Current land treats (1979)

Film №41154, 1 part, duration: 0:09:08
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Director:Nikiporenko N.
Screenwriters:Nikiporenko N.
Camera operators:Dackevich A., Konstantinov V., Nikiporenko N.
Sound mixer:Suslov V.


The film tells about how electric current helps to solve the problem of salting fertile soils

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Flowering trees.

Watering the fields.

Collage of videos (poly-screens) - vineyards, tractor rides with harvest boxes, etc.

Panorama of a field, showing a plot of dried-up land on which nothing grows.

Coarse - dry, cracked earth.

B/w photo - desert in Egypt.

Drawings with Egyptian icons, hieroglyphs.

Ruins of an ancient city.

The image of King Hammurabi of Babylon.

The drawings depict the ancient Egyptians.

Different drawings - a desert with palm trees, ancient Egyptians plowing the land.

Animated image - shows the process of soil salinization (causes and mechanisms).

Chronicle of the 1930s-1940s - people in skullcaps dig up dry soil with picks.

Seagulls in the sky, the sea, the pier.

Irrigation system, canal.

Special automatic irrigation system on the field.

A channel with water, dry land is visible around, which has suffered from salinization.

Coarse - dry, cracked earth.

The process of washing the fields - peasants from the southern country with the help of bulls twist a special mechanism with which water is poured.

View of a small river.

The soil is flooded with water.

Sky with clouds.

Gypsum is filtered and crushed using special mechanisms.

A tractor is coming.

The crushed gypsum is poured into the truck.

Gypsum is added to the soil.

Laboratory, an employee is working.

The process of waterlogging of the soil is shown.

A frog in swamp water.

Map of the USSR, showing the territories where there are saline soils (salt marshes).

The inscription appears - 150000000 Ha.

Panorama of dry soil (as a result of salting).

Panorama of the office, a man and a woman are sitting at the table.

In the frame is Professor Vadyunina A. F. at the Department of Soil Physics of Moscow State University.

Laboratory at the department - the employee is preparing for the experience.

An old drawing is a laboratory.

Antique laboratory table, dishes, etc.

Animation insert (experiment) - tubes with electrodes filled with water are placed in clay, water begins to move from the anode to the cathode under the action of an electric field, the current exerts pressure on the water, changing its level.

On the same tubes in the laboratory, the arrows show the change in the water level.

A candle on an old laboratory table.

An employee of the laboratory conducts research.

Large - hands switch buttons on the device.

Different frames of experience on the effect of electric current on the filtration process are shown.

An employee studies the microflora of the soil under a microscope.

Large - soil microflora under a microscope.

Close-up - the hand turns the settings of the microscope.

Large - soil microflora.

An employee in the laboratory at the table.

Large - soil, the names of chemical elements appear on the screen - K, Na.

Close-up - an employee looks through a microscope.

Different shots with employees in the laboratory.

The building of the Southern Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Land Reclamation in Novocherkassk.

Large - device.

A scientist is on the field, checking the readings of the device, making notes.

A tractor is working in the field.

There is an installation of a drainage pipe that drains salt water.

The tractor levels the soil.

The process of installing a salt water drainage system is shown.

Panorama of a field with water.

The man lowers the lever on a special device and starts the system.

Animation insert - shows the process of removing salt water from the fields.

The man starts the current.

Panorama of fields with water, from which salt water gradually leaves under the action of the current.

A large-grain field, spikelets are visible.

Collage of videos (poly-screens) - tractors, combines in the field, desert, camels, turtles, lizards, cucumbers, wheat, chamomile, etc.

Apple tree with apples.

Key words

Soil, soil, earth, salinization, irrigation system, salt marshes, laboratory, MSU, electric current, experience, research


Vadyunina A. F. - sovetskij i rossijskij uchyonij v oblasti fiziki i melioracii pochv, doktor biologicheskih nauk

Calendar: 1930-1940

Locations: Novocherkassk

Seasons: Summer [824]

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