Commonwealth (1977)

Documentary №40974, 2 parts, duration: 0:17:04
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Director:L. Efimov
Screenwriters:B. Shejnin
Camera operators:N. Gajl, V. Petkov, G. Lyuckanov
Sound mixer:E. Zatulovskij
Music designer:S. Hristov
Other authors:O. Balabanov, R. Hrusanov


The film tells about the joint work of the USSR and Bulgaria in the field of chemistry.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A man demonstrates slides using an epidiascope.

Slides with views of Moscow, Chisinau, Togliatti, Vilnius, Sofia and other Bulgarian cities.

Bulgarians in national costumes walk along the riverbank, mountain Bulgarian landscape.

View of the city of Vratsa (from above).

Views and panorama of the Vrachansk chemical Plant, built according to the Soviet project and built with the help of Soviet specialists.

Shipment of carbamide manufactured at the plant.

Types of the Doctor chemical plant.

A poster at the entrance to the territory of the plant.

The flag of the international exhibition "Chemistry-77", held in Moscow, is flying.

People go to the exhibition.

Visitors entering the Bulgarian pavilion.

The exhibits presented in the exposition of the Bulgarian pavilion.

Samples of products of chemical enterprises of the People's Republic of Bulgaria.

Slides with views of the Moldavian SSR.

View of one of the vineyards.

Leaves of a drying vine.

A tick that struck a vine and magnified with a microscope.

Spraying from a helicopter of a new Bulgarian chemical preparation for the protection of vineyards.

The effect of the drug on the grape mite under a microscope.

Bunches of ripe grapes of different varieties.

Samples of Moldovan wines in bottles (panorama).

Slides with a photojournalist shooting Moldovan wines in bottles.

Panorama of a part of a tomato plantation with the results of spraying the Bulgarian herbicide defenamide.

Absence of weeds on the plot treated with diphenamide, ripe tomatoes.

View of a plot with weeds, rare tomatoes in a thicket of weeds.

Soviet and Bulgarian breeders on the plot discuss the issues of breeding a new variety of tomatoes, the faces of scientists.

Mechanized harvesting of tomatoes, manual sorting of tomatoes on a combine harvester.

Tomato harvester on the plot.

Calendar: 1977

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Slides with views of Sofia.

Employees of the Institute of Organic Chemistry of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences conduct scientific experiments on the protection of metals from corrosion.

Crystals forming protrusions on the metal surface, visible under an electron microscope.

Created by Bulgarian chemists, the gloss-forming agent B70211.

Addition of a gloss-forming agent to the electrolyte.

The effect of the gloss-forming agent on the metal coating.

The face of a laboratory assistant.

Extraction of a shiny metal plate from an electrolyte solution with the addition of a gloss-forming agent.

A type of electron microscope.

A view of a smoothed surface under a microscope.

Containers with a gloss-forming agent made in Bulgaria.

Slides with views of the city of Togliatti and Volga landscapes.

Cars of the Volga Automobile Plant at the site of finished products.

View of the front of one of the cars.

The process of applying a protective coating to the bumpers of cars in electrolytic baths in one of the workshops of the enterprise, immersion of bumpers in an electrolytic bath.

Removing bumpers covered with a protective layer from the bath.

Growths on the edge of the bumper formed during galvanization.

Cleaning of growths by mechanical means, the face of the worker.

Slides with views of Vilnius.

Employees of the Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technologies of the Academy of Sciences of the Lithuanian SSR are conducting experiments to improve the Bulgarian gloss-forming agent, the face of a laboratory assistant.

inspection of the metal plate during the evaluation of the results of the next experiment.

Slides with views of Sofia, Lithuanian scientists on the streets of the city.

Scientists of Bulgaria and the Lithuanian SSR discuss and solve a scientific problem, determine a program for further joint research.

A car produced by the Volga Automobile Plant.

Export card on the windshield.

Soviet cars on the roads of Bulgaria, mountain landscape.

Panorama of the Vrachansk chemical Plant (from above).

View of the city of Vratsa (from above).

Vacationers swim in the sea at the resort in Varna.

Type of chemical enterprise.

Ripe vegetables, berries and fruits.

Panorama of the vegetable base in Bulgaria, sorting vegetables of the new harvest.

Harvesting grapes.

View of an orchard against the background of a chemical enterprise.

Slides with Bulgarian and Soviet authors of the film.

Calendar: 1977

Locations: Togliatti [895] Bulgaria [34] Lithuania [128]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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