Tie a red horse. (1995)

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Producer Sverdlovsk newsreel studio

Director: Kustov B.

Script writers: Poroshina M.

Operators: Evrilov V.

Composers: Sideljnikov S.


A film about the making of the monument commemorating the Great Patriotic War Hero and the marshal of the USSR Georgiy Zhukov in Yekaterinburg. The events take place before the 50th anniversary of the Great Victory.

Sculptors | Victory Parade | Anniversaries

Reel №1

Train riders on the parade ground.

A man carries a collar in the direction of cameras.

Chronicle 1945: Zhukov with his subordinates at the gate.

Zhukov suited to the horse.

Marshall sits in the saddle.

Zhukov rides.

Departure from the Kremlin gates.

Marshall takes a Victory Day parade on Red Square.

Panorama Square.

Marshal dismounts.

Soldiers Motorized Rifle Division.

Zhukov up the steps of the mausoleum.

The view from the car window.

The car leaves the gate.

Former soldier tells of the arrival of Zhukov in Sverdlovsk.

A car pulls up to the gate, the gate opens (from the car) Driving on a closed area.

The car stops in front of the house-museum Zhukov.

The fence on the site of the monument to Marshal in front of the Main Staff of the Urals Military District.

Alternation: K.V.Gryunberg says author of the monument, sculptor works.

K.V.Gryunberg work on the monument.

The street car rides, stops at the workshop.

Sculpture in the studio. K.V.Gryunberg a guest to discuss the sculpture and give interviews.

Documents on donations.

Detail of the monument.

Tells K.V.Gryunberg.


GK Zhukov - Soviet military leader, Marshal of the Soviet Union, four times Hero of the Soviet Union, Soviet Defense Minister. Grunberg KV - Sverdlovsk architect, sculptor, member of the Union of Artists.


1994 06/24/1945


Yekaterinburg [886] Moscow [820]


Summer [824] Autumn [826]

Reel №2

Outside, tram rides.

Tells K.V.Gryunberg.

Sverdlovsk Monuments.

Zhukov Sculpture in the studio, top view.

The author works at the top of the sculpture.

From hand to hand pass the layout.

The members of the Artists' Union to discuss the monument.

Sculptors work on the monument.

Tells K.V.Gryunberg.


Grunberg KV




Yekaterinburg [886]


Autumn [826]

Reel №3

Alternation: photos, memories of eyewitnesses parade May 1, 1951.

The streets of Yekaterinburg.

Male horse harnesses.

The horse carries the cart through the streets.

The cart drove up to the gates of the factory floor, it enters inside.

People loaded on a cart sculpture fragments.

Opening of the monument to Zhukov May 8, 1995.


Grunberg KV


1994 08/05/1995


Yekaterinburg [886]


Autumn [826] Spring [825]