Titan (1970)

Documentary №41150, 1 part, duration: 0:08:57
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Camera operators:Mitlin B.
Sound mixer:Ivanov M.


The film tells about the history of the discovery of the chemical element titanium, about its distinctive properties in comparison with metals such as iron, aluminum, gold.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Periodic table of chemical elements of Mendeleev.

Aluminum (Al), iron (Fe), tungsten (W), gold (Au) in the table.

Animation insert - gold plate, tungsten bar, iron and aluminum bricks.

The image of an ideal material - with the best properties of all four metals.

The periodic table, the 22nd element.

Engraving - master chemists in an old laboratory.

Large - a compressed substance is put into a laboratory dish, they begin to pound it.

The engraving is an 18th-century chemist with a flask in his hands.

Powder is poured into the laboratory bowl.

A bowl with powder, near it a sign with the name "menakan", which changes to the name "titan".

An old photo of the factory building."

The workshop of a metallurgical plant - hot metal is pouring.

Old photos of various plants alternate with shots of the production process in the workshops of the metallurgical plant.

A piece of pure solid titanium.

Industrial production of titanium from iron-titanium ores - various production processes in the workshops at the enterprise.

Control center.

Special equipment at the titanium production plant.

Large - there is a transparent liquid in the flask, the stopper is removed from the flask, smoke appears.

Equipment at the factory.

The panel with the lights on.

The workshop of the plant, a special sealed reactor.

Large - instrument panel (buttons, levers, switches, etc.).

In the reactor tube, you can see how the liquid turned into a light spongy metal.

The workshop of the plant, titanium on the conveyor, is undergoing the processing process.

Large - three identical plates made of titanium, aluminum and iron.

An experiment on weighing plates is carried out, the results are compared.

A test is performed to determine the specific strength of iron and titanium, and the results are compared.

Experiment with iron and titanium - iron and titanium are placed in laboratory glasses with acid, the results are compared.

Panorama of the buildings of the industrial complex.

Various samples of titanium equipment, parts, etc.

Comparison - pump impeller made of cast iron, steel and titanium.

It can be seen that the titanium part is much better preserved.

Giant titanium exhaust pipe (mock-up).

The boat "Comet" floats on the water., sails past a large motor ship.

A military boat, a submarine, a large ship are sailing.

Experience in determining heat resistance - aluminum and titanium are heated on a gas burner, the results are compared.

Military aircraft in the air.

Large - the flaps on the wing are extended.

The plane turns around on the take-off field.

The pilot is in the cockpit at the controls.

The plane is in the air.

A space rocket at the launch.

An obelisk lined with titanium is a monument to the conquerors of space at VDNH in Moscow.

The building of the Titan Institute (Ukraine).

A sign on the building.

The laboratory of the Institute - employees work.

Panorama of flasks, test tubes and various equipment - chemical reactions are taking place.

Employees at the Institute.

Key words

Periodic table, chemical elements, titanium, flask, laboratory utensils, experiments, ships, airplanes, laboratory

Locations: Moscow [820] Ukraine [229]

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