Stories about Siberia. Transportation (1982)

Documentary №40815, 2 parts, duration: 0:18:00
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Camera operators:Goloshchapov


The film tells about truck Siberia.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The water surface of the lake, the boat.

The boat floats on water.

Siberian landscapes - mountains, rivers, forests.

Old book on Siberia geographer Seeds Remezova.

The first map of Siberia in the book, map elements.

Ships, boats, barges on the river.

Loading operations at the port.

The ship on the river.

Map fragment Remezova with the Ob River.

Drawings on the map of Siberia.

Drawings, photographs of the main Siberian road - riding a sleigh pulled by a horse, dog and reindeer sleds.

Photos from the construction of the first railway in Siberia - Trans-Siberian Railway.

Composition comes with wagons - tanks, platforms, tractors, trucks.

Trucks, tanker trucks driving on the road.

The driver of the cab car.

The road in the mountains, a winter road.

Herd of horses in the snow in the paddock.

Memorial sign in Oymyakon in a place where the temperature was recorded 71.2 degrees Celsius.

Reindeer with frosted in the cold face.

Trucks traveling on the highway.

At night, the drivers eliminate breakage - change the wheel of the truck when the headlights.

Bulldozer on the ice of the river, removing snow, paving the road for motor vehicles - "winter road".

Tractor falls through the ice, leaving the water.

The sign "Caution - frost!".

Truck driving on snow.

The truck rides on the water.

ATV drag trucks, different types of ATVs.

Rover stands on a pedestal near the road.

The helicopter is ready to fly at night.

Helicopter in flight.

Herders on horseback.

Hunter skiing.

Goes dog sledding.

Riding reindeer team.

Helicopter reindeer herders, the doctor arrived.

Helicopter transports suspended load.

Mi-10K with a load in the air.

Landing a helicopter on a snowy meadow.

At the airport, passengers go on the plane.

Key words


Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

In IL-76 calls in a bus rover.

IL-76 is going on a field aerodrome.


ANT-28 passes the test - flying, landing, takeoff.

Icebreaker swims in the ice.

Pictures and photos of ships.

Icebreaker floating among the ice, leads convoy.

Dudinka port in the Arctic.

Unloading ships harbor cranes.

Industrial landscape of pipe smokes.

Along the pipe pipeline ATV rides.

Powered mine excavator.

Large - diamond.

The ship on the river.

Caught fish in the box.

Railroad tracks from the passage.

Oncoming freight trains.

Railway bridge over the river.

BAM construction, laying the rails.

Tunneling for the railroad.

View on oil rigs by helicopter.

Map of pipelines in Siberia.

Construction of the pipeline, welding, insulation of pipes.

Oil rocking.

Construction crane works.

View the route of flight with the helicopter.

In a series of stand harbor cranes.

Barge on the river.

Water boils over sailed the ship.

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