Great Ural Mountains 1995 № 1 Fork

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Producer Sverdlovsk newsreel studio

Director: Reznikov I.

Operators: Litvishko V.

Other authors: Reznikov I.


Special edition of the present day the Kurgan region. Representatives of different sectors of the population talk about the new charter area and the needs of the people.

Reel №1

Chronicle of 1994: Funeral academician T.S.Maltseva.

At the grave are friends T.S.Maltseva.

Flowers in the basket.

Woman carrying flowers to his grave behind the scenes are the words V.T.Maltseva.

Family Maltsev.

Commemorative wreaths.

People stand near the coffin.

Farewell to the deceased.

Monument T.S.Maltsevu.

Bells at the Belfry.

General view of the temple near the temple are men.

Branches of trees in frost.

Adjuster of musical instruments with a tuning fork.


Tells B.Zdorovets.

The wizard configures the piano.

Open a piano, a portrait on the wall.


Winter Street, snow removal.

The building of the Kurgan Regional Duma.

The documents on the table.

There is a meeting discussed the charter of the Kurgan region.

A man rings the bell.

Says Oleg Bogomolov.

Wood carver I.Grachev.

Wooden sculpture.

Natural landscape.

Wooden fence.

Before the house is a car.

The decoration on the roof of the house.

Wooden sculptures in the yard.

The window of the house.

Decoration on the gate.

Master at work.

The woman at the sewing machine.

Wall Clock.

Woman sews on a typewriter.

Birds in a cage.

Swinging bell.

Alternating: the master tells I.Grachev, natural scenery.

Wooden fence.

The street is a woman.

Conductor at the rehearsal.

Tells V.P.Gerasimov.

Alternation: L.Ganeeva tells fragments of the meeting.

Says Oleg Bogomolov.

Tuning fork in hand tuner.

The street going cars.

Tells B.Zdorovets.

Orchestra Rehearsal.

People in the park alley.

Alternation: I.Yusupov tells fragments of the meeting.

Barrow Street.


The bell on the table.

The representatives of the Kurgan Regional Duma.

The sign on the wall of the building.

Chronicle of 1994:

Spikes swaying in the wind.

The funeral procession.




Bogomolov OA - State and party leader, the governor of Kurgan region. Gerasimov VP - A mechanical engineer, a veteran of labor, the head of administration of the Kurgan region (1991-1995). TS Maltsev - The breeder, an innovator of Agriculture of the USSR, Honored Worker of Agriculture of the USSR, Hero of Socialist Labour, Honorary Citizen of Kurgan region, Honorary Citizen of Russia.


1995 1994


Kurgan Kurgan region


Winter [823] Summer [824]

Policy; Social life