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Producer Sverdlovsk newsreel studio

Director: V.Proshkin, O.Rakutjko

Script writers: V.Proshkin, O.Rakutjko


The story of the hard work of the builders of the Siberian oil pipeline.

Industry | Construction

Reel №1

Face of young woman.

The doctor in a mask.

Doctor swaddle newborn.

A man walks through the mud.

Cargo boat on the river.

View from the side of the shore.

Work on the boat.

Construction materials and equipment on the beach.

The boat is on the river.

River View.

People go to the beach.

Workers are fleeing to the construction site.

Birds in the sky.

A man walks through the mud.

Men dragging a log and throw on the road.

ATV is selected from the mud.

The man wipes his brow.

Workers are followed by all-terrain vehicle.

Alternation: road thaw (shooting from the all-terrain vehicle), working in the body.

Truck trailer.

ATV mud furrows "sea".

Man gets stuck in the mud to the knee.

Construction of the pipeline.

Working enclose a timber in front of the bulldozer.

The man signals.

Technique is trying to get out of the mud.

Cargo helicopter.

Blue picks up the load.

The pilot at the controls.

Helicopter flies.

The pilots in the cockpit.

The load on the suspension (the view from the hatch).

Helicopter over the workers' settlements.

Workers drive up the section of pipe.

Winding pipe insulation.

Safety signals.

Workers connect pipes.

Welding pipes.

Workers run appliances.

Helicopter over the trees.

Build caravans in the taiga.

Children in the swing.

Winding pipe insulation.

Broken road.

For trees truck rides.

Natural landscapes, snow.

Blades of grass stuck to the snow, people go to the background.


Bulldozer in the winter taiga.

Pipeline construction continues.

Work has a tube with a sledgehammer.

Worked as a welder.

Helicopter over the area.

Worker looking up.

Welder kneels.

Workers talk.


Tyumen region [809]


Autumn [826] Winter [823]

Reel №2

Welding pipes.

Truck-pipe carrier on the road late at night.

Bulldozer takes pipe carrier in tow.

Trucks on the road in the dark.

Pipe carrier.

The driver gets out.

Crossing pipes across the river.

Taiga sunset.

Build caravans.

Helicopter on site, launching flares.

Welders work at night.

Joining pipes to the venue of the two pillars of the pipeline builders.

Safety signs joint chalk.

Welder visor down.

Welder working by torchlight.

Workers greet each other and celebrate the meeting at the fire.

People drink champagne and shoot in the air.

Parents bathe the baby.

Workers looking at pouring oil from a pipe.

People with a truck in the forest.

Tyumen View.

Freight train.

Lineups at the railway station.

Excerpt from the guidelines XXIII Congress of the CPSU on the background of a cargo helicopter.

A helicopter hovers above the ground.

People jump out of the helicopter.

The pilot gives the go-ahead and closes the car door.

On the ground jumping people.

Workers at the edge of the forest.

Helicopter takes off.

Workers waving flies helicopter.

Panorama taiga.




Tyumen region [809]


Autumn [826] Winter [823]