Ural mosaic (1970)

Film №41224, 5 parts, duration: 0:48:24
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Director:Deryabin K.
Screenwriters:Yantovskij Z., Voroncov O.
Camera operators:Durinov Yu.
Composers:V. Geviksman
Anouncers:Yantovskij Z., Deryabin K.


The film tells about the Ural region - the largest industrial and production center of the USSR.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A map in the form of a globe, with an inscription on it - the USSR.

The map is enlarged and the Sverdlovsk Region, Perm Region, UASSR, BASSR, Chelyabinsk Region, Orenburg Region, Kurgan Region are highlighted on it.

The title is the Ural mosaic.

View from the hill.

Panorama of the Ural ridge (stone belt).

Top view of the river, forest, mountains, traveling train.

A white obelisk, a train is passing.

The car goes along the road, passes through the arch of the bridge.

Waves crash against the cliff.

The Kara Sea, waves, rocks along the coast.

The snowy plain of the Circumpolar region.

A field with ears of wheat.

A field with sunflowers.

A branch of mountain ash with berries, in the distance you can see the mountains.

Stone cliff, rocks.

A large stone is lying on the ground.

River bank, birch trees.

The transparent surface of the river.

The river, the mountains are visible in the distance.

A man washes a tray in the river.

Equipment for finding minerals on the river.

A man at the control panel of the equipment.

On the bank of the river is a white building of the plant.

Special equipment for the development of deposits and extraction of minerals is working, the soil is scooped out with a bucket.

A geologist crushes stones with a hammer.

The sculpture is a large palm, there is a stone in it.

The general plan is on the bank of the river pipes and factory buildings.

Monument "White tent" in Magnitogorsk.

Panorama of new buildings.

Trucks are leaving the gate of the building.

The general plan - cars are driving along the road, the forest is visible in the distance.

Industrial landscape-a panorama of the buildings and pipes of factories.

The general plan is that cars are driving along the highway along the forest.

Industrial landscape, factories, pipes.

Large-pipe plant.

Operation of the equipment on the territory of the plant.

A train is traveling through the territory of the plant.

Inside the plant, there is a metal melting process, steelworkers work, various workflow plans.

Rolling mill.

A map with a diagram of the production process.

A command post, an employee is talking on the phone at the remote control.

Employees of the command post, talking on the phone, taking notes.

The complex of the power system in the Urals.

The general plan is that a freight train is traveling along the forest and mountains.

Panorama of the mountains and rocks.

The river bank with pine trees.

Animals in the forest - roe deer, white sable.

Ural rocks.

Portraits of the Demidovs.

Nevyansk, the leaning tower.

Fragments from the feature film "Peter the Great".

Plans with the Demidov Tower.


Demidov N. - russkij promishlennik

Locations: Ural [920] Magnitogorsk [914]



Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A stand with portraits of the Cherepanovs ' serf mechanics, drawings and drawings of inventions.

A picture of the first steam locomotive in Russia.

The museum exhibit is part of the composition of the first steam locomotive.

A tent with forged details - a woman examines the exhibit.

There are medals from the exhibition on the wall.

The element of the tent is a window with an openwork lattice and openwork ornaments (made of cast iron), details of figures.

Domes of the church, crosses.

The interior of the temple.

Large-icon, candles.

Details of the altar.

Large - the figure of Christ.

Large-the figure of the Mother of God.

Wooden sculptures of the Perm Art Gallery.

Mansi reindeer herders ride on a sleigh drawn by deer.

The helicopter lands near the yurt, near the settlement of reindeer herders.

Large-a herd of deer.

Reindeer herders drive the deer.

Helicopter view - reindeer herders ' parking lot.

Large-skis on snow.

A skier-hunter rides through the snow.

A dog barks.

Alternation of frames - the hunter takes aim, shoots and the model girls demonstrate different fur products.

Winter, a view from the street of a building with the inscription 1970, a trolleybus rides.

Pedestrians walk along the street, along the shop windows.

A snow-covered street of the city, pedestrians are walking, cars and buses are going.

The skier falls during the descent.

Skiers in the forest.

Descent from the ski jump.

A hockey match.

The general plan is fishermen on the ice.

A fisherman near the ice hole.

Large-caught fish on the ice.

Large-fish is pulled out of the hole.

The fisherman takes out the fish and throws it on the ice.

Large-caught fish on the ice.

Two fishermen are sitting near the holes.

People swim in the ice hole.

A woman walks along a snow-covered street.

Children swim in the pool.

An athlete jumps from a tower into the water.

General view-swimming pool.

Synchronized jump from different towers.

Winter streets of the city-cars and trams are going, pedestrians are walking.

Figure skating-a couple performs on ice.

An attraction in a recreation park.

Toyka rides on a snow field, a sleigh with horses is going.

Children are riding down a slide.

Winter Fair - treats, performances of artists, contests, attractions.

A dance group performs (folk dances).


Cherepanov E., Cherepanov M. - russkie izobretateli

Locations: Ural [920] Perm [887]

Seasons: Winter [823] Summer [824]

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Apple trees are blooming, a couple is walking with an apple orchard.

A group of female graduates descends the stairs.

View of the pond and the white gazebo with columns.

Graduates walk along the embankment.

The surface of the water.

Sverdlovsk-demonstrators with flags walk along the square to the Lenin monument, lay flowers.


Sverdlovsk is a park, people are walking, a special machine is watering flower beds with flowers.

Monument to Sverdlov on the square of the Paris Commune.

Top view of the city center.

View of the elements of ancient architecture - a wooden tower, a church can be seen in the distance.

City streets, shop windows, underground pedestrian crossing.

Panorama of new buildings.

A modern street of the city.

Makarovsky Bridge over the Iset River.

City street - general view from above.

The building of the Uralmash plant.

The general plan is the territory of the plant.

A city park with a fountain.

People in the park on benches.

The building of the Ural Polytechnic Institute.

Students on the exam at the institute.

Large-hands with a record.

Students in the corridors of the institute before the exam.

The building of the Electromechanical Institute of Railway Transport.

A part-time student on the defense of a diploma.

The admissions committee is sitting.

The building of the Electromechanical Institute of Railway Transport.

The Commission congratulates part-time students on defending their diplomas.

Anatoly Boyarintsev, a worker of a chemical plant, is in the shop and doing mathematical calculations.

The building of the Beloyarsk NPP.

On the wall of the building there is a portrait bust of Kurchatov with a quote.

Employees of the Beloyarsk NPP at the control panel.

Premises of the Beloyarsk NPP - equipment, devices, employees at work.

Tests are being conducted.

The research Institute-the employees behind the kulman, are engaged in calculations and calculations.

A welder at work, sparks fly.

The workers of the plant melt and process various parts.

Chronicle of 1941-1945 - production of tanks, shells, soldiers load guns, shots from artillery guns, planes fly in the sky, tanks drive, infantry runs to attack, the inscription "Ural Komsomolets" on the tank.

Monument to the tank.

Marble slabs of the memorial to the fallen soldiers, flowers are lying.

Veterans near the memorial.

Miass, the memorial complex "Grieving Mother".

Pervouralsk, a stele and an eternal flame near the factory building.

Large-memorial plates with the names of fallen soldiers, wreaths, fire.

Night procession with torches on May 9.

Calendar: 1941-1945

Locations: Ural [920] Sverdlovsk [876] Pervoural'sk [917] Miass [930]


Beloyarsk NPP

Seasons: Spring [825] Summer [824]

Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Ural Mountains, view of the rock.

A boat is floating on the river.

Panorama from the bottom up to the Ural Mountains.

Tourists are floating on a raft on the Vishera River.

View of the rock.

The general plan - mountains, a river, a raft is floating.

Top view of the river.

Yachts and boats on the river.

Tourists on the river bank by the fire.

Sunset on the river.

Kungur ice cave.

Ice caves.

Stones and crystals.

Monument to Bazhov P. P.

The Malachite Room in the Hermitage.

Malachite vases and jugs.

Coarsely-polish the surface of malachite.

Large - the face of a young man.

Large-malachite figure of a lizard.

A student of the master at work.

Large-the process of cutting a stone.

Samples of stone products.

Specialists who work with stones during the working process.

Large-stones and jewelry.

Alexander Sysolyatin is engaged in the production of miniatures from stones under a microscope.

Samples of miniatures.

Master Andrey Kylosov in the process of making a violin.

A girl plays the violin.

Master Andrey Kylosov in the process of making a violin.

Rustic house in the Urals.

The process of wood carving.

The man twists the part.

An employee near the equipment.

The girl behind the kulman.

Employees at the control panel.

Turners at work.

Car wash.

Combine harvesters are working in the fields.


Bazhov P. P.

Locations: Ural [920]


Kunguska Ice Cave, Hermitage, Vishera River

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №5

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Top view of the river.

A Bashkir in a national costume plays the kurai.

A boat is floating on the river.

Ufa is a monument of Friendship.

Monument to Salavat Yulaev.

Watering machines are driving along the square, past the circus building.

The cinema building.

Ufa, the city street from above - cars, trams, buses are going.

Lenin Museum in Ufa.

A memorial plaque near the museum.

Industrial landscape-view of the factory buildings, smoking pipes.

Ball tanks for storage of liquefied gas.

Rod depth pump for oil and gas production.

Large-wheat field.

Training of Bashkir trotters (in a circle).

Horses run in sleds, competitions.

Large-medals for victories in equestrian competitions.

World champion in equestrian sports Gabdurakhman Kadyrov.

Large-sports cups.

Motorcyclists at the start, start and drive around the stadium, the audience is shouting in the stands.

Large-scale water skiing.

Water skiing athlete.


Vacationers swim in the river.

They play volleyball on the beach, sunbathe, swim.

Forest, the building of the boarding house.

In the room of the boarding house, a husband and wife.

Sanatorium "Zhemchuzhina".

A man on water skis.

Vacationers are swimming.

Fish and mushrooms are dried on ropes.

A wooden statue.

Vacationers at tables in an outdoor cafe.

A saleswoman at the counter, a man drinks wine.

The general plan - vacationers in nature at the tables.

View from a moving boat on the river.

The center of Ufa (shooting from traffic) - trams and cars are going.

A couple is sitting on a bench, a girl is feeding pigeons, a girl with a bouquet, passers-by on the streets of the city.

City street - cars, tram, pedestrians go.

A group of girls and young people.

Employees go to the enterprise.

Street of the city.

Beloyarsk NPP.

A worker at the factory, an employee behind the kulman, a factory shop, workers and specialists from different fields.

A walking excavator.

The sculpture of a hand with a stone is part of the monument "The First Tent" in Magnitogorsk.

Pipes of factories.

Locations: Ufa [889]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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