Self-sufficiency at the farm (1971)

Documentary №41278, 2 parts, duration: 0:09:46
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Screenwriters:Kalik Z.
Camera operators:Gajl N., Silantjev M.
Sound mixer:Ivanov M.


The film tells about the introduction of the principle of self-financing in one of the state farms of the Kurgan region.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Shadrinsky district, Kurgan region.

Collective farm field, haystacks, road (removed from the passage).

The sign on the road is "State Farm Red Star".

Panorama of the territory of the state farm.

Production and financial plan for 1969 - different pages of the document.

The building in the state farm.

In the office, employees work with automatic calculating machines.

Large - hands press the buttons of the calculating machine.

A woman at her desk writes data to a statement.

Large - "Profit distribution statement" (titles with figures for 1967 and 1969).

On the screen there are figures showing the distribution of profits in the state farm.

The meeting of the Bureau of Economic Analysis is attended by Director Efremov, agronomist Sinev, zootechnicist Ledneva, economist Efremova, chief accountant Myakishev and others.

Members of the bureau confer, discuss current problems.

The title page of the magazine is "Measures for the further development of the economy".

Interactive map of the state farm, with designated livestock farms.

Photo of a pig with piglets.

Interactive map of the state farm, with designated livestock farms and feedlots.

Photo of state farm buildings.

The buildings are on the territory of the state farm, a tractor is driving.

Panorama of the farm buildings of the state farm (taken from the top point).

The title page of the brochure is "Regulations, instructions, instructions for state farms transferred to full economic accounting".

Pages from the brochure.

Pigs on a pig farm.

Panorama of individual houses for keeping sows.

Pigs walk near the houses.

Construction of a new building on the farm.

Pigs on the farm, in special pens.

Different shots with pigs.

Pigs are grazing in a meadow, they are being watched by a female employee of the farm.

An employee of the farm checks the houses for sows.

In the house there is a pig with piglets.

An employee of the farm is watching the piglets in the house.

In the house there is a pig with piglets.

Piglets get out of a small door outside of the house, to the feeder.

Large - the face of a farm employee.

Piglets eat from the feeder.

Pigs graze in the meadow.

On the way UAZ.

A veterinarian gets out of the car.

Piglets in the meadow.

The veterinarian dials medicine into a syringe, gives injections to piglets.

The big pig squeals.

A herd of piglets is running across the field.

Houses for sows, pigs run around.

The territory of the farm, a pennant hangs on a tree - "The best pigsty".

The flag is flying on the mast.

The sign - "The flag is raised in honor of Malygina and Sapova."

Rustic house with a front garden.

There is a sign on the house - "Here lives the master of high culture of agricultural production Borozdin A.M.".

Borozdin rides out of the courtyard on a motorcycle.

The page of the estimate of the Financial Incentive Fund.

Large - female accountant.

Farm workers near the sow houses.

Payment of remuneration to employees of the state farm.

The accountant counts and gives money to the farm workers.

Large - hands count on the accounts, farm workers sign the statement for the money received.

Joyful faces of farm workers.

Key words

State farm, livestock farm, sow, pig, piglets, veterinarian

Locations: Kurgan region [783]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №2


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