It is too late (1990)

Documentary №40624, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:20
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Director:I. Brizgalova
Screenwriters:A. Poznanskij
Camera operators:O. Durinov
Sound mixer:K. Brizgalov
Other authors:M. Golubev


The film is dedicated to the problem of combating alcoholism and smoking among teenagers.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Animation: the creation of man by God.

A feast on the occasion of Adam's birthday.

Soldering Adam.

The demon offers Adam a glass.

Consequences of alcoholism for human health.

People on the street answer the questions of the authors of the film about their attitude to the problem of drunkenness among teenagers (synchronously and behind the scenes).

The queue at the liquor store.

Young people ride skateboards and bicycles in the park.

A young man and a girl on a park bench.

Girls ride on the carousel.

An attraction in one of the parks.

Teenagers are drinking alcoholic beverages in the backyard of a half-demolished building, the faces of teenagers drinking.

Drunk teenagers start a mass brawl.

Arrived police officers detain hooligans.

Three teenagers run away over piles of bricks.

An empty bottle, glasses, leftovers on a makeshift table left after drinking.

Detained teenagers at the police station awaiting interrogation.

One of the detained teenagers gives explanations, answers questions from a police officer (synchronously and behind the scenes), the face of a police officer.

The detainee undresses and protests against his detention, the faces of the policemen.

The detained teenager is arguing in raised tones with the doctor of the sobering-up facility (synchronously).

Patients of the male inpatient narcological hospital come to see a doctor.

Patients are resting in one of the wards, reading books, playing chess.

The faces of the chess players, the pieces on the chessboard.

Mopping the floors in the hallway.

Patients in a therapeutic hypnosis session.

A nurse gives medicine to one of the patients.

Medical records on the chief physician's desk.

The head of the department of the 17th narcological hospital Larin A.I. talks with a teenager about his problems with alcoholism, the teenager answers the doctor's questions about police records and his criminal record, the doctor warns the teenager about the consequences of alcohol abuse and substance abuse (synchronously).

Larin talks about the problem of teenage alcoholism, which needs to be urgently addressed (synchronously).

The queue at the liquor store, young people with bottles in their hands leave the store.

Teenagers drink alcoholic beverages on the shore of the reservoir.

One of the teenagers drinks glass washing liquid from a glass, jumps up and falls.

A drinking buddy is trying to revive a teenager who has drunk liquid.

The ambulance is going to the call.

Key words


Calendar: 1990

Locations: Moscow [820] Sverdlovsk [876]

Seasons: Spring [825]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The doctors of the intensive care unit carry out measures to save the lives of patients, the work of resuscitation equipment.

The nurse puts the patient on a drip.

The head of the All-Union Center for the Treatment of Acute Poisoning of the Sklifosovsky Institute, Professor Luzhnikov E.A., gives instructions to the attending physician.

View of the dropper part.

Luzhnikov talks about the harmful effects of alcohol surrogates on the human body, about the high mortality rate from poisoning by alcohol surrogates (synchronously and off-screen).

The doctors of the intensive care unit carry out the procedures.

Panorama and views of the stadium stands during a concert by a popular rock artist.

The head of the laboratory of the All-Union Center for Preventive Medicine, A.V. Lekhovich, speaks about the presence of diseases in every second graduate of a school or vocational school, about the deterioration of the level of health of students by graduation, about the dependence of a person's health status on his lifestyle (synchronously).

The queue at the tobacco store.

People smoking on the streets and in parks.

People smoke in cafes.

A spittoon with cigarette butts.

A nurse smoking during a break.

Photos of smoking movie actors on magazine covers.

The man on the bench gives the girl a light, the girl takes a drag and coughs.

Performing a ski jump.

The face of a young skier.

View of a part of the bobsleigh track.

Sailing yachts during the regatta.

Running and high jump competitions at one of the stadiums.

Swimming in the pool.

Performance gymnasts.

Runners at a distance.

Pole vault.

Episodes of competitions in various sports.

Coach S. Stepanov conducts karate training.

Stepanov speaks about his sharply negative attitude to smoking and drunkenness among teenagers (synchronously).

Stepanov's students during training.

Teenagers smoking in the park participate in an experiment demonstrating the effect of smoking on physical fitness.

Teenagers run to distilleries along the park path, smokers finish last.

One of the authors of the film tells teenagers about the negative health prospects of smoking.

Animation: the harmful effect of smoking on the internal organs of a person.

Portrait of the artist Titian, who did not drink wine and lived 99 years.

Paintings by Titian.

The domes of the Orthodox church, the panorama of the square.

Professor of the Department of Moral Theology Archimandrite Platon speaks about the negative attitude of the Orthodox Church to drunkenness and smoking, about the duty of parents to stop smoking and drunkenness in their children, refers to the words of the Apostle Paul about the dangers of drunkenness (synchronously and off-screen).

The domes of the Orthodox church, people on the square in front of the temple.

The faces of teenagers who came to the temple.

View of the stadium grandstand during a rock concert.


Luzhnikov Evgenij Alekseevich -- scientist, narcologist, toxicologist

Calendar: 1990

Locations: Moscow [820]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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