Your day (1966)

Documentary №41061, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:19
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Director:Deryabin K.
Screenwriters:Arnoljd N.
Camera operators:Telyatnikov A.


The film tells the children about how important it is to observe the regime of the day.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

School corridor, the bell rings.

The children ran out of the class.

The teacher in the classroom, the children sit at desks.

The boy responds to the teacher's question.

Children with a teacher trying to understand the reasons for delays.

Talk about the day mode.

Sleeping boy.

Beginning woman and turns on the light.

Mom wakes children.

Mom goes, the eldest son of Jura stands.

The boy opened the window.

Boy turns on the radio.

The elder brother wakes younger.

Morning work-out.

Kids bed with.

Children go out of the room.

Jura wiping with a sponge and rub with a towel.

A boy brushing his teeth.

The boy washes.

Shadow Dress the baby on the wall.

Children enter the room.

Family breakfast.

Jura table.

Hook hanging knapsack.

The boy takes a knapsack.

The younger brother is playing in the corridor, a senior leaves.

Children go to school.

Toll read in bed at night.

Comes Dad.

Father chooses a book and turns off the light.

Ringing Service.

Boy sleeps.

The lights.

Dad wakes up son.

The child wears.

The boy quickly washes.

Toll is trying to collect a knapsack and get dressed up to the end.

Boy missing from the table food and runs away.

Father leaves the room.

Children in the classroom.

Animation: bearing children.

The girl bent over the desk.

The teacher monitors the class.

Children lay handle and stand.

Warm up in the classroom.

The lesson continues.

Seasons: Winter [823]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

An empty hall, the bell rings.

The children ran out of the class.

School change.

Girls are engaged in the class at recess.

School canteen.

Students in the hallway.

The bell rings, the children flee into classes.

The class in the classroom.

Children run out of the school.

Children go home.

Jura shape hangs in the closet.

A boy sits at the table, my grandmother makes a comment.

The boy is going to wash your hands.

Yuri returned to the table.

Grandmother with her grandson dinner.

The game of hockey on the street.

Children skate.

Snowball Game.

Jura is getting ready for homework.

Boy writes in a notebook.

Toll read the book while watching TV.

The boy turns off the TV and runs to her room.

Included Dad and puts on the table drawings.

The son sits at the table.

The father closes the door.

Toll looks around and picks up the book.

Boy reading and dreaming.

Jura teaches a lesson.

Warm-up between sessions.

Boy brings mom notebook.

Mom check the homework.

Mom praises his son, Yuri leaves.

Children in the technical circle.

Pets' corner.

Classes in the pool.

Circle of rhythmic gymnastics.

The streets of the city at dusk.

Family Jura, dad playing with his young son.

Jura helps mum to clear the table.

Boy with a book.

Jura deals with his younger brother.

Clothes on hangers.

Jura brushing her teeth and washing his face before going to bed.

A boy washes his feet.

The younger brother was asleep, senior undresses and puts out light.

Jura lies down to sleep.

Sleeping children.

Seasons: Winter [823]

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