Your safety (1968)

Film №41062, 2 parts, duration: 0:17:11
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Director:V. Taskaev
Screenwriters:E. Penclin
Camera operators:R. Anisimov
Sound mixer:M. Ivanov
Other authors:V. Kosarev


The film tells about the need to comply with safety measures by locomotive crews of trains.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A train passes by.

The tunnel is on the way.

The driver in the cab of an electric locomotive.

Exit from the tunnel.

Diesel locomotives leave the depot.

The locomotive crew is preparing for the next flight.

Railway workers read an order on the stand about the violation of safety regulations by the driver's assistant Fedorov.

Fragments of the typewritten text of the order.

Getting Fedorov electrotrauma (staged).

The ambulance is on its way to answer the call.

The dispatcher on duty hands the railway workers the documents.

Diesel locomotive in the depot.

Preparation of the locomotive for the flight.

The driver and his assistant climb into the cab of the locomotive.

Checking the locomotive's slowness before starting the inspection and acceptance.

Pre-trip inspection and acceptance of the locomotive.

Inspection of the diesel engine, electrical equipment and running gear of the locomotive.

Elimination of shortcomings - oil stains on the metal floor of the diesel engine.

De-energizing the high-voltage chamber and the diesel engine before starting the inspection by turning off the battery switch, removing the fuses.

Inspection of the running gear of the locomotive.

Failed jump over the observation ditch.

A special bridge for crossing the observation ditch.

Inspection of the battery with a portable lamp with a protective grid.

The locomotive moves to the exit from the depot along the observation ditch, the driver makes a remark to the replacement.

The driver's assistant loses his cap, leaning out of the window at the entrance to the exit.

The driver makes a remark to the assistant.

Closing the protective hatches of the locomotive units.

The driver warns about the start of the diesel engine.

The order of starting the diesel engine.

Protective covers of mechanisms.

The driver's face.

Components of an idling diesel engine.

The locomotive slowly pulls up to the train.

Giving a signal to the driver.

Coupling of the locomotive with the train.

The driver's assistant checks the running gear of the locomotive.

Opening the air tank taps with a hammer blow.

Smooth and gradual opening of the taps.

Rules for purging the air line.

The compressed air throws the sleeve away with force.

Checking the coupling of cars, inspection of the cranes of the air line.

The semaphore resolution signal.

The driver and his assistant before the start of the movement.

Sending a signal before departure.

The train starts to move.

The train from the tanks is on the way.

The driver's face.

Roadside landscapes.

The assistant notifies the driver of the semaphore signals, the driver gives confirmation.

The assistant closes the cab window and moves away from the driver when an oncoming train approaches.

Cars of the oncoming train.

The driver's assistant checks the operation of the diesel engine and units.

Calendar: 1968

Locations: Sverdlovsk region [803]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The driver's assistant returns to the cab and reports the readings of the diesel control devices and the detected malfunction.

Actions of the locomotive crew during the passage of the station.

The train passes through the station.

The train passes over the viaduct.

The driver gives a signal, says that the typhon is malfunctioning.

Contact wire over the train, the driver's face.

The train is at the bus stop.

Aftershocks from running and pulling cars.

The driver's assistants begin the inspection of the main generator collector.

Purge the generator when the voltage is removed, wearing protective glasses, gloves and special galoshes.

Wiping the generator with a technical cloth after purging.

The driver in the cab takes off his gloves.

The driver checks the gap between the roof of the locomotive and the contact wire.

A sign with a warning label.

Contact network over the roof of the locomotive.

The wheels of a diesel locomotive moving off.

The train is on its way.

Night landscapes on the way.

The face of the driver's assistant.

The driver's assistant checks the condition of the electrical wiring insulation.

The assistant closes the lid of the tank with the cleaning material.

The assistant's face.

Actions of the locomotive crew in the event of a fire.

extinguishing the fire with an air-foam unit.

Burning wiring.

Extinguishing burning equipment with a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher.

The assistant's face.

View of the railway track.

The driver stops the train.

Forced stop on the stage.

Inspection of the exit site.

Sending a signal.

Stopping the train.

The driver gets off the locomotive in a safe place, illuminating himself with an electric lantern.

The driver in the cab of the locomotive.

View of the illuminated railway junction.

A replacement locomotive crew accepts a diesel locomotive.

The shift worker makes a note to the driver's assistant about spilled oil and incorrect floorboards.

The assistant's foot falls through the gap due to a loose floorboard.

Fragments of the text of the order about the accident with the driver's assistant.

The faces of the drivers during the meeting.

A train passes by.

Calendar: 1968

Locations: Sverdlovsk region [803]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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