Russian language and peoples of the USSR (1984)

Documentary №40857, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:23
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Director:A. Menickaya
Anchor:Matkarimov I.K.
Screenwriters:E. Gohfeljd
Camera operators:H. Lober
Sound mixer:V. Suslov
Other authors:L. Eglit


On the examples of Uzbekistan and Latvia, the film demonstrates the significance of studying and knowledge of Russian language as a means of communication between the nations of the USSR.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The faces of Uzbek students walking down the street.

Students walk past the fountain.

A drop of water on the petals of a rose.

Types of streets of Tashkent, people on the streets.

Uzbek writer Isfandiyar talks about the multi-ethnic composition of the city's residents, the coexistence of different cultures (synchronously and off-screen).

Passing students and residents of the city answer Isfandiyar's questions about the national composition of student and labor collectives (synchronously).

A young man who came from Yakutia speaks about the multinational nature of the republic (synchronously).

Types of streets of Tashkent.

Isfandiyar speaks about the multinational nature of the peoples of the USSR (synchronously and behind the scenes).

People at the newsstand.

Publications in Uzbek and Russian, sold at the kiosk.

Isfandiyar talks about Russian as the language of interethnic communication (synchronously).

Tashkent residents answer Isfandiyar's questions about the need to learn Russian (synchronously).

Views of streets and parks of Tashkent from the window of a moving car.

Kindergarten students - Russians and Uzbeks, on a walk, boys carry a melon.

The kindergarten teacher conducts a lesson with children in Russian, the children answer questions about the names of fruits (synchronously).

The girl's face.

The teacher talks about teaching children the Russian language (synchronously).

Schoolchildren on the street during recess.

Types of school buildings with in-depth study of the Russian language, children during recess.

Russian language lesson in the language laboratory of the school.

Isfandiyar is sitting at the back desk.

Students are having a dialogue on the topic of dating in Russian, the face of Isfandiyar.

The teacher talks about choosing a profession as a teacher of the Russian language (synchronously).

The topic of the lesson, written on the blackboard, is a portrait of the Avr poet R. Gamzatov.

One of the students reads Gamzatov's poems in Russian.

The teacher asks questions about the main idea of the poem, the students answer (synchronously).

The teacher tells the students about the work of R. Gamzatov (synchronously).

Students answer questions about the peculiarities of Gamzatov's work.

Uzbek language lesson in one of the senior classes.

The teacher's face asking a question.

Students raise their hands, answer questions in Uzbek (synchronously).

People's faces on the streets of Tashkent.

Isfandiyar talks with graduates of one of the institutes about their future work (synchronously), the faces of graduates.

Doctors and patients in the corridor of one of the clinics.


Isfandiyar (Matkarimov Isfandier Kimsanovich) -- Uzbek writer, playwright

Calendar: 1984

Seasons: Autumn [826]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Mom brings the girl to an appointment with pediatrician Saera Hadzhibekova.

Hadzhibekova asks questions to her mother and the girl, examines the girl.

The girl's face.

The faces of Hadzhibekova's young patients.

Khadjibekova is talking to an elderly woman who brought her grandson for an examination in Uzbek (synchronously).

Hadzhibekova answers Isfandiyar's questions about her children, about communicating at home in her native language and using Russian in everyday life (synchronously).

View of one of the mosques.

The guide leads the tour.

Fragments of the decoration of the arch of the mosque.

The faces of tourists.

Panorama of the mosque complex.

Views of the dome of the mosque and other religious buildings, the guide leads a group of tourists.

Restaurant veranda.

People on the streets of the city.

Visitors enter a traditional Uzbek teahouse.

Monuments to Uzbek poets in Tashkent.

The building of the Hamza Theater.

Busts of Uzbek and Russian playwrights.

Types of city streets.

Private sector houses in one of the Uzbek districts of Tashkent.

The car stops at the gate of the house.

View of the courtyard of the house.

The interiors of the house, the men sit at the dastarkhan, the woman pours tea.

The faces of men talking to each other.

Engineer of the textile machinery plant S. Akramhodzhaev for dastarkhan.

Akramkhlojaev's wife collects her husband's belongings before his departure on a business trip to Riga.

Akramhodzhay closes the suitcase.

The face of Akramkhodzhayev's wife.

Illustrations on the pages of the advertising booklet about Riga.

Types of Riga streets, people on the streets.

View of the main building of the association "Rigas Manufactory".

Samples of fabrics and textile products made at the enterprise from Uzbek cotton.

Spinning machines made in Tashkent, in one of the workshops of the association.

Akramkhodjaev gets acquainted with the peculiarities of production processes in one of the workshops.

Akramhodzhaev speaks at a meeting in front of Latvian textile workers, speaks Russian, shares his experience with colleagues (synchronously).

Akramhodzhaev, visiting a Latvian colleague, communicates with the hosts in Russian.

The hosts invite Akramkhodzhaev to spend a vacation with his family in Riga.

The car is driving through the streets of Riga.

Types of country village.

The car drives into the gate of the house.

The face of a baby with a toy in his hands.

The wife of a Latvian engineer is talking to Akramhodzhayev's wife, thanking her for gifts (synchronously).

Men are sitting in the garden on deck chairs and reading newspapers.

Latvian hosts treat the Akramhodzhaev spouses sitting at the table.

The hosts are trying Uzbek samsa.

Panorama of the beach on the Riga seashore.

The Akramhodzhaevs and their Latvian friends after arriving at the beach.

View of the old tower.

Akramkhodzhayev during a visit to the art gallery.

The Akramhodzhaevs are walking around Riga.

Festive procession in national costumes in Riga.

Performance of the folklore ensemble in the amphitheater, the Akramkhodzhaevs and their friends among the audience.

People on the streets of Riga.

Akramkhodzhayevs during a walk in the park.

Isfandiyar speaks about the brotherhood and mutual respect of the Uzbek and Latvian people through communication in Russian (synchronously).

People on the streets of Tashkent.


Isfandiyar (Matkarimov Isfandier Kimsanovich) -- Uzbek writer, playwright

Calendar: 1984

Locations: Latvia [122] Riga [969] Tashkent [860]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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