Clusters (1989)

Documentary №41072, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:49
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Camera operators:Zuyev


The film describes the advantages and shortages of regional industrial complexes.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Says academician Aganbegyan A. G. Krupno - books "What?


Why?", "TPC".

Map with marks of territorial production complexes (TPC).

Aganbegyan continues to talk about the TPC. A map with the TPC marked on it.

West Siberian territorial production complex - map-diagram.

Panorama of the Siberian landscape - forest, river, mountains in the distance.

The Ob River, ice floes floating in the water.

A special installation - a pump - for oil production.

Pumps are working.

Icons appear on the schematic map - this is how oil and gas production sites are marked.

Oil and gas raw materials processing plant - panoramic shooting.

Premises at the plant - employees work with equipment and appliances.

Omsk industrial hub.

Synthetic rubber plant in Omsk.

Panorama of the factory territory.

Production processes in the workshops of the plant.

The workshop of the tire factory.

Tires on the conveyor.

Omsk Plastics Plant.

The workshop of the factory - an employee puts finished products - plastic buckets.

Sheets with drawings are printed in the workshop of the enterprise.

Large - a box of washing powder "Era".

Boxes are moving on the conveyor.

Shooting from a helicopter - forest.

The process of harvesting and processing wood.

Wood processing takes place in the workshop.

Samples of furniture are demonstrated - a wall, a soft corner, a table, etc.

A schematic map with the designation of communications.

The main pipelines "Radiance of the North" and "Friendship".

A freight train is coming.

A schematic map with the designation of railway branches.

Surgut power plant.

A schematic map with the designation of power plants.

Power transmission lines (power lines). highway - trucks are coming.

Key words

TPC, plant, workshop, oil production, furniture, power lines



Locations: Siberia [926]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Winter, snow, snowdrifts - all-terrain vehicles transport trailer houses.

Residential trailers.

New apartment buildings.

City street, snowstorm, pedestrians are walking.

Omsk - city streets, view of the old fire tower.

Large - the coat of arms of the city is on the end of the building.

Workshop for the production of sausage products.

Bottles of milk on the conveyor.

Fruit picking in the greenhouse.

Procedures in the physio-office.

Therapeutic gymnastics classes.

Classes in the pool.

Gymnasts training in the gym.

Classes with children in educational studios.

The river, the shore, there is an Orthodox church on the hill.

Different shots of Orthodox churches and cathedrals.

Omsk Academic Drama Theater.

City - roads, bridge, traffic.

A schematic map of the Siberian region, an image of an animal appears.

Smoking chimneys of factories.

Oil torch.

Firefighters extinguish a fire in nature.

Landfill - various waste products.

Top view - the territory of the enterprise.

Complexes of treatment facilities.

The map shows the TPC - Kursk magnetic anomaly.

Oskol Electro-Metallurgical Combine.

The schematic map shows the chains of interconnected TPC enterprises.

Agricultural complex, agricultural complex, power engineering (various power plants), etc.

Says academician Aganbegyan A. G. People on the streets of the city

Key words

TPC, plant, enterprise, tserkov, pipe plants


Aganbegyan A. G. - akademik, sovetskij i rossijskij ekonomist

Locations: Omsk region [793] Kursk region [784]

Seasons: Winter [823]

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