Ural workman. (1972)

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Producer Sverdlovsk newsreel studio

Director: Kozireva L.

Script writers: Gurevich L.

Operators: Artyuhov I.

Composers: Sirotin S.


A film about the Ural craftsmen of the past and the present.

Folk Art | Traditions and customs | Industry

Reel №1

View of the temple through the branches of a tree.

The foot of the ramparts.

From the wall of water dripping.

Interior arches and corridors.

Animation: the wings against the backdrop of the walls of the bunker.

The camera rises on the wall of the tower.

Wooden top of the tower.

Panoramic views of the river.


Quote on the background of the photos.

1. stonecutters.


Master processing metal part. V.M.Hramtsov.

Alternation: it tells V.M.Hramtsov, manufacturing steps of the bracelet.


Ready-made decorations.

Instruments on the table. V.M.Hramtsov at work.

2. Mechanics.

Portrait of a serf E.A.Cherepanova.

Drawings and paintings.

Portrait N.N.Demidova.

Portrait E.A.Cherepanova.




Passenger train.

Cherepanovs patent on the steam engine.

Alternation: documents, portraits.

The roof of the house, away on Church Hill.


Old Bridge.

Factory buildings on the beach.

The working mechanism.

Old letters.


Steam locomotive Cherepanovs in the museum.

Old houses.

Passenger train.

The wheels of the train.

Steam locomotive Cherepanovs.


Ural [920]


Autumn [826]

Reel №2

Lonely trees in a field.

Old Temple.

Burnt House.

accounting books page.

Running line on the page.

Passenger train.

3. Gorschik. V.N.Kitaeva with granddaughter walk in the birch grove.


The woman opens the trunk and pulls out a crystal.

Tells V.N.Kitaeva.

Alternation: photos, V.N.Kitaeva talks about the late husband.

Coniferous taiga.

4. Doctor. V.P.Leman works for the machine.

A doctor washes his hands.

A doctor examines a patient.


Items that often swallow small children.

Copyright certificates.

Surgeons carried out an operation using a magnetometer.

The doctor removes the needle.

A collection of objects swallowed children. V.P.Leman for the machine.

Photos and portraits. V.M.Hramtsov in the workshop. V.P.Leman washes his hands.

Master makes coinage.



Fortress tower.

Natural panorama.

Clouds in the sky.


Ural [920]


Autumn [826]