Technology of production of low-voltage electrical apparatus (1981)

Documentary №41142, 3 parts, duration: 0:28:06
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Camera operators:Anisimov


The film is intended for vocational training school students and employees of electrical and technical industries.

Reel №1

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Alternating frames of various production lines of the Alexandria Electromechanical Plant.

The release of new electromagnetic starters and electric thermal current relays.

The electromagnetic starter is designed for remote control of the electric motor.

Its use with a thermal relay protects the motor from overloads and short-circuit currents.

Demonstration of an electromagnetic starter.

The components of the starter.

Production of plastic housing.

Storage of the source material in the warehouse.


Varieties of thermoplastics.

Injection molding machines in the factory shop.

The granular polyamide is sent by a pneumatic loader to the pre-drying chamber, then it is dosed.

In several zones of the injection cylinder at a temperature of 200-300 degrees, the material is plasticized.

The melt is injected under pressure into a mold cooled to 50 degrees.

In the mold, the polyamide is aged and solidified.

A machine for the production of plastic blanks.

Samples of shells, cams, traverses and coil frames.

Thermoplastics retain the ability to melt after curing.

Production waste can be crushed and reused.

Phenoplast, the most common material in electrical equipment construction.

Powdered reactoplasts are tableted to reduce the volume of raw materials and reduce the time for its dosage.

The tablets are preheated in a high-frequency heating unit.

Reactoplasts are processed in heated molds on hydraulic presses by direct or injection molding.

Press for the manufacture of parts from reactoplasts.

The material polymerizes, acquiring irreversible properties.

The process of manufacturing a part in a mold.


Manufactured semi-finished products of contact holders.

Removal of debris.

The finished parts are sent to the complete set warehouse by a slotted floor conveyor.

Samples of multi-turn coils.

The components of the coil.

Winding coils on multi-position high-performance automatic machines.

The machine simultaneously conducts the winding of 5 coils.

The work of the machine.

Installation on frames and pressing of output terminals.

Connection to the coil winding.

Quality control of coils.


Types of insulation.

Impregnation with varnish.

Another method of insulation is crimping the coil with a premix.

Crimping is performed on a hydraulic press with a movable table.

Key words

Electromagnetic starters.

Locations: Ukraine [229]


Alexandriysky Electromechanical Plant.

Reel №2

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Schematic representation of the process of manufacturing of charged magnetic cores.

Plates for magnetic circuits are made of rolled electrical steel coated with an insulating layer of phosphate.

Oil treatment of the tape.

A carbide stamp for the production of plates.

Automatic magnetic circuit assembly line.

Here the plates are bundled into a package, the rods are installed in a package and other operations are carried out.

This applies to the movable part of the magnetic circuit.

The manufacture of the fixed part of the magnetic circuit is carried out in the same way.

The difference is in the use of short-circuited coils made of aluminum alloy, which fit into the grooves of these packages and are caulked.

Magnetic circuit assembly line.

Degreasing and grinding of work surfaces.

Removal of abrasive dust by compressed air.

Samples of contact parts made of silver and its alloys, non-ferrous metals and bimetals.

Automatic line for the production of fixed contacts from silver wire and brass tape.

Welding of parts.

Forming contacts.

Samples of springs, screws and washers, their manufacture.

Screws with a non-falling washer.

Schematic representation of the assembly of electromagnetic starters.

Starter assembly line.

This process accounts for 40% of the total labor intensity of the production of electrical equipment.

Alternation of frames with manual operations in the production of starters.

A unified transport system for the entire technological process for the production of electromagnetic starters.

Automated assembly line.

Final assembly posts.

It is conducted at seven stationary posts by collectors independently of each other.

Thorough control on automated stands.

Key words

Electromagnetic starters.

Locations: Ukraine [229]


Alexandriysky Electromechanical Plant.

Reel №3

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Assembly units of the thermal relay.

Assembly complex of electric thermal current relays.

It consists of specialized automatic and semi-automatic machines, automated lines, highly mechanized workplaces, control posts and stands.

A line for the manufacture of thermoelements.

Installation of thermal stabilization to remove residual stresses.

Installation of thermoelements in the thermal relay housing.

Automated assembly line with storage devices.

Continuation of assembly on an automatic line equipped with manipulators, ultrasonic welding apparatus and other devices.

Automatic control post.

A thermoconstant room where a constant temperature is maintained.

This condition is necessary during the final assembly and calibration of the thermal relay.

Correction of the compensation plate made of thermobimetal.

Orientation of each thermoelement in relation to the base wall of the thermal relay housing.

Assembly on multi-position rotary tables of the actuator.

The stability of the properties of thermobimetal, high-class precision parts, fine tincture of thermoelements allows you to apply the method of current-free calibration of a thermal relay.

Control of finished products.

Thermal relays are sent to the enterprises of the electrical industry.

Alternating frames with devices where thermal relays are used.

Key words

Electric thermal relays.

Locations: Ukraine [229]


Alexandriysky Electromechanical Plant.

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