Choir. (1998)

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Producer Sverdlovsk newsreel studio

Director: A.Baluev

Script writers: A.Baluev

Operators: V.Denisov, V.Makeranec


The plot tells the story of a musical work-choirmaster conductor V.G.Bulanova with students of secondary schools in Yekaterinburg and the development of speech of pupils of special schools, boarding schools for deaf children.

Childhood and youth | Music | Education

Reel №1

The boy goes on a path on a bicycle.

Boy sitting on the grass.

Secondary school number 43. Children play in the schoolyard.

The windows of the school.

Raspevki school choir.

Students walk down the hall.

The city tram rides.

the market view.

Market throng.

Boarding school number 139. Deaf children Children learn to talk.

The teacher is talking to the student.

The boys in the workshop of the labor class.

Lesson sewing for girls.

Alternation: drawings on the walls, the children at a drawing lesson.

Portrait of Alexander Pushkin.

Children reading the book.

Classes for seniors speech etiquette.


Bulanov VG - Conductor, choirmaster, founder of experimental choral school, Honored Artist of Russia.


Yekaterinburg [886]


Spring [825]

Reel №2

Classes for seniors speech etiquette.

Competitions bobsleigh crew start.

Toy railway.

Participants and spectators at a sports festival.

Alternating from platform does the train, waving mourners followed.

Personnel news: the athlete-runner.

The school choir, a break between classes.

Continued lesson.

Boarding school, lesson rhythm.

Dance lessons.

Alternation: children dancing in the hallway and talk in sign language.

Children watching television.

Children playing with a parrot.

School concert: students on stage, teachers suggest movement and rhythm, the audience.


Bulanov VG


Yekaterinburg [886]


Spring [825]

Reel №3

School concert: students on stage, teachers suggest movement and rhythm, the audience.

Sverdlovsk Philharmonic.

Choir Rehearsal school number 43 in the concert hall.

The student plays the organ.

Organ Pipes.

View of the building from the bottom up.

Fragment of ornament.

Choir concert.

The applause of spectators.

The bridge is a train.

The movement of public transport.

People at the train station.

Boy with bottles.

Children playing in the slot machine.

Those children.

The queues at ticket offices.

Man playing the balalaika in the crowd.

Man lights a cigarette.

People look at the train schedule.

The man with the bike up the stairs.

The arrival of the train.

People climb the stairs.

Landing on the train.

People under the arch.

Conductor with children in the car door.

Passengers climb into the car.

Off to the platform.

Train departure.

Alternate footage chronicles: an athlete, javelin thrower, launched a space rocket.

The boy looks up at the sky.

The boy says in sign language.

road atlas on the dashboard.

Alternation: view of the road from the bus cabin, passengers, city streets.

The bus stops in front of the old building.

People walking down the stairs.

Students get off the bus.


Bulanov VG




Yekaterinburg [886] Belgium [22]


Spring [825] Autumn [826]

Reel №4

V.G.Bulanov takes pupils on camera.

The chorus goes up the stairs.

Children go to the concert hall.

The roof of the tower.

Candles in front of a crucifix.

Speech-choir classic "Aurora" at the 38th International Choral Competition.

The clock on the tower.

Holy spring.

Applause listeners.

The young man has a billiard ball.

Boy watching.

The teacher in sign language tells students about veterans.

View from the hall to the billiard room.

She gives interviews.

Feast of the last call in the special school-boarding.

Graduates of the school dance the waltz.

She translates lyrics into sign language.

graduates farewell.

Students of junior classes.



On the stage a chorus of students and teachers of the boarding school.

Metallurg at the furnace.

The Brigade is resting on the street, people communicate in sign language.

The workers on the shop floors.

Tram rails.

A festival in the city center.


Bulanov VG




Yekaterinburg [886] Belgium [22]


Spring [825] Autumn [826]

Reel №5

A festival in the city center.

Personnel news: the crowd of people on the streets of European cities.

Train departure.

Departure of the steamer.

The troops greeted leaders.

The crowds at demonstrations.

The street band marches.

People dancing.

The popular unrest and riots.

Jumper landing in the sand.

The collapse of the sandy shore.

The student plays the organ.

Chorus on stage.

Alternation: Students ordinary and special schools.

Boy balancing on a log.

Boy with bottles.

Boy in the auditorium.

Special school pupil with a microphone.

Boy on a balance beam.

Woman with child in her arms.

Girl with headphones at a desk.

A boy in a wheelchair.

A girl stands on the balance beam.

Chorus, students face.

Animation: the planet rotates and dissolves among the stars.

The boy goes on a path on a bicycle.

The boy is leaving a view of the meadow.


Yekaterinburg [886]


Spring [825]