Ashes of Satan (1992)

Film №40668, 3 parts, duration: 0:29:15
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Director:Pavel Pechenkin, Lidiya Lepihina
Screenwriters:Pavel Pechenkin, Nikita Chernov
Camera operators:Sergej Lepihin, Konstantin Shitov
Sound mixer:Aleksandr Tiunov
Other authors:Galina Kosareva, Valerij Savchuk


A film about crime, prison and mafia.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Meeting and conversation of two friends in the Krasnodar Territory in 1991.

The head of the enterprise talks about staff turnover, morally unstable employees, the tendency of employees to alcohol, the employee justifies himself and explains the situation from his point of view, talks about working in various areas not in his specialty (synchronously).

A man in the passenger compartment of a minibus.

Changing of the guard at the mausoleum on Red Square.

Newsreel of 1988: convicted Zhuravlev O. V. in a juvenile colony speaks about the lack of remorse for the crime committed, about the lack of longing for freedom, about the acquisition of prison habits, about the course of serving time and the prospect of changing the detention regime, about his plans for the future in the prison hierarchy, about relations with "thieves in law" (synchronously).

Panorama of part of the territory and buildings of the colony.

The formation of prisoners on the parade ground.

Persons of convicted minors.

Making a basket for prisoners.

A prisoner of the "White Swan" colony talks about his thieving status, about getting acquainted with the "thief in law" Vasya Diamond, (synchronously).

An ashtray with cigarette butts.

The faces of the prisoners.

Photo of the" thief in law "Babushkin, nicknamed "Vasya Diamond".

List of Babushkin's crimes.

Photo of the victim Babushkin.

The text of the Ruling of the judicial board on the conviction of Babushkin for 25 years.

Photos of another victim of Babushkin.

Newsreel of 1988: the convicted Zhuravlev calls the nicknames of the authorities of the criminal world, which are an example for him, the state of his health and age (synchronously).

Pages of the criminal case of Zhuravlev.

View of the building of the PKT in the colony of Solikamsk.

A woman tells about the conflict between the prisoners of the "White Swan" and the crime that followed (synchronously).

Calendar: 1988 1991 1992

Locations: Sverdlovsk [876] Moscow [820] Perm [887] Perm Krai [763]

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The woman tells about the conflict between the prisoners of the "White Swan" and the crime that followed, about the attitude of other prisoners to the crime (synchronously).

Entrance to the chamber-type room of the "White Swan" colony in Solikamsk, a panorama of part of the territory and the checkpoint.

Prisoners at the entrance to the stage box.

Prisoners who have arrived at the White Swan colony in the next stage enter the territory.

The prisoner tells about the dual power that exists in places of detention - the administration of the colony and thieves 'authorities, about the rigidity of thieves' laws (synchronously).

Photo of the murdered prisoner Shagivaliev, who did not take measures to save the life of the "thief in law".

Newsreel of 1988: the convicted Zhuravlev about his prospects in the event of the publication of his interview, about suicide attempts (synchronously).

Prisoners pass through the territory of the "White Swan".

Foreign bodies swallowed by prisoners and extracted from their internal organs, displayed on the stand of the medical center.

The doctor tells about foreign bodies that are swallowed by prisoners, about the duration of stay in the hospital, about the causes of such cases (synchronously), foreign bodies swallowed by prisoners.

One of the prisoners speaks about the practice of physical influence of the prison and camp administration on prisoners, about "knocking out" the necessary testimony, bullying and abuse of prisoners (synchronously).

Windows of the hospital building of the colony.

Prisoners in the wards of the hospital building, view of the corridor.

Doctors on the territory of the hospital in Solikamsk.

A sheet of the medical history of one of the prisoners.

A prisoner in the ward tells the story of his illness and injury (synchronously).

The hospital doctor talks about the hiding of details of injuries by prisoners, about signs of physical abuse on the body of patients, about patients with jaw fractures who came from the "White Swan", about beating prisoners (synchronously).

One of the prisoners is knitting a wicker string bag.

Calendar: 1988 1992

Locations: Solikamsk [910]

Seasons: Winter [823]

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A prisoner of the "White Swan" colony in Solikamsk lights a cigarette and talks about the relations of prisoners with the administration, about methods of punishing the perpetrators, about his relationship with the administration, about the conditions of detention of various categories of prisoners, constant monitoring by the administration (synchronously).

A warden passes by with a bunch of keys, prisoners on a walk go from wall to wall in a cell with a barred top.

The face of one of the prisoners.

A pack of cigarettes on the desk.

Prisoners at work.

The entrance to the corridor of the penal isolation cell, closed by a grid.

The doors of solitary cells, prisoners in the punishment cell.

prisoners knit baskets.

Photo of the" thief in law " Babushkin (Vasya Brilliant), who died in prison in 1985.

View of a part of a rotted barbed wire fence.

A uniform cap hanging on a barbed wire.

A crow on a grave monument.

View of a part of the cemetery in Solikamsk.

Numbered columns on the graves of deceased prisoners.

A monument in the cemetery to the" thief in law "Babushkin, erected by other "thieves in law".

Flowers on the tombstone.

View of a part of the Kremlin wall with signs of graves and standing busts.

Panorama of a part of Red Square.

One of the prisoners talks about the thieves ' law (synchronously).

Prisoners in the workshop knit baskets.

Newsreel of 1988: prisoner Zhuravlev talks about the system of climbing the steps of the thieves 'hierarchy, about passing thieves' "universities" (synchronously).

Minor prisoners in the ranks.

The prisoners pass in formation and perform a song.

The gate of the colony.

Passengers and the driver of a minibus in the Krasnodar Territory during the elimination of a breakdown on the way.

Men talk about the desire of a person released from prison to live a normal life (synchronously).

A man who has been released from prison talks about the desire to live a normal life and make his own way, talks about the fear of being left alone (synchronously).

Ducks at the water intake pump.

A work book, a reflector and a bottle of milk for the child on the table.

A young mother prepares breakfast for her child.

The father is an ex-prisoner, with a child on his lap.

Kitchen utensils and an electric stove are on the table.

There is a tapestry on the wall, a child is sitting on the bed and playing with a guitar.

A woman with a child in her arms carries a bucket of water.

Calendar: 1988 1991 1992

Locations: Solikamsk [910] Moscow [820] Krasnodar region [761]

Seasons: Autumn [826] Summer [824]

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