Lessons Buryat (1991)

Documentary №41235, 2 parts, duration: 0:07:35
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio


The film tells about the Buryat culture, language and traditions.

Reel №1


Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Children dance in national Buryat costumes.

An accordion player plays, children sing and dance the Buryat dance yehor.

Teacher Zhanyanova leads a lesson of the Buryat language in the classroom.

The student Chingiz answers.

The teacher at the blackboard with a pointer explains the material, asks questions to the class.

Students at their desks are pulling their hands.

The student answers.

Says the teacher Zhanyanova.

Students at their desks.

Says the teacher Zhanyanova.

On the blackboard, the student writes in Old Mongolian.

In the notebook, students write in Old Mongolian.

The holiday of Sagaalgan.

A girl in a national costume performs on the stage.

There are spectators in national costumes in the hall.

Children perform the ekhor dance, the audience applauds in the hall.

Buryat musicians in folk costumes play the limbe flute.

Buryat dance.

A plane in the sky.

People near the hospital building, talking through the windows.

Says the teacher Zhanyanova.

In the room, the family - mother, grandmother, children-sing folk Buryat songs.

The Buryat steppe.

The streets of the village, wooden houses (shooting from traffic).

Large-a statue of the Buddha.

A Buddhist temple, a service is being held.

Large - the picture shows Padmasambhava.

Divine service in the church.

Key words

Buryat language, Buddhist temple

Locations: Republic of Buryatia [740]

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