automatic feed intake into pig feeders.

A worker uses a hose to water the pen and pigs.

The territory of the enterprise is a decorative outdoor swimming pool.

A small bridge.

Shoppers at the grocery store are buying meat.

The sign of the cafe on the territory of the enterprise.

People are in the cafeteria, standing at tables, there is a queue at the counter.

Square, greenery, flowers.

People at the fountain.

Smolensk region.

Tractor uproots trees.

Auxiliary household farm of the Smolensk experimental plant of road equipment.

Village house, road, near the sign - "village of Snowdrops".

Workers in the field, pick cucumbers.

Collecting vegetables - greens, carrots, etc.

Apiary - a beekeeper works.

A field with beds.

A garden with young fruit trees.

Large - beds.

Piggery gives food to pigs.

Large - pig with piglets.

Animal technicians inspect piglets.

Piglets in the pen.

A man in a pigsty delivers food.

A garbage truck picks up garbage from bins near a residential building.

Factory canteen.

Field, harvesting equipment is working.

Shots with pigs.

A subsidiary farm, a tractor is going.

The butcher cuts the carcass.

The saleswoman weighs the meat, packs it into bags, puts it in a cart.

Announcement of the receipt of orders.

Tomatoes in the greenhouse, harvesting.

The kitchen of the factory canteen, cooks cook.

Dining room, food on trays, people having lunch at tables.

Hall, the audience claps.

On the stage - awarding of the production leaders.

The faces of the people in the hall.

Awarding of greenhouse workers from the plant in the Chelyabinsk region.

Women are given bouquets of roses.

Flowers in the greenhouse.

Large - cucumbers.

A woman collects cucumbers.

Harvesting tomatoes.

The dining room, the dishes are being distributed, people are having lunch at the tables.

Key words

Household, cowshed, pigsty, greenhouse, dining room

Locations: Volgodonsk Smolensk [822]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The territory of the subsidiary farm.

The shop assistant weighs and sells meat, in the window there are refrigerators - price tags next to the meat.


A worker of the rabbit house near the cages, gives the animals food.

Women take rabbits out of cages, examine them.

Tractors with mowers are working in the field.

The car is dumping hay on the field.

Construction of a new building of the plant.

Builders work, equipment drives, etc.

Builders study the drawings.

Map of the RSFSR - subsidiary farms are marked.

Pond, people on a boat.

Ducks on the pond.

A long pipe.

Water is pouring out of the pipe.

Pond, people on a boat.

Panorama of the pond and the shore.

Large - fish in a box.

A saleswoman on the street weighs and sells fish.


Household subsidiary farm of the Yemelyanovsky DRSU - construction works are underway.

Feed is dumped from the truck, cows graze nearby.

Pigsty - pigs in pens, employees deliver food on a cart.

Large - pigs.

Blooming field, meadow.

A field with sunflowers.

The cleaning equipment works.

A field with beds.

Pig with piglets.

Pigs in the pen.

Cows in the pasture.


Geese on the pond.

Tomatoes and cucumbers in greenhouses.

A woman collects roses in a greenhouse.

Key words

Household, greenhouse, pigsty, rabbits, cows

Locations: Siberia [926]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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