Springs Udmurtia. (1980)

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Producer Sverdlovsk newsreel studio

Director: Kustov B.

Script writers: Shevarov G.

Operators: Avdeev S., Kustov B.


Lyrical report on the 60th anniversary of UASSR autonomy.

Russian cities and regions | Anniversaries

Reel №1

Bird on the tree.

Village Karpushata.

The Pit and the designation of the origins of the Kama.


An elderly woman at the old loom.

Workers install the tower.

Participants of motocross.

River View.

Flowing river, on the banks of snow.


Chronicle 1918: Split screen: fighting for the liberation of Izhevsk and other cities of Udmurtia.

Photo V.M.Azina.

Krupskaya at the table.

Steamer "Red Star".

Krupskaya speaking at the rally.

Participants of the rally.

Krupskaya looking through binoculars.

Monument V.M.Azinu Izhevsk.

A child jumps on the steps.

The ancient building of the fence.

Monument I.D.Pastuhovu.

Types of Izhevsk.

Newlyweds walking down the stairs.

Monument "Friendship of Peoples" (the people "Skiing Kulakovoj").

View of the main building of the Izhevsk arms factory by the river.

an industrial object type.

Anchor monument.

Past the anchor passes watering machine.

Votkinsk plant, the building pulls the truck.

The street is a boy.

A child looks out from behind a fence.

Fragments ornaments home (wooden architecture).

The opening of the Republican Children's Music Festival.

Alternation: perform music groups, rooms of house-museum of Tchaikovsky.

The cleaner washes the floor.

The boy plays the violin.

People greet the dawn on the waterfront.

Work in the shops ON "Izhstal" named after the 50th anniversary of the USSR. Alternation: steelmaker tells I.S.Kurbatov, family photos.

It works team I.S.Kurbatova.

On the coil wire is wound.


NK Krupskaya - Revolutionary State party, public and cultural figure, an honorary member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR.




Udmurtia [754] Izhevsk [890]


Spring [825]

Social life; Holidays; Russian civil war

Reel №2

Alternation: gunsmith does engraving, museum exhibits.

Chronicle of 1918:

Soldiers with bicycles.

Marching troops.


Tower on the main building of the Izhevsk arms factory.

Jewellery made of metal on the tower.

A woman works on an ancient loom.

Motorcyclists on the suburban route.

Beat the clock in the tower.

Factory testing of weapons.

Veterans march in the demonstration.

Veterans and students plant trees.

Ribbon on a branch.

The new walkway in the park.

Meeting dedicated to Victory Day.

Alternation: people's faces, tombstones.

Alternation: photos, tells A.M.OpalС‘v.

People at the eternal flame.


Tells I.F.Beloborodov.

Chronicle of 1975:

Dmitry Ustinov arrive in Izhevsk, meeting at the ramp.

Dmitry Ustinov visited Izhevsk plant.

Stela with the slogan.

Chronicle of September 7, 1979-the first year:

Dmitry Ustinov, speaking at the podium.


Awarding Izhevsk Order of the October Revolution.

Panorama territories "Izhmash".

Assembling the vehicle at the factory.

Split screen: Photo of old road of Izhevsk in the mirror.

Handling of new cars on the railway platform.

Car Izh-2126 "Orbita" on the road.

The driver behind the wheel.

view from the cockpit.

Manufacture of motorcycles.

Split screen: factory work in the past and today.

New motorcycle on the assembly line.

Brigadier M.S.Shatunov with a colleague.

Foreman gives signals, bulldozers pulling tower.

Brigadier N.D.Okevev.

Tells M.S.Shatunov.

Brigade N.D.Okeveva.

Oil companies are working on the site.

Pumps pump oil.


VI Lenin - Revolutionary, statesman and political figure. DF Ustinov - Soviet political and military leader, Marshal of the Soviet Union, Hero of the Soviet Union, twice Hero of Socialist Labor, the Minister of Defense of the USSR. Beloborodov IF - Twice Hero of Socialist Labor, the Director General of the Izhevsk Machine-Building Plant. Shatunov MS - Drilling rig assembling foreman software udmurtneft Ministry of Oil Industry of the USSR.


1918 1975 09/07/1979


Udmurtia [754] Izhevsk [890]


Spring [825] Summer [824]

Russian civil war; World War II; Defense and internal security; Industry

Reel №3

Past the stand are athletes.

Prize rifle.

Biathlon competitions.

Rewarding A.N.Alyabeva.

Group of skiers.

Tells G.A.Kulakova.

River View.

Alternation: an interview with the athlete, fragments of competitions and awards.

Natural panorama.

A herd of cows on the meadow out people in folk costumes.


Steam locomotive monument Sarapul.


Pages of newspapers.


Instruction Committees of the rural poor.

Chronicle of 1919:

Departure locomotive.

Monument shot by members of the committee.

Spikes in the wind.

Tells P.A.Ovchinnikov.


A convoy of trucks with grain.

Chicken next to the car on the river bank.

Rustic holiday, people in folk costumes.

Out of the gate out the bride and groom.

People wave after wedding car.

Bouquet of flowers.

It was the State ensemble of song and dance of Udmurtia "Italmas".

Mature woman inspects carpets hanging on the fence.

Motorcyclist before the start.

The child tries on the helmet.

Motor Racing.

Speech ensemble "Italmas".

Spring landscape.


AN Alyabyev - Soviet biathlete, Olympic champion, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, Ph.D., professor. Kulakov GA - Soviet skier, a multiple champion of the USSR and the world, the Olympic champion, Honored Master of Sports, Honored coach of Russia, Honored Worker of Physical Culture of the Russian Federation.




Udmurtia [754]


Winter [823] Spring [825]

Russian civil war; Sporting events; Agriculture; National culture