Ural squadron (1983)

Documentary №41225, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:49
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Camera operators:Persidsky


The film describes the military service of Ural people on assisted submarines of the Northern Navy.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Landscape of the Arctic.

Port, ships, submarines - "Chelyabinsk Komsomolets" and "Magnitogorsk Komsomolets".

Members of the submarine crew.

The submarine is floating on the surface, the crew is outside.

The team jumps into the hatch, showing the interior of the submarine.

The hatch is being sealed.

The boat sinks to a depth of.

The command is in the control room.

The commander of the submarine - Captain 2nd rank Svyatoslav Mostseyev - gives orders.

In the frame - sailors, officers.

Torpedoist Alexander Obiliev.

Electrician Igor Kostenko.

Motorists Igor Sverchkov and Alexander Rozhkovsky.

Electricians Igor Ivanov, Alexander Valeev.


Part of the monument "The first tent" (palm with a stone).

Top view of the Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works.

Shops of Magnitogorsk - metal melting, various production processes.

Chronicle 1941-1945 - shops of Magnitogorsk, steelworkers work, production of tanks.

A large-telegraph machine, a message is printed on a thin tape.

Large - a fragment of a telegram.

Large - a fragment of the statement on the collection of funds for the construction of warships.

The submarine, the crew in the control room, the commander speaks on the radio.

The monitor of the device shows the location of other boats in a given radius.

Large - the face of a submariner officer.

Chronicle of 1943 - the delegation of the Urals hands over the submarines M-105 and M-106 to the sailors of the Northern Fleet.

The boats sail out to sea, the crew is inside the boats, the boats are submerged, a torpedo with the inscription "For Stalin" is loaded, a sailor is in the engine room, the hatch is closed, a shot is fired, the ship explodes.

A large-telegraph machine, a message is printed on a thin tape.

Large - telegram.

A large-telegraph machine, a message is printed on a thin tape.

Large - telegram.

Chronicle 1941-1945 - ships explode in the periscope sight, explosions on the water, a Soviet military boat at sea, planes in the sky, anti-aircraft guns shoot from the deck, there is a sea and air battle, a downed plane falls into the sea.

The submarine, the crew in the control room, the commander speaks on the radio, gives orders.

The image on the device screen.

The commander gives orders for a torpedo attack.


A solemn ceremony of seeing off conscripts to the army and navy, a rally at the Monument to the Memory of the Great Patriotic War, the presentation of Komsomol vouchers for service on the Magnitogorsk Komsomolets submarine.

Large - ticket in the name of Soldatov A. Yu .

The submarine, the crew in the control room, the commander speaks on the radio, gives orders, the sailors carry out the orders of the commander.

Members of the submarine's crew at training sessions - plugging a hole in the hull, extinguishing a fire, diving in scuba gear.

Key words

Submarine, Magnetka, steelworkers, torpedoes

Calendar: 1941-1945

Locations: Polar Region

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Military parade of the Red Banner Northern Fleet.

There are warships and submarines on the water.

Sailors are marching on the pier.

On the podium, the leadership of the fleet welcomes the participants of the parade.

Meeting with navy veterans and ship chiefs.

Solemn construction on the submarine "Chelyabinsk Komsomolets", excellent sailors are awarded awards.

The first Komsomol member of the crew, war veteran N. A. Khomutov, is presented with a gift from the "Moskovsky Komsomolets" - a sailor vest.

The first secretary of the city committee of the party of Magnitogorsk, P. S. Grishchenko, at a meeting with submariners.

On the table - various gifts to sailors from the working people of the city.

The submarine, the crew in the control room, the commander speaks on the radio, gives orders.

In the frame is the commander of the submarine, captain of the 2nd rank Svyatoslav Mostseyev.

Photos of Mosseev - with his father and brother.

In the frame is the commander of the combat unit 5, captain of the 3rd rank Anatoly Yaroshchik.

In the frame is Senior midshipman Dmitry Zaguzov.

In the frame - Lieutenant Commander Sergey Kudinov.

The sailors of the submarine are on vacation in nature - playing volleyball, singing to the guitar, sitting by the campfire.

The faces of the sailors.

Large - a bonfire.

Training alert, scheduled classes on a submarine, working with instruments.

The commander looks through the periscope.

A military band is playing on the pier.

Arrival of submarines at the port.

At the pier, the sailors are greeted by relatives with flowers.

Submariners are standing at the top of the boat.

Joyful faces of the greeters.

Report to the Rear Admiral of the submarine commander.

Rear Admiral welcomes submariners.

Meeting of sailors with relatives.

A submarine at sea, on the surface.

The team is at the top.

Large - Mosseev.

The faces of the sailors.

The boat is sinking.

The team is in the boat compartment, the sailor is talking on the internal phone.

Galley, sailors cook food, wash dishes.

Residential compartment.

In the cabin at the table, a sailor writes a letter.

The crew is in the mess at the table.

Submariners in the engine room.

Submarine in port, mooring process.

A sailor in the honor guard.

The sailors are built on the pier, the management welcomes submariners, shakes hands.

Relatives on the shore say goodbye, wave their hands.

Sailors get off the ramp on board the submarine.

The submarine is sailing, there is a team at the top.

The submarine is at sea, sinking.

Key words


Locations: The Arctic

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