The truth of a great nation: Deputies people (1983)

Documentary №40662, 5 parts, duration: 0:46:46
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Camera operators:Trifonov


The film shows the democratic system in the USSR, democratic principles of governing the country, taking the work of a soviet of national deputies as an example.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The cruiser Aurora.


Red Square in Moscow, filled with people.

Fireworks over Red Square.

People near the mausoleum on Red Square.

Panorama of the Red Square on the Spasskaya Tower.

Chronicle: V. Lenin, M. Kalinin.

Photo by V. Lenin.

Interviews on the street with young Brazilians about life in the USSR.

Interview in London.

Interview in Sweden.

Interview in Washington.

Chimes on the Spasskaya Tower.

The cover of the first Constitution.

Lenin's office in the Kremlin.

Machine operators in the field listen to the draft Constitution, which reads


Reading the project on a fishing boat.

Reading of the draft Constitution at the reindeer herders' camp, in a military unit, etc.

Steelworker V. Postnikov (synchronously).

Metallurgical plant.

Printing house.

The seal of the Constitution.

View of Moscow, the Grand Kremlin Palace and the cathedrals of the Kremlin.

V.Sanaev (synchronously).

Key words



Sanayev Andropov Kuznetsov Postnikov

Calendar: 1920

Locations: Moscow [820]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Village Council with .

Patrushy (synchronously).

V.Sanaev talks with the chairman of the Executive Committee S.I.Shalev.

Children on the playground.

S.Shalev and V.Sanaev are talking in the field.

Large: wheat ears.

Sanaev and Shalev are driving a gas truck around the district.

A herd of cows.

V.Sanaev talks with farm workers.

Construction of the House of Culture.

V.Sanaev (synchronously).

Panorama of the city of Ivanovo.

Chronicle of 1905.Weaving factory in Ivanovo.

Rally of Ivanovo weavers (photo).

Monument to M. Frunze.


Sanavev V.V. -akter teatra i kino, Narodnij artist SSSR Shalev S.I. -Predsedatelj ispolkoma seljskogo soveta s.Patrushi

Calendar: 1905

Locations: Sverdlovsk region [803] Ivanovo region [776]

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Monument to F.Afanasyev.

Monument to A. Nozdrin.

Photo by A. Nozdrin.

The building where the meeting of the citywide Council of Workers' Deputies was held.

Group photo of the first deputies of the people in Russia.

The Talka River.

Memorial complex "Krasnaya Talka".

Laying wreaths at the memorial.

Eternal flame.

Streets of Ivanovo.

Meeting with deputies.

Questions to the deputy G.Cheese (synchronously).

The weaving factory.

Cotton received at the factory.


K.Makhkamov - Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Tajik SSR (synchronously).


Picking cotton by hand.

Cotton picking by machines.

Deputy Makkhamov talks in the field with cotton growers (synchronously).

Cotton fabrics.


Meeting of the deputy commission (synchronously).

Minister of Local Industry of the Republic of Veskelale (synchronously).


Makhamov K.M. Predsedatelj Soveta Ministrov Tadzhikskoj SSR

Locations: Ivanovo region [776] Tajikistan [215] Estonia [70]

Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Exhibition of consumer goods in Tallinn.

Spasskaya Tower.

V.V. Kuznetsov (synchronously).

The Grand Kremlin Palace.

Construction of a hydroelectric dam.


Chronicle of the 30s: construction of the Great Ferghana Canal.

M-X-Usmankhodjaev is the main water keeper of the Ferghana Canal.

A feast in the Khadzhaev family.


The former Stutthof concentration camp.

Candles at the monument to the dead in the concentration camp.

MV Vannas (synchronously) talks about the family, looking at the photos in the album.

V.Sanaev and I. Usmankhodzhaev go to the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.

V.Sanaev talks with I. Khadzhaev (synchronously).


Kuznecov V.V.-pervij zamestitelj Predsedatelya Prezidiuma Verhovnogo Soveta SSSR I.B.Usmanhodzhaev- Predsedatelj Prezidiuma Verhovnogo Soveta Uzbekskoj SSR. M.V. Vannas -bivshaya uznica konclagerya Shtuttgof, zamestitelj Predsedatelya Prezidiuma Verhovnogo Soveta Estonskoj SSR

Calendar: 1939

Locations: Estonia [70] Moscow [820] Uzbekistan [236] Poland [177]

Reel №5

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

V.Sanaev talks with I. Usmankhadzhaev (synchronously).

M.Vannas (synchronously).

M.Vannas in the port, among people at different facilities.

Explosion in the quarry.

View of the Moscow River and the Grand Kremlin Palace.

Deputies of the Supreme Council in the Grand Kremlin Palace.

Meeting of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.

Chronicle: on the podium M.I. Kalinin, deputies of the Supreme Council of different years.

On the podium M.Sholokhov, in the hall -Yu.


The building of the Kremlin Palace of Congresses.

On the podium Yu.V.Andropov (synchronously).

V.Sanaev in the editing room (synchronously).

Central Russian landscape.

V.Sanaev with I.Shalev.

The new district of Tallinn.

Cotton harvesting.

A feast in an Uzbek family.

Domes of the Assumption Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin.

Tsar cannon.

Key words



Vannas M.V. -zamestitelj Predsedatelya Prezidiuma Verhovnogo Soveta Estonskoj SSR Andropov Yu.V.-Generaljnij sekretarj CK KPSS

Locations: Moscow [820] Estonia

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