Siberian Balm (1968)

Documentary №40906, 1 part, duration: 0:10:18
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Camera operators:Lober H.


The film tells about the healing properties of sea buckthorn berries, about the use of sea buckthorn oil in medicine.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Siberia, autumn landscape.

Large - branches with sea buckthorn berries.

Branches with sea buckthorn, a river flows, mountains in the background.

Sea buckthorn trees and shrubs.

Sea buckthorn berries are on the laboratory table.

Large - a flask with sea buckthorn oil, the process of squeezing oil.

Large - a twig with sea buckthorn berries, there are handfuls of tablets and vitamins.

Large - a bush of sea buckthorn.

Poachers cut down bushes and trees with sea buckthorn with axes, load branches with berries into the car.

Cut down and broken bushes and trees.

Market, sell sea buckthorn.

Women work on the collection of sea buckthorn.

Large - a sea buckthorn bush with berries, thorns are visible on the branch.

Large - hands collect sea buckthorn from a branch.

Women pour sea buckthorn from buckets into wooden barrels.

Birds in the sky, flying over a sea buckthorn plantation.

Collecting sea buckthorn using special homemade hooks.

Large - sea buckthorn spills out of the bucket.

A tractor with a trailer is driving, in which barrels with sea buckthorn, berry pickers are working around.

Biysk, a tractor with barrels of sea buckthorn drives into the territory of a sea buckthorn processing plant.

Large - sea buckthorn berries are poured out.

Employees pour sea buckthorn into a special vat in the workshop.

The process of squeezing the juice from sea buckthorn.

The workshop of the plant with equipment.

The process of squeezing sea buckthorn oil.

The oil is poured into bottles, labels are pasted.

Large - the doctor pours sea buckthorn oil into a jar with tampons.

A doctor at the bedside of a sick child.

Says the doctor of the Altai hospital Hasan Y. P. The doctor shows traces of burns on the girl's body.


An employee opens the greenhouse film, sea buckthorn shoots are visible.

A field with sea buckthorn bushes.

Berries on the branches.

Large - a book about the treatment of sea buckthorn oil, next to a branch with sea buckthorn berries and a bottle of oil.

Novosibirsk doctor Yutkina L. N. in the classroom with young doctors.

Says Yutkina.

Young doctors listen to Yutkina's report.

Large - hands flip through an album with medical histories and photos of patients.

Large - a box from a bottle of sea buckthorn oil.

Yutkina continues the report.

Sea buckthorn plantation, an employee checks the berries.

Sea buckthorn bush, large - a branch with a new variety of berries.

Various shots with sea buckthorn berries on the branches.

Panorama of the sea buckthorn plantation at the Altai station.

Shots with different varieties of sea buckthorn.

Large - variety "News of Altai", a branch without thorns.

A female employee checks the berries on the branches, makes notes in a notebook.

Large - a new variety, with an elongated peduncle.

There is a bottle of oil on the table, there are small bottles with pipettes next to it.

Large - oil drips from the pipette.

Oculist Boyanova N. B. performs the procedure to the patient, instills oil.

Says Boyanova.

A plant in Buryatia for the production of sea buckthorn oil.

Workshops of the plant, equipment.

Sea buckthorn plantations - panorama.

A biochemist woman in the laboratory is researching the properties of sea buckthorn oil.

Sea buckthorn plantation.

Large - a branch with olepiha berries.

Key words

Sea buckthorn, berries, poachers

Locations: Biysk Siberia [926] Altay region [758] Republic of Buryatia [740]

Seasons: Autumn [826]

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