Believers trail (1995)

Documentary №41178, 2 parts, duration: 0:20:15
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Camera operators:Menshikov


A film about Russian old-believers, their origins and the story of their name.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Rural landscape.

The dam at the water mill.

View of the river bank in the Middle Urals.

A woman collects water from the well.

Rural landscape.

The woman pours water into the bucket.

View of the Old Believer church.

Inside view of the ruined church.

Church book.

Pigeons in the ruined church.

Fragments of frescoes and icons.

Mural depicting the burning of Avvakum.

Lit candle.

Night rural landscape.

View of the church bell tower.

Fragments of ancient icons.

Fragments of icons and illustrations of religious books.

Church of the 18th century book with illustrations.

Panorama remnants of the Old Believer monastery.

The man in the woods near the fire.

Illustration of Old Believer church books.

The bell tower is reflected in the water.

Portraits Demidov.

Panorama mountain landscape Fun in the Urals.

Mushrooms in the forest near the tree.

Man cobble together the grave cross.

The sign of the cross.

Man cobble together a cross, takes him.

Newsreel, 1929: view of the bell tower of the Old Believer Church of the Transfiguration Cathedral Nevyansk.

View of the Nevyansk.

Pilgrims go to the Old Believers' Chapel.

Pilgrims sit at the chapel.

Pilgrims go to the Jolly mountains.

People walk down the village street.

General view of the village street with her walking the pilgrims.

Pilgrims go to the Jolly mountains.

Those pilgrims, old man looking through binoculars.

Dam water mill.

People go on the road.

Ural rural landscape.

Wooden houses, built by the Old Believers.

Birds on rooftops.

View of a wooden house, a man collects hay.

Interior view of a barn, a man builds a scythe.

Old Believers' icon.

Hands of a man holding lestovitsu - Old Believer prayer beads.

An elderly Old Believer tells lestovitse.

Rosary in the hands of the Old Believers.

The person examined.

The priest lights a candle at the icons.

People in the church before icons.

Vintage Old Believer icons.

Logs, the work of the local timber industry.

Forest landscape.

Newsreel 1929: along the forest road going people in carts, are women and children.

Pilgrims go on a forest road in the fun the mountains.

Face Old Believer, telling about the pilgrimage.

Newsreel 1929: pilgrims go on the forest road, bear the cross and icons.

Pilgrims walk along a forest road.

Pilgrims on a halt.

Those women and children.

Women at the cook fires.

Pilgrims walk along a forest road.

The pilgrim passes by horses grazing in a meadow.

Pilgrims walk along a forest road.

Pilgrims pass by the horses.

Pilgrims on the road make a prayer.

Those pilgrims.

The priest is the prayer, people light candles at the icons.

Calendar: 1929

Locations: Ural [920]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Newsreel 1929: Believers praying.

Man photographs pilgrims camera on a tripod.

Women pose for a photograph.

Pilgrims sit for photographing.

Those pilgrims.

Kuznetsov, AT talks to pilgrims.

Members of one of the Old Believer communities.

View of an abandoned temple of Old Believers.

Entrance to the Temple.

Face elderly Old Believer.

Old Believers' Chapel Cemetery.

View of the village street.

Carved shutters on the windows of the house.

Patterns on the shutters and gates.

An elderly Old Believer in the attic of the house.

Face Old Believer, showing the coffin, coffin boards.

Old Believer in a coffin filled with sawdust.

Closing the lid of the coffin.

Pegs are included in the cover holes.

Old Believer tarpaulin covering the coffins.

Old Believers' crosses.

Fallen tree in the forest.

Rocks among the trees.

Tomb iconographer Father Gregory.

Pine trees growing on the rocks.

Tomb hermit Father Paul.

Chip tombstones lying at the cross grave.

Technology is part of the forest timber industry.

The driver of the tractor repair caterpillar.

Tattoos on the body of the tractor.

Tractor with tattoos on his body.

Old Believers' grave in the woods.

Newsreel, 1929: Pilgrims pray in the chapel of the forest.

Women and children in prayer.

The priest is a prayer.

The priest smokes his flock.

View of the cliff.

The fire is lit in a clearing.

Old Believers' grave in the woods.

An elderly Old Believer tells of the pilgrimage in 1929 (synchronously).

Burning branches in the fire.

Sheets Old Believers book written by "hooking letter."

Burning wood in the fire.

Fallen tree in the forest.

Old Believer gives interviews (synchronously).

Newsreel, 1929: Pilgrims held a paralyzed woman during prayer.

Those people in the city market.

Lit the fire.

Old Believers fumigate the graves in the cemetery.

Worked as a technician timber industry.

Old Believer prays at the grave with the chants.

Old Believers' icon of the Mother of God with the Seven blades.

Panorama of the Ural landscape.

Icon of the Mother of God with the Seven blades.


Kuznetsov Athanasius Trofimovich - Russian leader of the Old Believers

Calendar: 1929

Locations: Ural [920]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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